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He didn’t expect to see such a high-level battle class. The Crown Prince was a prime example of a high-level master judging by what he’d seen.

However, the Crown Prince was also raising his skills without falling behind, even though he was being led like that.

“You put too much strength in it. In the wrist.”

Charlize immediately diagnosed Dylan’s swordsmanship as soon as he faced it.

“Get your strength to loosen up.”

Dylan listened to Charlize carefully. The lighter double swords tried to reach Charlize quickly.

That move surprised Akan. Could you swing the sword so seriously in a battle without completely trusting the opponent’s skills?

You might get hurt. It is human reason to be a little hesitant.

But it seemed familiar to them. Charlize avoided the double swords as if flying lightly.

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“Think of stabbing a little more straight.”

“You mean like this?”


As if to demonstrate, Charlize stood on the spot and made an optimal move for Dylan.

It aimed right next to Dylan’s neck with precision like a strongly fired arrowhead.

Dylan apparently closed his mouth and immersed himself in class.

The skin of the Crown Prince was narrowly brushed and deceived again. The sword of the other hand rushing in without breathing space.

If Charlize was serious, Dylan would have died right there on the spot.

“Like this.”

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Dylan nodded as if he understood. Charlize tilted her head and stepped back a few steps.

Deliberately taking a defenseless posture…

As if Dylan was waiting, he stabbed the double swords straight forward.

Dylan was a genius who understood and absorbed Charlize’s explanation on the spot, but Charlize avoided the brilliant attack too easily.

It showed a ridiculous genius.

“I’m sorry, Master. I think the problem must have been that I put too much strength in my wrists.”

“I can’t help it because of the strong grip.”

Charlize, who was smiling softly, looked fascinating. Maintaining a friendly atmosphere, the class made rapid progress.

Double swords were Akan’s specialty. That’s why he could see how ridiculous that conversation was.

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It didn’t make sense to diagnose swordsmanship right on the spot and to fix bad sword habits within tens of minutes of training. It was almost a miracle.

‘She is able to completely see through the Crown Prince.’

Now that he had seen it, he knew there was a reason why the Crown Prince was an outstanding student.

Firstly, Charlize showed only the parts that the current Crown Prince could properly absorb.

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Making sure he read the level correctly and did only what he could… Letting him step forward one step at a time, slowly.




Akan was blank.

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He didn’t know what he had done. No, the people in their family. Maybe they’d covered with sand a flower of flames that could bloom brilliantly?

[What do you mean, a female knight? That’s ridiculous.]

[What kind of black sword is this?]

Akan ignored Charlize. He said she’d killed their mother and treated her coldly.

‘Come to think of it, the child who used the double sword also had a small body and his name was Reeze.’

He was still obsessed with the winner of the fencing competition four years ago. The memory of those double swords and the boy that he faced was very intense.

However, Charlize’s swordsmanship unfolding right before his eyes was probably higher than that which the winner Akan thought was great.

That was such a regrettable of talent.

‘Maybe the position of that honor could have been held by Charlize.’

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This was not a kid who needed to be satisfied with teaching swordsmanship to the royal family.

She might have shone even more brilliantly and received the admiration of all the knights.

Wasn’t Charlize as the best talent the true winner?

Akan momentarily felt tormented. He felt suffocated after seeing it with his own eyes.

He didn’t even think about persuading her anymore. That kid.

‘We’ve broken it.’

Such a brilliant talent…

Akan became dazed.

“Master, Akan has gone.”

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“Oh, is that so?”

Charlize looked back after Dylan’s words for a moment. The chair was empty. She didn’t care much, so she didn’t even notice he had gone.

Looking at Dylan again, the Crown Prince had a rather subtle face.

“What are you thinking?”

“The sword is too simple?”

Dylan smiled at Charlize’s simple answer. Dylan’s sincere smile was rare. Such a warm and sweet kindness.

It made him feel better to show it only in front of Charlize. Charlize smiled, putting one sword on the floor.

‘The Empire soon will be crushed.’

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The sword was really simple. It was so easy. She could see everything. It was because of being a Saint, it was easy and fun.

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Wherever she went, it was home to Charlize. The mana of the world obeyed like a gentle sheep.

It was a vessel that flowed like air as if passing through her soul. This whole continent was like Charlize’s mana reservoir.

“The time I spend with Your Highness is the most enjoyable.”

“I also enjoyed it too, Master.”

“Then shall we continue the class?”

Charlize was excited like a fish in water. Dylan nodded. The sword struck again in the air.


Dante was nervously looking for Akan outside. He heard that Akan visited Charlize’s class by force.

He was worried that Akan might have hurt his sister’s feelings even more when he went to persuade her.

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Dante screamed as soon as he saw Akan. He ran and gasped for breath. It was hot a summer, so he quickly got rid of his sweat.

When he saw Akan up close, his face was screwed up. Even if the country was destroyed, he wouldn’t be able to make that face.

“…What’s going on? Brother, what’s wrong? I’m nervous.”



Akan’s eyes, who seemed to be possessed by something, became clear for a moment. After receiving Akan’s gaze from the front, Dante stepped back.

‘The atmosphere…’

“I. What have I done?”

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“What does that mean? Did you make any mistake to Charlize?”


Akan burst out laughing out of nowhere.

“I’ve made a lot of mistakes.”


“We made that kid like that.”

Dante realized that the situation was unusual. Akan’s forehead was getting distorted and his eyes began to redden.

Akan eventually covered his face with his palms. The sound of breath that became very hot. Like a crying beast.


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Without a sound, Akan sank down to his knees.

Dante realized something was really wrong. But he couldn’t question closely.

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Because Akan’s expression, which was close to tearing up, looked ridiculously broken.

Even when his brother’s wedding was postponed, he didn’t make such a face.

He was always the honorable and confident successor to Ronan.

“What have we done…”

Akan stammered.

The sound of breath, even his voice that wasn’t loud, Dante could feel it. The whisper resembled screams and screams.

Dante was silent for a long time.

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“There are so many people who want to see Grandmaster today…”

The maid chased after her and told Charlize. After class, Charlize was bathing in the bathtub in the bedroom.

There was a maid who kept warm water continuously. It was definitely a luxury.

Charlize looked in the file that the maid gave her. Therein was the pile of daily meeting applications she received today.

“If I open it and read it, it’s going to get wet. Would you read it for me?”

“Yes, Grandmaster.”

The maid bowed her head politely, and Charlize’s hair was soaked in the water.

Even though she had a bare face, her skin was very clean, so she was very beautiful. A wave that gently rubbed against the sky. It even looked dreamy about how the steam came up.

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“There is a professor cult, who brought an invitation from the Academy Professors Association.”


Charlize buried herself in the water with her eyes closed. The maid continued to report in a polite voice.

It was an invitation to hold a lecture for the academy students, politely requesting to join the Professors Association. Wasn’t she busy teaching Dilan too?

“Reject it.”

Charlize said without much hesitation.

“Yes, Grandmaster. The next is the successor of the Count Gharhan family who came up from the province. He said that he came because there was an unfair thing about the succession issue, and he really wants to see you, Grandmaster….”

She didn’t know why this person came to Charlize to discuss the succession issue. There were more nobles like that than she thought.

Those who thought of Grandmaster as a woman of power and tried to flatter her, who wanted to offer bribes, and who wanted to get help from power.

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The difference before and after Dylan became the Crown Prince was enormous. It was hard to reach the Crown Prince directly, so those people blindly followed Charlize.

The maid said that there were more than eight people ever since then.

Charlize rejected all.

“Lastly, young lady Remiya of the Duke of Hare.”

Charlize’s eyes opened.

“I will meet her.”

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“Yes? …But you haven’t heard the reason?”

“It’s okay.”

Charlize smiled and went out of the bathtub. The drops of water fell.

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The maid’s faces turned red. A gown was put over Charlize’s body.

From the maid, who has been diligently drying her hair behind her, to the maid who brought perfume. Everyone served Charlize perfectly.

“Yes, I’ll get you ready.”

The maid, who bent her back politely, stepped back to convey the will of the Grandmaster.

Charlize looked far away. The reason why Charlize, who was bitten by everyone before her return, wanted to meet young lady Remiya was simple:

Because she was the right person for the Crown Prince.

[Master, your hands are cold.]

Ever since the day he removed the lint around her mouth, Dylan’s contacts were getting frequent.

Dylan once held Charlize’s hand, saying that he would apply the precious cream that he imported from other countries.

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[I would like to give you a foot bath to celebrate Master’s Day. Would it be okay?]

One time, he even knelt down and washed her feet in front of Charlize.

He put soap on her hand and rubbed it gently. This time it was really tickling.

The Crown Prince did it himself and even wiped it off with a towel.

It was just a plain and polite hand to say that there is a different intention. Charlize didn’t refuse it, but she felt she had to slowly stay away.

‘I’d better keep my distance from Dylan for the time being.’

It was an intuitive realization.

Sometimes intuition is faster and more accurate. There are times when decisions come first and reasons come later. Now was the time.

‘It’s fine if it’s young lady Remiya.’

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Charlize had already reported it to her superiors. Grandmaster was the closest aide who will serve the emperor in the future.

The Imperial Family treated Grandmaster thoroughly. There was also a direct contact network.

[For His Highness the Crown Prince’s sake, you can’t stay with him continuously.]

Dylan was already a grown-up. And a legal wife was needed.

A successor without a successor is unstable. Dylan didn’t seem interested in women at all. Anyway, he had to be emperor.

It didn’t make sense that there were no maternal relatives to support the royal family where legitimacy was important.

Charlize changed her dress and went to meet young lady Remiya. But until then, Charlize didn’t know either:

Life sometimes doesn’t work out at will.

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