Chapter 161. Family and care

After Lin Qing He boiled a pot of ginger water at home, she would ask Zhou Qing Bai to bring it over. It was delivered with the lid on, so it was still extremely hot.

Then she let Zhou Qing Bai come back to soak.

What Lin Qinghe did was obvious to the other three branches.

Eldest Sister-in-law and Third Sister-in-law were both moved. They didn't expect that once Fourth's changed, she was now really filial. Neither of them can compare.

Second Sister-in-law had another story when she heard Second Brother praised Lin Qing He on his return. She snorted: "Don’t know how much money Mother gave that side!"

When Second Brother heard this, he killed all response and remained silent. He didn't argue with her at all.

Lin Qing He didn't care about this.

She wiped the three naughty boys' faces and washed their hands. Then she got them to soak their feet. After soaking, they headed to the Kang.

Then it was her couple moment with Zhou Qing Bai.

Zhou Qing Bai's feet were big. Fortunately, the footbath was large, otherwise, Lin Qing He had no space to put her feet.

The couple talked while soaking their feet.

"I don't know how my brother fared this year. He lives prudently. I don't know if there is enough protection from the cold." Lin Qing He chatted.

"The cotton we received this year can be given to them." Zhou Qing Bai gave his approval when he heard these words.

Their family were allocated that bit of cotton and it was useless.

Because with Lin Qing He, who knew how to stock up the home, here, their home had no shortage of cold warding items.

Just the sweater, the boys had two each.

One vest and one long sleeved one.

When she made it in the past, she increased the size a little bit, so they can continue to wear it now. If they didn’t grow so fast, they can wear it for another year next year.

Even though Lin Qing He transmigrated over here, she still lived a little bit like the locals. She would increase the size when making clothes.

She had no choice. Wasn't that the case with the boys' young age? They were different every year. If she didn't leave some room, then they need to be replaced every year, right?

She had no problem with that, but she was afraid that she would be submerged by the saliva of the wives in the village.

In this age of diligence and thrift, it was better to not go against everyone and just follow the rules.

Three years of new, three years of old, and three more years after sewing and mending.

Yes, a piece of clothing lasted almost nine years.

Of course this didn't exist on her side. However, that was how Zhou Qing Bai and the others grew up.

"I was better off. My parents favored me more." Zhou Qing Bai said.

Although he was the youngest son, his treatment wasn't that bad. Zhou Xiao Mei had the worst treatment. She basically had no new clothes.

They were all antiques handed down after wearing them. She was dressed like a little beggar since childhood.

That was why she was so close to Lin Qing He, the Fourth Sister-in-law, who was always dressed in a decent manner.

"Speaking of which, why do your leg have so many hairs." Lin Qing He stepped on his leg and said.

The leg hair can be seen with his trouser rolled-up. It looked very unruly.

"Born this way." Zhou Qing Bai saw that she was not disgusted but instead, was admiring them. The corners of his mouth raised slightly.

Naturally, Lin Qinghe would not dislike it. Why would she dislike men with hairy legs? This was called a strong secretion of male hormones. A symbol of manliness.

"Then I will take it over tomorrow?" Lin Qing He asked.

"Should I go with you?" Zhou Qing Bai asked back.

"No need. Don't follow." Lin Qing He shook her head.

She just made plans to visit Third Brother Lin, when Third Brother Lin came over at 8 o'clock the next day. He brought a pheasant over.

"Come in and have a glass of warm water. I told your brother-in-law yesterday that I would go over and see if you have enough cotton at home. And here you are." Lin Qing He ushered.

"Sister, for you. I was lucky this morning in the mountains and caught it." Third Brother Lin passed her the pheasant and grinned.

Lin Qing He accepted it without any reservation.


Da Wa, Er Wa, and San Wa were all writing and drawing in the room. Seeing him enter, they all greeted

"Hey." Third Brother Lin smiling responded.

Lin Qing He poured warm tea for him, and then said, "Going up to the mountain so early in the morning. If you caught the chill, a few pheasants will not be able to make up."

"It's nothing. The sweater my brother-in-law gave me is very warm. I won't freeze wearing it." Third Brother Lin assured.

Zhou Qing Bai knew that sweater was given to Third Brother Lin.

However, Lin Qing He looked at the jacket on Third Brother Lin, and was still not satisfied. She said, "What good is this?"

Although there was a sweater inside, but what kind of weather was this?

"Sister, don't worry. I'm not cold at all." Third Brother Lin grinned in response.

"The newly distributed cotton in our house this year is of good quality. Although it's not a lot, it can keep warm in the end. You can take it back." Lin Qing He gave him the cotton and explained.

The whole family received half a jin of cotton, which wasn't enough.

Third Brother Lin should have got a share at his side and it would be better once they are pooled together.

"Sister, no need. The boys still need to use it." Third Brother Lin immediately shook his head.

"I told your brother-in-law yesterday and your brother-in-law knows about it too." Lin Qing He put the cotton on the table and went to get some big pieces of ginger: "I have stocked a lot. You can take these pieces of ginger back. Ask your wife to cook some ginger soup to get rid of the chill. Or you can cook it to soak your feet. There is also this piece of meat. This was distributed during the meat distribution a few days ago. You have to take it back."

Third Brother Lin shook his head like something: "No matter what, I can't take it. Sister, I'm here to give you pheasant."

"I know." Lin Qing He smiled: "You are thinking of your sister and your nephews. Still, my nieces got to eat. You let me accept your thoughts, so won't you accept my thoughts for my nieces?"

In the end, Third Brother Lin took the parcel of cotton, a piece of pork, and a few large pieces of ginger back home.

Third Sister-in-law Lin was a little stunned to see him bring so many things back: "You went to Third Sister's house?"

Only Third Sister would take care of her family in this way. Of course, Third Sister-in-law Lin knew very well that this was all because Third Sister looked on the fact that her man was her brother.

"I did. I was lucky enough to hit the pheasant in the morning and sent it to my sister. My sister saw me and stuffed so many things to me." Third Brother Lin said helplessly.

Still, his heart was full of warmth.

They all said that his elder sister can't live a life. But toward him, the younger brother, she treated him well since young. Now was still the same. She want to dig out good things for him.

"Third Sister gave so much new cotton?" Third Sister-in-law Lin looked at it and was surprised and touched.

"This year, they received these and gave them all." Third Brother Lin responded.

"Does Third brother-in-law agree?" Third Sister-in-law Lin was worried.

"Brother-in-law knows about it." Third Brother Lin assured.

Third Sister-in-law Lin breathed a sigh of relief when she heard this. Then she began to squeeze the cotton.

With these cotton, it will be a little warmer this winter. There was no need to wake up in the middle of the night from the cold. After all, the brick house was also newly built.

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