Chapter 523: Resurrection Lily? Enter the Netherworld!

“Fellow Daoist Ye, is there anything special about this flower?”

Zhan Xianyi and the others were very puzzled.

Apart from being a little beguiling, this flower did not seem to be anything special.

It was ordinary, and it was not a rare natural treasure either.

Why did Fellow Daoist Ye seem to take it so seriously?

But what they did not know was that this was a Resurrection Lily that bloomed in the Yin and Yang Realms.

Only in the Yin and Yang Realms would one be able to see such a strange flower.

“Quickly come and take a look at this place!”

An elder in front cried out in surprise.

When everyone rushed over, they were instantly stunned by what they saw before them.

The Resurrection Lily that filled the mountains and plains was like a Red Sea.

There were even strange creatures flying around on it.

This was…

Everyone was stunned.

The others looked at Ye Changge. They had never seen such a strange flower before.

“This is the Resurrection Lily. It usually blooms at the boundary between Yin and Yang.

This might be the passageway that connects to the Netherworld.”

The Resurrection Lily!

The Netherworld?

Looking at everyone’s puzzled gazes, Ye Changge frowned and said, “You guys don’t know about the Netherworld?”

How was this possible?!

Every world would know of the existence of the underworld. They were already standing at the peak of the greater world, yet they did not know about the underworld?

Could it be?

The underworld and the greater world were separated.

It was like an independent small world like the Death Realm.

It had a connection with the greater world, yet it was also relatively independent.

Ye Changge taught them some science.

They slowly understood. They did not think that there was such a place in the world.

After death, people would enter the six paths of reincarnation and reincarnate.

But they did not think that the six paths of reincarnation was in the Netherworld.

Their eyes widened.

Before they could recover from their shock, Ye Changge’s other guess stunned everyone.

“You said that the monster’s base camp might be in the Netherworld!”

This made them all stunned.

If that was really the case, wouldn’t they have to explore the Netherworld?

Only then would they be able to take back Elder Wan’s reincarnation origin.

“Fellow Daoist Ye, have you been to this place before?”

An unknown place represented danger.

Even if they could, Elder Wan would not be able to withstand the torment.

Someone had to transfer her true essence very frequently.

After a discussion, Ye Changge decided to bring Zhan Xianyi and Huan Caiyi to the Netherworld.

The rest of the people would look after Elder Wan.

Miao Kexin also wanted to help. After all, it was because of her that Elder Wan was in such a situation.

However, Huan Caiyi rejected her directly.

They did not know what kind of crisis they would encounter if they went to the Netherworld.

Although Miao Kexin had advanced to the Void Realm, she had just advanced after all.

She did not have enough battle experience.

Miao Kexin also thought of this problem.

She could only helplessly stay behind and tell them to be careful.

Before they left, Ye Changge set up a formation in front of them.

This formation could withstand the attacks of the Void Realm.

The Abyss was terrifying and unpredictable. No one could say for sure if there would be any danger.

After they left…

Ye Changge and the other two flew down and arrived in front of the spider lilies that covered the mountains and plains.

In front of them was a spider lilies vine that towered into the sky.

It was surrounded by the illusory power of space.

This was the entrance to the Netherworld.


Ye Changge did not hesitate and directly made a cut.

As Zhan Xianyi and the other two watched, he made the cut right in front of them.

“Let’s go!”

Ye Changge was the first to enter.

Zhan Xianyi and the other two followed.


The space rippled, and then Ye Changge and the other two appeared.

“Is this the Netherworld?”

Zhan Xianyi looked at the surrounding environment, which was full of desolation.

Other than the ancient lonely mountain peak, there was also endless yellow sand.

There were no dense ancient forests either.

Compared to the Abyss, this environment was no worse.

“What should we do now?”

Zhan Xianyi and Huan Caiyi looked at Ye Changge.

Although his realm was not as high as the two of them, he far surpassed them in terms of his talent and knowledge.

Moreover, they were very unfamiliar with this place.

They could only place their hopes on Ye Changge.

Ye Changge sensed for a moment and was about to speak when he frowned.


A sharp voice came from afar.

Zhan Xianyi and Ye Changge looked over and saw a black shadow approaching like a dark cloud.

It surrounded them and revealed its true form.

The person in the lead was similar to a human, but there was a single horn on the top of his head.

It was extremely similar to a rhinoceros demon beast that lived in the greater world.

Zhan Xianyi and Huan Caiyi immediately reacted offensively. One look and they could tell that the other party did not come with good intentions.

Ye Changge, on the other hand, was fearless in the face of danger.

No matter who it was, under his power, they would all be reduced to ashes.

“Who are you people?”

At this moment, Huan Caiyi spoke coldly.

“We are the third legion under the Blood Demon lord.

“I am Guba. You are not the souls of the underworld, right? You are from the greater world.

“Before this, there were people like you before. They also said that they came from a place called the greater world.

“However, they were eaten by all of us on the spot and turned into blood food.

“I believe that we will be greatly rewarded if I present you to Blood Demon lord”

Guba’s eyes lit up.

These cultivators’ blood energy was very vigorous, which was beneficial to their cultivation.

Previously, the captain of the second legion captured a few people, and the Blood Demon lord directly rewarded them with a large number of treasures.

He even promoted that person.

Guba had long been envious, but he lamented not having a good opportunity.

Because of this, he had been depressed for a few days.

He did not expect that this great fortune would fall on his head during this patrol.

He had already fantasized about the next reward.

He was now a small captain, in charge of a ghost legion of several hundred people.

But how could he compare to a captain?

The difference in this position was the difference in great benefits and treatment.

“Kids, our chance is here. Go and capture them.”

The other ghosts howled and charged towards the crowd.


At the same time, Zhan Xianyi and the other two also launched their attacks.

Instantly, a strong gust of wind swept over, and a powerful aura directly sent everyone flying.

The underlings that charged at the front were instantly turned into ashes.

These people were just souls with weak cultivation. How could they withstand such a powerful force?

In an instant, they were all annihilated.

The Netherworld beings were dumbfounded.

The arrogant expression was still fixed on their faces.

When they saw Ye Changge’s eyes looking them over, they immediately knelt down in disappointment.

“Great immortal, spare my life, great immortal, spare my life.”

Guba’s body trembled, and tears left his eyes.

He did not expect Ye Changge and the others to be so powerful.

In a moment, all his soldiers were killed, leaving him as the sole commander.

If he had not reacted quickly, he would have been lost as well.

Ye Changge snorted lightly and took out the corpse of the monster from before.

“Do you recognize this?”

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