Xiaoyin was so angry that his teeth were almost broken that he said, "if the dancing fairy, I'll call Xiaotian. How about we cooperate and kill those bastards?"

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Ruo Wu shook his head: "it's better to wait for Lintian to make up his mind. I doubt that the place near the abyss has already been covered with a net. Don't act rashly."

Small silver a frown, can finally sigh a way: "just, can endure again."

In fact, he did not know, if dance at the moment in the heart of the murder, almost out of control!

In the end, both of them forbear their anger and returned to the underground palace.


Beyond the abyss.

Le Xuexiu said calmly: "since xueqingyi said that we should kill the dog man and woman in any case, recently, we can only wait here."

Naturally, the other six sages have no opinions.

"But what if they keep hiding and don't come out?"

Someone asked.

"Then fill the abyss with the corpses of two legged sheep."

Le Xue Xiu said calmly, "I don't believe it. They can be indifferent."

Speaking of this, he said: "pass me the order. All the two legged sheep captured in the blood demon world will be sent here."


A powerful one of the black striped bee's veins is ordered to leave.

"In addition, we should make some preparations, such as setting up a large array here in case of any change."

Le Xuexiu pondered, "also, tell the strong people of all ethnic groups to block the Shenlian forest, in case the powerful characters of the ancient wasteland come to rescue."

Everyone nodded and began to act.

Xueqingyi has given the order to die. This time, no matter what, the couple must be killed. Therefore, no one will neglect them.

Perhaps, the blood green clothing has not become a saint, but in this blood demon world, he is the leader, has the absolute right to speak.

"I have a feeling that if I can kill this pair of dogs this time, it will definitely cause a heavy blow to the ancient wasteland!"

Le blood repair eyes in the murderous surging.

Everyone else thinks so.

The ancient wasteland has been declining for a long time, and the young people who have set foot on the top are just a small group of people.

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Such peerless figures as Lintian and ruowu must be the leaders of the ancient wasteland.

If they die, the strong in ancient wasteland are likely to be leaderless!


On the vast wilderness, a group of ancient wilderness strongmen are fleeing, everyone looks panic.

Behind them, a group of strong feiyuan demons are pursuing, with leisurely manners and cruel radians on their lips.

A moment later.

When the battle broke out, those strong people in the ancient wasteland suffered a comprehensive attack. Seven people were killed on the spot, and another 13 people were captured alive.

"Leave the girl first, I'll have to breathe first."

A strong feiyuan demon, who took the lead, looked at a beautiful and graceful woman and strode forward.

It wasn't long before the screams of anger and pain were heard in the wilderness.

Women are dying.

Those flying kites are laughing.



On a lake, fierce fighting broke out.

Before long, an ancient sage was pulled out from the bottom of the lake and fell to the ground like a dead dog.

"Yes, I caught a big fish at last."

Several blood demons and ancient sages all smile with satisfaction.

"Imprison this big fish and send it to Shenlian forest."

Said a saint.

Immediately, someone stood up and chained the heads of the sages in the ancient wasteland. Like a dog, they dragged them to the ground and ran away.


"Those dead people can't be wasted. Collect their skulls. In the future, we need to expand the scale of the moat city. These skulls are the best materials for building the city walls."

On a bloody wasteland, a tall and thin man stood in the battlefield of corpses and spoke calmly.

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Immediately, a group of strong men took action to harvest the heads of the corpses on the ground one by one. It was like collecting the flesh and blood of livestock. The technique was skillful. Obviously, it wasn't the first time.


Such scenes are happening in different areas of the whole blood demon world.

With the order of xueqingyi, the strongmen in the whole blood devil ancient region camp began to cooperate with their actions to arrest the strongmen in the ancient wasteland.

Resistance is futile.

Bloody, brutal and tragic scenes are constantly staged.

Sin and evil are intertwined.


In just three days, hundreds of captured ancient wasteland strongmen were sent to the deep abyss of Shenlian forest.

Among them, there are several saints!

In the ancient wasteland, these saints were also powerful and respected by countless powerful people.But now, one by one, they are down and wounded, miserable, and become prisoners.

The color of Le Xue Xiu Shen is cold. He doesn't look at it. He raises his hand.

Bang bang!

There was a terrible explosion, and immediately a hundred strong people in the ancient wasteland were killed and killed on the spot.

And their flesh and blood were swept into the abyss.

From afar, on the abyss, it's like a bloody rain. The smell of blood is overwhelming and disgusting.

Seeing this, the other captured strongmen in the ancient wasteland trembled and many fell to the ground.

Some curse, some roar, some cry for mercy

Not everyone has the courage to die generously, and not everyone is unyielding. It is inevitable to ask for mercy from the strong of other races.

But all this is doomed to be in vain.

Le Xuexiu and other seven saints were indifferent from beginning to end.

For them, the strong in the ancient wasteland was no different from the livestock. Otherwise, how could they be called "two legged sheep"?

Until the end, Le Xuexiu said: "this is the flesh and blood of a hundred two legged sheep. If you can hold it back, next time, there will be more than these two legged sheep who die because of you."

The voice is cold, resounding through nine days and ten places.

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And into the abyss.


Xiaoyin's face is full of murders, and he can't help it.

"If you rush out, you are taken in by them."

Ruo Wu took a deep breath, restrained his anger, and said, "remember, don't act without authorization before Lintian wakes up."

After that, she sits on her knees, abandoning perception and meditating.

She was worried that if she listened to it, she could not help it.

Xiaoyin's face was black and changeable, but he finally held back and smashed his fist on the ground. He gritted his teeth and said, "this hatred must be paid back a thousand times!"

In the distance, Lintian was still and silent. These days, he had been in this state, like a rock.

Time goes by. Unconsciously, a month has passed.

During this period of time, one after another groups of ancient wasteland strongmen were killed in a cruel way, and their bodies and flesh were thrown into the abyss.

Le Xuexiu wants to force Lintian and ruowu out in this bloody and cruel way.

But up to now, it has not.

There are thousands of corpses thrown into the abyss, including the descendants of the famous schools in ancient wasteland, the heroes who are regarded as dragons and phoenixes among people, and the proud women with outstanding looks

There are also saints who once dominated the world.

But no matter who it is, the end is no different from that of livestock. After being slaughtered, the corpse is thrown into the abyss!

For a month, there was a bloody smell that could not be dissolved near the abyss, and the void was stained with blood red.

If there is retribution in this world, Le Xuexiu is afraid that they have already suffered.

Unfortunately, the theory of retribution is just the imagination of the weak!

In the battlefield of the nine regions, every time there is a dispute over the nine regions, there are millions of corpses buried here, blood flowing into a river.

As for Le Xuexiu, those who died were all strong people in the ancient wasteland, so it was impossible to arouse their feelings.

"To be sure, if the dance must hurt the foundation of the road, it's not enough to worry about."

A man in green looked gloomy. "Only that Lintian, who was not able to see through, had the ability to kill saints before he was sanctified. If he was sanctified, it would be great?"

"Ha ha, don't you think that boy can become a saint under this abyss?"

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Le Xuexiu sneered.

"It can't happen. Even with the inside information of blood and green clothes, we can only go to juejiao secret place to seek the chance of juejiao becoming a saint."

"The boy was trapped here, and he was doomed to miss the chance to enter Jue prison. In this way, he was also doomed to have no chance to become a saint with Jue top!"

In the end, Le Xuexiu couldn't help sneering.

"Now it seems that the boy is hiding under the abyss, and I can't do anything about it, but what he lost is a chance to become a saint. That's enough!"

The other great sages thought it over.

Even if you can't kill that boy for a while, you may trap him here and miss a chance to become a saint. It's also very cost-effective.

It should be noted that the boy is a leader of juetong. If juetong becomes a saint, how terrible should he be?

And now, it's doomed to be impossible!

Time goes by, and half a month goes by.

Blood demon world, the city of guard road.


A dazzling light, like a piece of training, rushed out of the closed place of xueqingyi, and scattered the clouds in the sky.

On this day, xueqingyi broke through the barrier and issued an order to set out today to lead a group of peerless figures of the ancient blood devil to the ancient wasteland.Because in half a month, the secret place of Jue prison will come!

As soon as the news came out, the city of road protection was boiling, and the peerless people of various ethnic groups, who had been ready for a long time, were ordered to gather in the direction of blood and green clothes.

These peerless figures have been dormant in the city of protecting the road, in order to have a chance to enter the secret place of Jue prison. Now, they are about to leave!

However, before leaving, xueqingyi got a news, which made him frown and make him feel unhappy.

"The saints at the top of the world have not been able to kill that man and woman until now? It's a bunch of losers

His voice was cold and he made no secret of his dissatisfaction.

"Pass me an order. When I return from the secret place of juejiao, if they haven't killed the couple, don't blame me for being rude!"

After that, xueqingyi led the team away.

Along the way, there is a group of great saints accompanying them to escort them.


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