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“Nice to meet you. My name is Remiya. I asked you here because it seems I have to meet you.”

Remiya shook her fan gently. She glanced at Charlize sitting opposite her. A gaze inspecting her from top to bottom.

People saw Charlize as Dylan’s teacher. She thought no one would care that she lived in the same building as the Crown Prince, but apparently, someone cared, it was her.

Remiya, the one who openly said that she wants to be the Crown Princess.

The red hair is gorgeous. The clear enemy eyes flashed with ambition.

‘I’m used to it.’

The wife of Dietrich IV, who was famous for her evil character.

A face filled with the thought of removing all the distractions at once.

Having always stood by the emperor meant that the empress also watched closely.

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For the first time, Charlize saw a woman she liked from her first impression.

“I think you can guess why I’m here if you are the Grandmaster.”

‘I guess you’re here to check.’

Charlize lowered her gaze while thinking. She knows very well what happened to the rumors among the nobles concerning her.

She could vividly read what her little head was thinking about. Recently, rumors have been scattered about selecting a candidate for the Crown Princess.

[Which family’s daughter would be a suitable spouse for Dylan?]

The emperor, excited about the thought of ​​bringing in his daughter-in-law, went around making noise.

Charlize had the most right to speak.

Charlize’s opinion was Dylan’s opinion. Everyone knew that.

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She had seen enough of the battle of the imperial ladies. She didn’t know the day would come when she became the person directly involved…

‘That’s cute.’

Charlize raised her gaze again and looked at Remiya.

Remiya felt the sharpness of a strange blade for a while, her face hardened before she finally managed to pull out her courage and to shake her fan.

She tried to pretend to be calm.

‘I can’t even read her. Grandmaster, what the hell is your relationship with the Crown Prince?’

Remiya was nervous to see Charlize, who was much more beautiful than the rumors.

If Remiya’s face was gorgeously beautiful, Charlize was a bit different.

Obviously, she seemed like a fairy to be this charming and eye-catching.

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The unique atmosphere seemed hard to follow because of its strong personality.


“Let’s have some tea and talk,”

Charlize offered calmly.

Remiya said, shaking her fan gently.

“Oh, may I choose flowers to boil with Grandmaster’s tea instead? I brought it from my parents’ house because I really wanted to serve you.”

Remiya smiled but Charlize felt her thorns. Like a bee ready to sting, she was sharp.

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Charlize became a little interested and deeply leaned back on the chair.

The maid who followed Remiya showed her beautiful flower.

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Remiya said with a proudly arched chest,

“It’s a Snapdragon.”


It was also called the skull flower.

Unlike the appearance of the antique flowers, the flower’s meaning was not very good.

Usually, any flower’s symbolism was pretty and cute. On the other hand, only the Snapdragon…

‘It means greed and desire.’

“I was thinking about Colchicum and Snapdragon, and I chose the latter.”

This clearly felt hostile. The flower of Colchicum meant ‘the best time has passed’.

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To interpret Remiya’s words,

‘The good times to keep the Crown Prince’s side are over, so stop being greedy and go away.’

It was about that.

Charlize remained silent.

The maid, who noticed, went to boil the flower tea with Snapdragon.

The young lady’s mind could be read clearly, but she was also cute.

The battle of the imperial ladies was fierce. This can be seen from the fact that the 7th concubine was poisoned as soon as she gave birth to Dylan.

Charlize intended to turn Dylan into a tyrant, and as his companion, a villain is suitable.

‘Dylan will have a lot of women.’

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The empress must be a strong being who will not give up to her womanizer husband, and she should be a figure stronger than any concubine.

She must be able to suppress and grip onto any bold concubine.

She also needed to have the right power to be the empress.

‘Remiya is suitable.’

She was a talented person who also studied abroad in the Shan Kingdom three years ago.

The Shan Kingdom, the homeland of the 7th concubine, was a country that was ignored by the empire, but the experience of studying in the Shan Kingdom was too clear.

Right next to Dylan.

‘I like her thorough preparation and her confidence in being cool-headed and wary of myself.’

Charlize said,

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“I’m going to serve you with orchid tea, not a flower tea because you have prepared it specially.”

“Orchid flower tea. You mean?”

“It’s because the cold-growing cymbidium orchid flowers that I take care of have finally bloomed.”

Charlize smiled and Remiya hesitated for a moment.

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What the cold-growing cymbidium orchid symbolized was…

‘Lady. Beautiful beauty.’

It was because she cursed me in the face and I returned praises. Remiya flinched.

Remiya quickly glanced at Charlize’s expression. Charlize was just smiling softly.

‘I won her favor,’

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Charlize thought.

Remiya, on the other hand, was embarrassed by this hospitality, as she had obviously come to fight with enthusiasm.

The orchid tea was a little more expensive and rarer than the flower tea. But it was subtle.

Charlize was incredibly enchanting as she glanced at the flower tea boiled from Snapdragon.


The skull flower of the night’s desire. It was a flower that was said to be a symbol of the vampire legends around society. Decadent, drowsy, and deeply withdrawn.

It was a strange combination of the day-to-day atmosphere of Charlize.

It was Remiya who received the praise, but it was Charlize who caught the attention.

‘I was blocked again.’

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The navy-blue eyes that resembled the night sky grew darker. The mysterious eyes were finely curved.

The middle boundary between night and day is strange and bizarre. It’s just like you can only stare straight at the sun when it’s sunset.

Her hair, mixed with blonde and silver hair, seemed to show a freedom that seemed out of place anywhere.

Like a rootless fairy that was ready to leave anytime.

With the gossips around society, Charlize was far from unrefined. How could she be so luxurious?

Could a person feel so dreamy and vague? Remiya forgot her original intentions and stared at Charlize blankly.

“Great. Young lady would be very suitable.”


“In the end, I know that you are visiting me because you want something.”

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Charlize was just whispering, but Remiya was fascinated.

“You want to be the Crown Princess. I know the only person who can give that position.”

“That… Who is it?”

Remiya asked as if she had been possessed.

She felt a terrible thirst. She didn’t know where it came from. She just wanted to reach Charlize.

Her throat is burned.

Charlize answered gently.

“That’s me, who is in front of young lady.”

Remiya finally realized it.

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Charlize in front of her was not a rival she should be wary of, but a woman of power she must hold onto.

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What she showed must have been rude, but Charlize was smiling at her with a full heart.

‘I can never win against a person like this.’

Remiya intuitively realized the wall between the two.

She was silent for a long time, speechless.

Maybe the reason why she kept getting thirsty was because of the opportunity that came to her. But it was unclear whether it was because of the Charlize in front of her.


‘It went well.’

Charlize selected three candidates for the Crown Princess.

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All of them were from the most prestigious families. Among them, the most likely candidate was Remiya.

Charlize packed a document that briefly summarized the personal information of the nobles.

Now it was time to show this to Dylan.

There was plenty of good moments because she spend most of the day with Dylan.

It was a break time after finishing the class as usual.

Charlize held out the document to Dylan, who sighed.

Dylan looked at Charlize with a gentle face. An innocent look without any doubts.

“Master, what is this?”

“Please read it, Your Highness. I wrote it with all my heart, but I don’t know if you’re satisfied with it.”

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Dylan’s expression slowly began to harden as he quickly read the document. His eyes were distorted, a little shocked.

Charlize was quite surprised because she knew he was the Crown Prince who was good at managing facial expressions.

Still, she didn’t forget to make a recommendation.

“I liked young lady ‘Remiya’ the most. It was said that she was the best match for Your Highness’s companion. She also had experience studying abroad for two years in the Shan Kingdom…”


“Perhaps it’s young lady who can communicate with Your Highness the most.”

Dylan raised his head with gloomy.

Charlize’s voice gradually faded.

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“She looks pretty smart, and she seem to be good at controlling what’s beneath her… she also has ambition, so she’s suitable for the position of the Crown Princess… Your Highness?”

“Oh, wait a minute. I got dizzy.”

Strangely, Dylan’s voice sounded a little cold. ‘I must have heard wrong when the ending sounded informal.’

Dylan touched his forehead and took a moment to catch his breath. Charlize was worried and looked at his complexion.

The pale daylight was not very good. On the contrary, the dark light in his eyes was intense.

Charlize wasn’t used to seeing Dylan sick.

“Are you all right, Your Highness?”

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“Yes… By the way, Master said this young lady ‘Remiya’…”

The corner of the document crumpled violently when he pronounced ‘Remiya’.

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It was a very careful hand when he washed Charlize’s feet a few days ago.

“Are you saying you want me to marry her?”

“Yes, she’s a very suitable young lady like Your Highness’s companion.”

Dylan’s voice became rough like a beast’s low growl.

Charlize took it lightly because she believed he was sick.

Charlize alone, who even looked indifferent, was calm and serene. It stood out in contrast to Dylan’s seething atmosphere.

Charlize looked up at Dylan.

Dylan thought, for a moment, that his heart seemed to be tearing into pieces.

“I’ll ask you again. Master.”

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‘What’s wrong with you?’

“Do you really want me to marry this young lady?”

Dylan was an outstanding student.

Dylan was such an existence to Charlize, as the student who surpassed his teacher was called Cheong Chul Eo Lam*.

(*T/N: Cheong Chul Eo Lam: The student or a junior is better than his teacher or a senior who taught him.)

Even before asking the question, he knew Charlize’s intentions, and he was a smart genius who knew the answer even if he asked.

As he emphasized, he asked twice.

Charlize hesitated.

‘What don’t you like?’

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Charlize pondered.

Strangely, Dylan behaved like a wounded beast.

So, she tried to answer, but when Dylan’s eyes met hers, her mouth shut.

A blind and sorrowful look at himself.

It was like being strangled.

“Are you thinking of marrying me to that young lady?”

Asked Dylan, gently tickling Charlize’s palm.

Charlize was a little dazed. It was so natural that she didn’t even know her hand was being held. Suddenly she felt a sense of Deja vu.

‘When I first met Dylan, I tickled the boy’s palm to get him interested in me.’

As if to give it back. This time Dylan provoked Charlize.

Charlize looked up at Dylan. Dylan tickled her palm, and the back of Charlize’s neck felt ticklish.

She acted gently as if she was weak, but she looked so pretty.

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