Chapter 158. Idle chat

Although the forty-five days of the autumn harvest was exhausting, the joy of harvest was magnified within people's heart despite being tired.

Even though the summer harvest just happened.

It was the autumn harvest that can really help people get through this year.

A bumper harvest during the autumn harvest meant that they can have a good New Year. If the autumn harvest was bad, then they will have to starve.

For the older generation, there was nothing happier than having a full stomach.

After the autumn harvest, the handing over the public ration. Then it was food distribution.

Lin Qinghe took advantage of the food distribution.

No matter what kind of grain, she will buy a lot. With so many varieties, she can gather over a hundred of jins.

If someone asks, Lin Qing He would say that there were so many people in the family and if they want to fill the stomach, how can she not buy more?

With one sentence, she blocked people's mouths.

Toward Zhou Qing Bai's wife's lifestyle, everyone was used to it and generally won't question too deeply.

After all, in this age when everyone ate until a maximum of 60% to 70% full, it was normal for her to buy more if her family want to be 100% full.

Only Zhou Qing Bai and Mother Zhou knew that these were going to be sold and not to be eaten at home.

Although Lin Qing He was extravagant, she never wastes.

Each meal was large in portion, but it basically allowed 80% full. Only during the summer harvests and autumn harvests, she allowed 100% fullness.

Other times, it was just about enough. They can't overstuff.

And besides staple food, there was also subsidiary food.

Lin Qing He would occasionally make sesame soup, mung bean soup, barley congee, red bean congee, and red date congee.

Basically, the family didn't go hungry.

Lin Qing He came to find Third Brother Lin when she found time. Third Brother Lin had gathered food for her.

Not much, just about two hundred jins.

"Sister, we can get allocated 30 yuan or so this year. I will save it and pay you back." Third Brother Lin said to her.

Lin Qing He didn't care: "Save it. Wait until you have saved a hundred yuan and talk about it."

After saying this, she took the food and depart.

Lin Qing He was undoubtedly busy during this period of time.

Food wasn't divided all in one go.

Harvesting meant that when each crop was harvested, it was dried and the public ration share will be handed over. Then that grain will be distributed first.

The rest will be collected and then divided later.

So after the first batch of grain was handed out Lin Qing He had already begun to sell the grain.

It was until the end of the autumn harvest when her food was mostly sold. She was tired, but she got to earn nearly a hundred yuans. So even if she was a little bit worn out, she didn't mind.

In this era, people like Third Brother Lin can make a few dozen yuans at the end of the year. And due to other deductions and expenses, there wasn't much money.

Therefore, there was a certain truth to the saying that horses without night grass, gain no fat and people without ill-gotten gains, unable to be rich.

However, it was because Lin Qing He owned a space, she can cheat. Otherwise, it was still very risky.

Few people would rush headlong into danger like this.

In particular, when the harvest had been pretty good over the few years. Generally, they won't go hungry. Therefore, fewer people would take such risks.

The grain Lin Qing He collected wasn't sold to Sister Mei. Like never.

The pork business was enough and it can be considered as a secret between each other. But if food exchange was added, then it will really be over the line.

So on Sister Mei's side, Lin Qing He had always simply given food coupons. With the coupons, Sister Mei can buy the food herself.

That day, Lin Qing He came to Sister Mei to get the meat. Sister Mei whispered: "The investigation has been strict these days, so don't take it for now. Let's do it again when the storm has passed."

"Okay." Lin Qing He frankly agreed to it and asked for an estimated time. Afterward, Lin Qing He didn't stay much.

Although the autumn harvest was over at this time, Zhou Qing Bai was still occupied. He had to plow the ground to plant winter wheat.

Da Wa and Er Wa were going to school again. San Wa wasn't at home all day long. Even though Mother Zhou would often bring little Su Cheng over, it was still boring.

So Lin Qing He occasionally would go to the county city for a stroll.

Shen Yu and Chen Jie were indeed capable. They had actually pooled money to buy the house she introduced.

The two got married quickly too. Lin Qing He got surprised when she came over.

Shen Yu was a little embarrassed to see her being so surprised: "It was indeed done so hastily, but both of us are busy and don't have much time. The earlier it happened, the better it is."

"This is true." Lin Qing He nodded.

"This is all thanks to Sister's help. If it weren't for you, the two of us might not have been so fast." Shen Yu smiled.

"Even with my help, you both have to have the money, otherwise I won't be able to play a role." Lin Qing He honestly stated.

However, both Shen Yu and Chen Jie were quite bold.

People at this time seldom had the idea of ​​buying a house. It wasn't just this time, it was the same from the '80s to the early '90s.


Because they were all waiting for the workplace to allocate it. Why should they buy it themselves?

Very few people were willing to buy it themselves.

However, as long as one bought a house in this era, they will not regret it.

Shen Yu had a particularly good impression of Lin Qing He. This helpful person never received any benefits. Whether it was introducing someone to her or helping her find a house, she did not accept any benefits.

"Last time, I saw that Sister's handwriting was pretty. How's your education degree?" Shen Yu asked.

"What education degree! I just attended a literacy class for a while. But I do have some talent in studying. My family prioritize male over female, so it got delayed." Lin Qing He sighed lightly.

Some boast should be said, but only once. Too much humility displayed inferiority.

Shen Yu gave a look of pity.

"I'm self-studying now. My two boys are in school, so I learn with them." Lin Qinghe said.

Shen Yu immediately had an expression of admiration: "Sister, you are too motivated."

"It's not much, people live to old, study to old.," Lin Qing He chuckled.

"How was this period of autumn harvest?" Shen Yu asked.

"It's a bountiful harvest. Several nearby villages also have wonderful harvests. The city should receive new foods in this while?" Lin Qing He said.

"We did, but the supply is still very limited." Shen Yu admitted.

Everyone in the city had a certain amount. It was impossible to exceed this limit, otherwise, why would there be a place like a black market.

Mainly due to demand, the black market has emerged.

Lin Qing He said: "You both eat the canteen, so it's still convenient."

Shen Yu smiled. At this time, the advantage of both being workers shone. The conditions were excellent.

"I'm just a little worried, what should I do if I have a baby in the future." Shen Yu kept talking.

Although the benefits of moving out were great, there were also some cons. Like having no one to help out after the baby was born.

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