Chapter 522: Heading to the Netherworld

Ye Changge walked at the front of the group.

Huan Caiyi protected Elder Wan, positioning her in the middle, while the others stood at the back.

Elder Wan’s current situation did not look good.

She had already turned white-haired and was on the verge of withering.

If she had not been fighting, she would have died a long time ago.

“Cough cough!”

At this moment, Elder Wan began to cough violently.

The light in her eyes was also rapidly becoming dimmer.

Seeing this, Huan Caiyi hurriedly sent her spirit qi.

But it did not work in the slightest.

Elder Wan’s life force was rapidly dissipating.

“Fellow Daoist Ye, what should we do?”

Huan Caiyi had no idea what to do.

Miao Kexin also nervously rubbed her hands together.

After all, it was because of her that Elder Wan had become like this.

If she had not insisted on coming to the Land of the Abyss…

Elder Wan would not have suffered such a calamity.

Her soul’s origin was damaged, so no matter how much spirit qi was injected into it, it would be useless.

She had to find her soul’s origin as soon as possible.

Ye Changge had penetrated her soul with just a glance.

Because it had been too long, her soul’s power was flickering slightly.

It was as if it was going to be extinguished at any moment.

The soul’s fire was the last trace of the soul’s power.

If the fire of the divine soul was extinguished, even a True Immortal would be powerless to reverse the situation.

Ye Changge sent her a ray of white light.

With the naked eye, one could see that Elder Wan’s expression had returned to normal.

She had recovered a trace of her strength.

Her originally unfocused gaze also had become more alert.

The power of the void had taken effect.

However, the power of the void could only temporarily delay the extinguishing of her divine soul.

Only by finding the power of her soul could she completely return to normal.

Without hesitation, everyone advanced deeper into the cave.

When they reached the inside, the cave started becoming very narrow.

It could only accommodate two or three people.

Moreover, on both sides of the cave, there was green slime.

It emitted a pungent smell.

Ye Changge’s expression changed. “Hold your breath.”

Although the others did not understand what had happened, they still did as they were told.

Then, they followed Ye Changge’s gaze and looked at the green slime.

“Fellow Daoist Ye, what’s wrong?”

At the beginning, they had discovered the green slime.

But they did not pay too much attention to it.

Wasn’t it very normal for there to be some slime in the cave?

But when they carefully observed it, they discovered that there were tiny things squirming in the mucus.

They were white living creatures that made them feel tingles.

“There’s poison in this slime.”


Everyone was stunned.

Ye Changge looked at the green slime, deep in thought.

This liquid was very similar to the one in the monster’s body.

It might have been left behind by those transparent monsters.

As for the cave, the poison permeated the air.

The few of them had ingested a small amount of the poisonous gas.

Ye Changge possessed the body of the Great Dao and was immune to all poisons.

The poison gas had no effect on him.

However, the others did not have this physique and began to feel dizzy.

They quickly consumed the spirit-cleansing pill.

The spirit-cleansing pill was a pill of the Snow God Palace and it could cure all poisons under the heavens.

However, after they ate it, their condition did not improve.

They scanned their bodies with their spiritual senses, and immediately broke out in cold sweat.

They saw that there were many white worms in their blood.

They were so densely packed that it made their hair stand on end.

Following the blood vessels, these white worms wanted to enter their soul space.

What was this?!

Someone cried out in surprise.

They hurriedly used the cultivation technique in their bodies to suppress these worms.

But something shocking happened.

These worms were actually devouring their true essence.

But the speed of devouring could not keep up with the speed of extermination.

Soon, these white worms were completely exterminated.

“Fellow Daoist Ye, what’s going on?”

Zhan Xianyi asked in shock.

If it were not for Ye Changge’s warning, they would still be in the dark.

These white worms would have already attached themselves to their souls.

Facing everyone’s doubts, Ye Changge’s fingers were like knives.

He directly sliced open the slime in front of them.

This made everyone feel uneasy.

They saw densely packed white worms swimming in the slime before their eyes.

But what made them curious was…

How did these worms silently enter their bodies?

“It’s the wind!”

Ye Changge said directly.


Everyone was stunned.

The air in the cave moved, and these bugs rode on the wind.

Moreover, these bugs would change their own colors according to the environment.

It was extremely difficult to discover them.

More importantly, their mental energy was in a highly tense state.

As this happened, these bugs took advantage of the situation and entered their bodies.

At the beginning, he did not notice anything unusual in the air.

Then, the body of Great Dao had issued a warning.

This time, he expanded his divine senses in the air and found something different.

“Fellow Daoist Ye, what should we do now?”

Through their divine senses, they found that there were still wandering worms in the air.

Ye Changge took out a few pills.

These were…

The few of them were puzzled. They were asking about how to prevent these worms.

What was Ye Changge doing with that pill?

“This is the heart cleansing pill. It can prevent the worms from harming you.”

They took the pill.

This was different from other pills. This pill did not have any pill fragrance.

Instead, it had a pungent smell.

Just as their confusion arose, Ye Changge explained it to them.

“This pill isn’t a pill to increase cultivation and defense.

“It’s a poison pill.”

Poison pill?

They were stunned.

Could it be that this pill was used to kill worms?

Since the worms were everywhere, they could not use conventional methods.

It was like reverse psychology.

They quickly understood what Ye Changge meant.

They sighed heavily. “Fellow Daoist Ye, you’re indeed talented. With such achievements and realms, it’s indeed not something an ordinary person can achieve.”

It was one thing for him to be talented, but even his thought process was so advanced.

This medicinal pill would not cause any damage to their bodies. It would only affect some microorganisms.

After solving the problem of the worms, they continued on their journey.

Soon, they arrived at a strange place.

It was a huge underground cave.

Green vines covered the surroundings as they climbed along the mountain walls.

Green dots of light kept dancing in the cave.

Dense spiritual energy rushed over, and their cultivation techniques started to operate automatically.

“This spiritual energy?”

An elder exclaimed.

The spiritual energy in this place was at least a hundred times greater than that in the outside world.

They did not expect that there was such a place in the Land of the Abyss.

It was simply a paradise.

However, judging from their previous experiences, they did not let down their guard.

“Oh? The Resurrection Lily!”

At this moment, Ye Changge’s expression changed as he discovered something.

In the center of the green vines, there was a blooming bewitching flower.

This flower had six petals with clear patterns on it.

In the middle of the petals, there was a tall yellow stamen.

However, the Resurrection Lily usually bloomed at the boundary between Yin and Yang.

Why here?

Ye Changge was a little curious!

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