The secret place of the underground palace.

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"It's been nearly two months, master. He's just thinking about a question about the great wish of the holy way. How can he not wake up until now?"

Xiaoyin frowned and worried.

If the dancing fairy was also surprised, she pondered for a moment and said, "don't worry. I believe that with his wisdom, I won't be trapped by a problem."


In the distance, the devil butterfly comes.

"Xiaotian, have you changed again?"

Little silver's eyes brightened.

At this time, a pair of wings are polished like pure black jade, with mysterious light flowing on them.

It has a slender body, and when it spreads its wings, it is only the size of a slap. But as it waves its wings, the nearby void is stirred like ripples.

If the dance is surprised and says: "the nine calamities of Changsheng are complete. It's only one step away. You can set foot on the top of the holy land. What an amazing speed!"

At the beginning, when she first saw the butterfly, the latter had just set foot in the long-lived disaster.

But it's only two months, and it's reached the point of perfection!

This promotion speed is absolutely shocking, shocking, even spread to no one will believe.

"Before the silence, I had the inside information of sanctification. Now, I just wake up my inside information."

Xiaotian converges his wings and falls on Xiaoyin's shoulder.

"What's more, I also learned the strength of the skeleton of a virtual holy beast in a quasi imperial realm. It's natural for me to be promoted to such a level."

Xiao Yin and Ruo dance are speechless.

Is that normal?

At this time, whether it was Xiaoyin, Ruo Wu or Xiaotian, they were all stunned and looked into the distance.

There, Lintian, who had been like a clay statue, opened his eyes and sent out a mysterious wave.

He stood up with his hands on his back and looked at the sky in a daze. It seemed that he was still thinking about a big problem, which was very abnormal.

"Master, he..."

As soon as Xiao Yin was about to speak, he was stopped by Ruo Wu.

Her star eyes flashed with illusory luster. Staring at Lintian, she said: "your master may have to testify."


A few words shocked Xiaoyin.

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"Let's get out of here first."

When Ruo Wu said that, he took Xiaoyin and Xiaotian together and quietly moved to a distance. Then he said:

"the obscure fluctuation emitted from him is a sign of the extreme transformation of his whole body strength. No accident, his holy calamity is likely to come..."

As soon as the voice fell, Lintian's stunned look was swept away and replaced by a touch of extreme calm.

Then he uttered a voice in his lips:

"when I became a saint..."


Just talking about this, an indescribable force of terror came suddenly.

Xiaoyin's body was stiff with sweat and hair standing up, and he had a sense of fear that he was about to fall to his knees.

The wings of the small sky suddenly spread out, but immediately converged, and the body was trembling. It seemed that it was shocked and could not support.

Even if it is the Ruo dance that steps on the top of the holy land, the star eye is also a coagulation, aware of an extreme danger.

Without hesitation, she took Xiaoyin and Xiaotian to stay away again.

"What kind of robbery is this?"

Xiaoyin was shocked.

They are invisible, immaterial, colorless and traceless. They can't see, touch and feel the existence of this robbery.

"It's really rare No, I haven't even heard of such strange and incredible calamities when someone becomes a saint at the summit. "

If dancing fairy pretty face is full of dignified color.

In her cognition, every robbery will lead to a cloud of robbery, and then the thunder will rise, and the doom will come.

For example, when she was in the process of becoming a saint, she triggered nine days of holy thunder, which were divided into six small disasters and three big disasters, with a total of nine disasters.

Every thunder has the power of destroying the world.

And the thunder is more terrible than the thunder.

At the beginning, in order to survive the robbery, she prepared many means to protect her life, such as peerless elixir, magic weapon blade and so on, and even invited many antiques to protect the Dharma for her.

Even so, he still encountered great danger in the robbery, which can be called a near death.

She almost died when she successfully rescued.

As far as Ruo Wu knows, Emperor SHAOHAO was in the same situation when he was in danger of becoming a saint, but there was a difference in the fate he faced.

But it was obvious that Lintian's disaster of becoming a saint was different from theirs!

There is no cloud robbery, no thunder robbery, and no earthshaking momentum of destruction, so there is no sound, no form, no texture coming!

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And that's just because he said "when I'm sanctified."!"These days, what is the holy way ambition that he is thinking about, and how can it trigger such strange and terrible doom?"

If you dance, your heart is tight.


It was too late, but it was too fast. When he said a word, he saw that Lintian's body was cut by a sharp blade, and there were dense scars, and the blood was flowing like a waterfall.

Blink of an eye, he became a blood man!


Xiaoyin exclaimed, and he was about to rush to help.

If Wu Dang is about to stop him, he looks dignified and severe: "you go now, you are destroying his robbery action!"

Xiaoyin's face was changeable and anxious.

But in the distance, Lintian didn't frown. He looked very calm from beginning to end. He was covered with blood and numerous scars, but he didn't realize it. In his lips, he once again said: "my heart is heaven's heart!"


If Wu, Xiaoyin and Xiaotian didn't hear clearly at all, they would feel their spirits throbbing. If they were struck by lightning, their whole body would be full of Qi and blood, and they almost coughed up blood.

It's frightening to them.

In the scene, Lintian was eroded by the strong wind and melted by the fire.

Wind is robbing wind, invisible and immaterial, but it can blow through people's spirits, into people's mood and disperse people's will!

Fire is robbing fire, colorless and formless, but it can melt people's flesh and blood, burn the viscera!

In the blink of an eye, Lintian's body was just like a piece of burnt wood.

"Master --!"

Xiaoyin's eyes are red and her orbit is about to crack.

If the dance will be dead pressed, said: "this is his robbery, no one can mix, you do not understand?"

"My way is the main road!"

Even so, Lintian's voice sounded again.


They felt their ears buzzing, and Venus appeared in front of them. The six senses were blocked, and their faces turned white. They were shocked out by an invisible force of terror.

Even if it is Ruo dance, it is no exception!

They fell to the ground, coughing up blood in their lips, and turned pale one by one. What kind of disaster is this? How can it be so terrible?

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They didn't stay in it, just wait and see from afar, they couldn't bear it!

You can imagine how terrible the blow that Lintian suffered from such a disaster was.

As a matter of fact, Lintian's charred body, which was just like a dead wood, cracked and exploded. There was only a group of spirit light, which was immortal.

It's just that it's not over.

At the next moment, Lintian's firm, calm and even non emotional voice resounded once again:

"when my Tao is proved,

I will be crowned with eternity.

Take immortality as a garment and protect me.

Take nature as a boot and walk on my feet... "

However, no matter how hard they tried, they could not hear Lintian's figure.

I can only feel that every time Lintian vomited a word, the terror in the empty air was strong.

Later, there was no sound or perception!

The light of spirit left by Lintian was like a light in the storm. It was gradually weakening and dim


Out of the battlefield.

It's a big void.

At the same time, countless forces of order and rules suddenly emerged, turning into terrible waves, tumbling violently in the boundless Zhou Xu.


A clear voice of surprise rang out in the deep of Zhou Xu, "who is this Tao that wants to take this day instead? Are you not afraid to be killed? "

"Jiuyu battlefield It seems that when one of the nine realms became a saint, the power he sought was too taboo and he suffered. "

Another old voice is ringing.

As soon as the voice fell, a powerful, domineering and cold voice burst out in Zhou Xu:

"hum! If it's not because of the rules, I'll kill the heresy first

"Heresy? At the beginning, we did the same? Why, if you are only allowed to preach like this, you will not allow others to step on this road? "

Some people sneer.

"You are all the ancestors of the same Tao. Why argue about this? If this person does not die, one day, he is destined to set foot on the ancient path of the starry sky. At that time, it is not too late to talk about his life and death. "

An ethereal low voice rang through.

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Suddenly, a crowd of voices disappeared.

The tumbling and turbulent boundless Zhou Xu also calmed down, and the power of all kinds of order and rules also disappeared.


I don't know how long it took for Xiaoyin, ruowu and Xiaotian to regain their perception and their vision became clear.

That terrible to unimaginable sense of doom, has long been gone.

Looking around, no matter the pavilions, pavilions or other scenery, they have not suffered any damage.If they were not sure that everything was true, they all suspected that they had just had a dream.

"And the master?"

Suddenly, Xiaoyin opened his eyes and cried out.

He looked around, but there was no trace of Lintian!

Ruo Wu's face also changed. With her divine power, she could no longer feel Lintian's breath and trace.

The butterfly flies around and moves to different areas of the underground palace. After searching for a long time, it is nothing.

"Is Is The master was robbed and killed? "

Xiaoyin now has a sense of collapse, the whole person is flustered, chest stuffy, mind is a blank.

The butterfly is silent.

Ruo Wu's face turned pale.

If Lintian was in trouble here, without him, the ancient wilderness strongman would have lost a pillar. What else would he take to fight with the top strongmen in the other eight regions?

"Master --!"

Xiaoyin screams and sits on the ground. Suddenly, she feels like she has lost all her strength, all her fighting spirit and all her thoughts.

As long as you recognize the Lord, you will live and die together.

Now that Lintian was gone, Xiaoyin had only one idea to follow his master!

"Stop yelling. You're deafening me."

Also at this time, a gentle voice with a smile sounded in the silver ear.


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