Chapter 160. Snowy day's nurture

Lin Qing He wasn't joking said she was afraid of Zhou Qing Bai not having to go to work. She was truly afraid.

This man had been strictly trained in the army. His physical abilities were extraordinary.

After he came back, he did manual labor non-stop.

On top of that, Lin Qing He was afraid that he would lose his vitality and end up with permanent aches, so she did her utmost to make good food to nourish him.

That's why, even if he worked all day, he was still fine and very strong.

During the winter isolation, there was nowhere to vent his body full of energy. Then who will that be directed at?

Lin Qing He bore the brunt.

Every morning when she woke up with sore legs and sore waist, she thought about making him eat the flatbread and drink cold water.

Once the food got served to the table, it showed she didn't heartlessness in the end. She had carried whatever good stuff onto the table. This caused the man to get an inch, want a foot.

After the winter wheat was planted, the meat was divided.

When the meat distribution happened, Zhou Qing Bai went to gather firewood, just like the former years.

This winter, Lin Qing He wasn't kidding. She really felt very cold. As of this month, she had to put on the cotton coat.

Da Wa, Er Wa, and San Wa also layered up with sweaters.

Lin Qing He had checked with Father Zhou and Mother Zhou: "Father, Mother, do you have enough warm clothes? If it is not enough, let me know."

"Enough. You bought the three jins of wool last year. Your father and I both have one piece. It's very warm." Mother Zhou smiled in reply.

Have to say, despite Fourth's wife being a big spender, she treated them very well.

How much is a jin of wool? It cost more than twenty yuan.

It's so expensive that it was shocking. Most people were reluctant to buy it. However, Fourth's wife weighed out three jins for them last year and let them knit sweaters.

Although it was expensive, she got to say that this sweater was really cozy when wearing it.

"I think, you're short of two woolen pants." Lin Qing He said.

In the winter, it was really terribly cold with icy weather and snowy ground. The Kang had to be burned three times a day, otherwise, it wasn't enough.

"No need. Really, no need," Mother Zhou quickly refused.

"Make two, Mother. Don't worry, still got money at home to spend." Lin Qing He whispered.

Mother Zhou smiled: "Mother knows you are filial, but you still have to leave some money for the boys."

"Mother, you're still worried about Da Wa having no money to marry a wife in the future?" Lin Qing He looked at her in surprise when she heard this.

Mother Zhou replied, "Better to be prepared for it."

"Mother, don't tell me, you and Father are helping the boys save marriage fund?" Lin Qing He said.

Mother Zhou just smiled and said nothing.

Lin Qing He was touched but didn't know what to say.

Second Sister-in-law kept saying that the old couple was biased toward her family. Seriously, Lin Qing He didn't feel anything before now.

But now even if Lin Qing He, who was never one to be emotional according to herself, was really moved.

"Mother, I am very grateful to you and Father's care towards Da Wa and his brothers, but I have to tell you the truth. I plan to fund my children to go to university. Their marriage in the future, don't need us to worry about." Lin Qing He stated.

"I heard your father say. It's just that I'm worried how hard it'll be to enter the university." Mother Zhou replied quietly.

Don’t talk about things that haven’t been seen yet outside as it would become a joke if people caught a whisper of it. They won’t be able to hold their head high if they fail to pass the exam.

"With me here, why be afraid of not passing? Mother, I'm not boasting. If it weren't for my lazy reputation in the village, I can directly enter the Workers, Peasants and Soldiers University." Lin Qing He said.

Mother Zhou didn't put her down. With a smile on her face, she responded, "You are diligent in taking care of your family."

"Mother, you don't need to comfort me. I know it in my heart." Lin Qing He said.

She was just saying that. Lin Qing He didn't think she was lazy. Maybe she was lazy in this era's perspective.

But it was still that same phrase. In her place, she was not lazy. The house was neatly sorted out and three meals a day were served on the table on time. Was there any logic in calling her lazy?

"Mother, tell Father that you don't need to worry about the three boys' marriage. Besides, even if they fail to enter the university, the retirement money that Qing Bai received from the force is fifteen hundred." Lin Qing He lowered her voice toward the end.

"Fifteen hundred?" Mother Zhou's eyes widened.

She had guessed that her son would have a one-off retirement fee, but it should be around five hundred. She didn’t expect it to be one thousand five hundred?

"Mother, don't look how lavish I act. There's still 1,300 left. If we provide their marriage fund, there's more than enough. You and Father's money should be spent when needed." Lin Qing He urged.

"I didn't know you still have so much money." Overwhelmed, Mother Zhou responded.

"Mother, you know about my food." Lin Qing He raised an eyebrow.

Mother Zhou coughed dryly and whispered, "Don't let anyone hear."

"I only tell you, Mother." Lin Qing He said and then continued. "I'll buy some woolen yarn for you two, so you can knit a pair of woolen trousers. Don't talk about me being extravagant. It's only you two. I can't even be bothered to give the two from old Lin family an eye now."

Hearing the last sentence, Mother Zhou wanted to laugh.

In the past, Fourth's wife had her whole heart on her maternal family. However, the group of white-eyed wolves in the old Lin family was terrible. They broke her heart completely and had her see clearly that her husband’s family favored her.

Now all the good treatments were transferred from old Lin family to them old couple.

This Fourth's wife really had distinct likes and dislikes.

But the money for knitting wool pants was given by Mother Zhou.

How can she always let Fourth's wife pay for them, an elderly couple?

Lin Qinghe saw that she insisted on giving it, she did not refuse. She couldn't make herself to push with people of this era. (T/N: As someone who witnessed a good few occurrences of people fighting to pay, I'm glad the awkwardness didn't happen.)

This year, she just had to buy some wool to make woolen pants for Father Zhou and Mother Zhou. Everyone else was using theirs.

She and her boys owned one. She wanted to make one for Zhou Qing Bai before, but he didn't want it as he wasn't used to it.

She had knitted him two sweaters. There was also a big cotton coat, so this full-of-yang man won't freeze at all.

Zhou Qing Bai's yang energy was especially apparent at night. (T/N: was thinking of replacing yang with masculinity)

Sleeping with him was like holding a stove.

This year, Lin Qing He was right. The snow fell very early. Zhou Qing Bai only gathered firewood for seven days. With the allocated wheat piles and the likes, this was naturally enough.

However, this year's snow came very early.

Still, the older generation was overjoyed.

If this continued, the winter wheat can recuperate well.

Lin Qing He hoarded a lot of ginger for her family this winter.

They drank ginger soup, or boil a pot of ginger water and soak and wash their feet.

Lin Qing He nurtured her big family. It went without saying, Father Zhou and Mother Zhou joined them in their comfortable ways.

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