Chapter 159. Most afraid of him not going to work.

"It's not a big problem."

Lin Qing He uttered when she said that.

She told her about Zhou Xiao Mei's matter.

"Even if your mother-in-law is dissatisfied with you two moving out, she will be happy to raise the kid when you give money. That is her grandson too." Lin Qinghe said.

Shen Yu was shocked when she heard this: "Bringing her own grandson and still get paid for it?"

"Money can make ghosts stop pestering." Lin Qing He replied.

Shen Yu can approximately understand the meaning, but she was reluctant to give the money.

Lin Qing He didn't say much. It was enough to mention and stop.

After bidding farewell to Shen Yu, Lin Qing He went home after buying the supplies.

"Mother, you don't like me anymore!" Seeing his mother return, San Wa began to accuse her.

"Why don't I like you anymore." Lin Qing He laughed. She peeled open a candy and planed to stuff it into his mouth.

However, San Wa turned his head away. He was actually able to resist the temptation of candy.

"Mother, don't think you want to buy me with such a little thing," San Wa declared.

"I think you have eaten too much sugar and want to revolt." Lin Qing He ate it as she responded.

San Wa remained silent.

Lin Qing He coaxed, "Tell Mother, why are you suddenly feeling so sentimental."

"Mother, you don't take me to the city," San Wa complained.

"Then I will take you for a stroll next time. If you wander on your own in the city, then I won't agree." Lin Qing He said.

San Wa's eyes lit up: "Mother, you aren't just coaxing me?"

Lin Qing He gave him a pack of red dates: "This is what your sister Xiao Xi wanted to buy. Go give it to her."

"Mother, my candy." San Wa stretched out his hand.

"It's gone." Lin Qing He ignored him, turned and went to the backyard.

San Wa delivered the red dates first, and then came back to stick to his mother.

"What did you do today?" Lin Qing He asked him.

She had nothing to do today, so she made a trip to the county city more often.

"I dug out the bird's nest." San Wa said.

"Go pick a tomato yourself and eat it." Lin Qing He prompted.

"Mother, where is my candy?" San Wa stared at her.

Lin Qing He grinned: "The time passed. I just gave it to you and you didn't want it. Now you want, it's gone."

"Mother, you're glutton." San Wa complained.

"If Mother isn't a glutton, how did I give birth to you, the little glutton?" Lin Qing He laughed.

San Wa laughed too. He picked a tomato, washed it and ate it. Then he said, "Mother, I want to go to school too."

"You have to wait for two years. By the way, why did you come back so early today?" Lin Qing He asked.

This brat usually didn't come back unless he played until five or six o'clock. It's only four o'clock today and he was already back.

"Their marbles are broken. I don't want to play with them anymore," San Wa replied.

Lin Qing He chuckled.

There were also principles among these children.

With a turn of a head, they can play together after a fight. But if the marbles didn't match, they won't play together, no matter how good terms they were on.

"I gave a Gou Zi one, but he lost it and wanted to ask for more. I don't have much myself." San Wa continued.

Lin Qing He suggested, "Then you can play hide and seek."

At this time, many wheat piles were hoarded outside, which were good places for these children to play hide and seek.

"No, get itchy easily." San Wa said.

Soon, Lin Qing He had tidied up the vegetable garden. As for the pigsty and chicken coop, it was Zhou Qing Bai's problem. She still kept to the old rules. She did it during the summer harvest and autumn harvest, and Zhou Qing Bai handled it the rest of the time.

Lin Qing He grabbed a handful of beans in her hand. They were having fried pork with beans in the evening. Also, a scrambled egg with green onions and with tomato soup, it was enough.

The tomatoes in the backyard were almost gone and the vines were collected.

"Mother, are we having red bean mantou tonight?" San Wa asked.

"Red bean buns will be made tomorrow. It's too late today," Lin Qing He answered.

San Wa didn't say anything. After eating the tomato, he went out to the entrance to play marbles with himself.

Mother Zhou carried little Su Cheng over. Little Su Cheng was able to stand up on his own recently. But he was limited to standing, he can't walk.

Just last month, Su Da Lin came over with good news. Zhou Xiao Mei was pregnant again.

Have to say that people got a good body during this era. It was really easy to have children.

Lin Qing He didn't dare to look at Zhou Qing Bai's face at that time. This one had always wanted her to have another one, but she couldn't give birth.

Mother Zhou came over and wanted to help. Lin Qing He ushered, "Mother, just watch little Su Cheng. Don't let him grab San Wa's marbles."

Kids at this age grabbed everything they see and stuffed it in his mouth. He was still in the stage of exploring the world with his mouth. But he wasn't allowed to eat anything.

Mother Zhou didn't intervene when she saw her swift movements. She smiled and said, "Your third sister-in-law is pregnant again. This is also a coincidence."

"Pregnant again?" Lin Qing He's lips twitched.

When Third Sister-in-law gave birth to Wu Ni, her body got damaged. After that, she gave birth to two consecutively. If this one was counted, then it was already the fourth one.

"She's going for another son. If she was like with you, then she will definitely not have another." Mother Zhou immediately explained.

Until now, Mother Zhou thought it was her youngest son who couldn't give birth, so she quickly remedied for fear of this daughter-in-law having any dissatisfaction.

Lin Qing He didn't think much about it. She only felt a little bit emotional about this society's exponential growth of population.

From now until the 1980s, it seems that they will finally put a start on family planning. Although there were some discussions at the moment, no one cares about it. They birthed how many they liked.

After Zhou Qing Bai and Father Zhou's father came back from work, dinner started.

When sleeping at night, Zhou Qing Bai said: "I heard Third Brother say Third Sister-in-law is pregnant again."

"Yeah." Lin Qing He replied slight guilt.

"We can't give birth." Zhou Qing Bai said.

"En." Lin Qing He continued to answer.

Zhou Qing Bai turned his back. What else could Lin Qing He do? Naturally, she coaxed.

It's just after some coaxing, the situation unknowingly changed. Lin Qing He was eaten inside and out.

"Zhou Qingbai, you have to go to work tomorrow!" Lin Qing He finally said weakly.

"I'm finished today, I don't have to go to work tomorrow." Zhou Qing Bai put his arms around her contentedly and replied.

Lin Qing He was a little scared: "You don't have to go to work starting tomorrow?"

She knew her family's man well. If he didn't need to go to work, then those kinds of days will be waiting for her. Don't think about stopping.

"You like it too." The mensao man whispered in her ear.

Lin Qing He mentally responded, 'As if I like it. You aren't afraid your kidney getting weak but I am afraid that my kidney will from all this unrestrained way!

"I feel that this year will get colder a bit quicker. Tomorrow, let's ask the boys to come and sleep here." Lin Qing He coughed dryly and said.

"Let them sleep by themselves." Zhou Qing Bai indifferently stated.

The boys were already that big, they should learn to be independent. So there was nothing to discuss.

Moreover, at the end of the year, he will only be able to get intimate with his wife during the winter isolation. Normally, when she considered how busy he was, she will not let him do as he liked.

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