In a quarter of an hour.

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Lin Xun, who was beaten in a mess, finally had the power of backhand. Although he was still suppressed, he was able to resist.

Half an hour later.

Lintian and Ruo Wu had already had a fight. They were equal.

Xiaoyin grinned happily.

If she dances, she can't laugh. Her eyebrows are full of concentration.

Although it was already clear that when Lintian adapted and mastered the power of sanctification, he was doomed to be unable to be suppressed by himself.

But in her heart, she was a little unwilling. She wanted to try how long she could suppress Lintian with her own power.

It should be noted that she is a unique person in the family of rosefinch. She has a noble temperament and a proud heart. How can she think that she is inferior to others?

However, less than an hour later, she was completely unable to suppress Lintian. Instead, the pressure was doubled by Lintian's counterattack.

"I don't believe it!"

If you dance and gnash your teeth, you will exert all your strength, just like a rosefinch flying in the air. It is as if you are fighting with a great enemy.

But at this time, Lintian had completely controlled his own power of the holy way. All his actions were with the overwhelming power of peiran Moyu. No matter how Ruo Wu attacked and resisted, it was useless.

Later, seeing that Ruo dance would be steadily suppressed by Lintian, she suddenly said:

"no more fighting!"

As she spoke, she flashed away from the battlefield.

Lintian was stunned. He immediately laughed and said, "thank you for your advice."

If dance helpless pie pie pie mouth: "what instruction, just grindstone just, you this guy doesn't need anyone's instruction at all."

After a pause, she couldn't help laughing: "however, I didn't lose this battle to you. We are only tied. We don't plan to fight with you any more. I want to keep this unbeaten record."

Xiaoyin murmured to himself, woman, really cunning!

Lintian laughed.

If the dance is right, he doesn't need anyone's advice in his fight.

There is only one reason why he was suppressed before. He has just become a saint and has not yet mastered the new power of the supreme way!

"Then I realized that blink is just an instinctive force that can be controlled by sages, rather than really controlling the law of space."

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Lintian sighed.

Ruo Wu nodded and said, "that's right. However, taking this as an opportunity, you can touch and understand the law of space."

"I've heard that when the cultivation enters the realm of sage king, it will be able to understand its own fighting field by virtue of the law of space. At that time, when the whole body moves, the nearby heaven and earth will turn into a field, integrating their own Tao and Dharma, and the power is incredible. "

Lintian nodded. He had heard of it.

In the pursuit of the holy way, it is divided into three great realms, namely the true holy realm, the great holy realm and the Saint King realm.

Each realm has its own great mystery.

Like the true holy land, the initial stage of the holy way is to control the holy yuan, open the mixed cave boundary, and build the original Dao mountain.

and the great form has no shape. Great sound is hard to hear.

As for the realm of saints, it is known as the "king of saints", the master of the realm, the great way of righteousness and Dharma, which can be regarded as incredible, belonging to the peak of the path of saints.

As for Lintian, he has just entered the true holy land. The only difference may be that what he seeks is the supreme holy path, which is unique, different and different from the world.

"Master, we..."

Xiaoyin opened his mouth and was about to say something.

All of a sudden, a dull sound sounded from outside the secret place of the underground palace.


Xiaoyin was furious and his eyes were red. "Those old bastards have killed thousands of strong men in our ancient wasteland at least in the past two months!"

If the dancing star's eyes were cold, he looked at Lintian.

Lintian's face was calm, his black eyes were cold, and he said: "they probably thought that we could only swallow our anger and be trapped here."

Deep in my heart, an irrepressible murderer, like a molten slurry, began to roar and boil!


Lintian turned around and swept out of the underground palace first.

"Xiaotian, let's go!"

Xiao Yin yelled, murderous.

"It's time to return blood with blood!"

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If dancing, the figure is like a fantasy, and the killing intention bursts out in the clear eyes.

"Finally left..."

A pair of eyes derived from the dense tree pattern suddenly opened on the green Shenlian ancestral tree, which looked like a relief.


Beyond the abyss.

It's gloomy in the world.

It has been two months, under the abyss, there is no movement, which makes him feel angry.

In particular, half a month ago, when Xue Qingyi left the blood demon world and went to the secret place of Jue prison, he gave an order to die. If Lin Xun and Ruo Wu could not be killed when he returned, don't blame him for his ruthlessness!This makes Le Xuexiu look very ugly.

He was a saint at the top of the mountain, but he was so intimidated by xueqingyi that he could not face himself. In the end, he could only resist it.

But this stomach gas, but no place to vent, let Le blood repair health depressed.

"In the past two months, the two legged sheep in the blood demon world have been almost hunted down, but up to now, the other side has not been forced out."

A man in green frowned, "if this goes on, when can we kill that pair of dogs?"

Supreme sage, she Taihang!

This man is an old monster of the Golden Snake. He is dressed in green and looks very young.

"No matter what, that boy has completely missed the chance to enter Jue prison and fight for Jue top to become a saint. It's not bad."

One of them, a man with a bun and a red robe, said faintly.

The highest saint, Fengyun que.

It is said that he has lived for 8000 years, and he once washed 13 countries in the ancient land of blood demons with blood. I don't know how many saints fell into his hands, and his wrist is bloody and cruel.

"Well! We have seven great saints, but now we can't even kill a couple of dogs, men and women. Isn't that good? "

Another old man in a Chinese robe, with scarlet eyes, hummed coldly. A faint magic of terror surrounded him made the void collapse.

Cang xingkun, one of the deacons of the demon sect, is also a very old sage.

"What do you say to do?"

A woman in purple, with silver hair and delicate appearance, said coldly.

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He Qinghuai, a golden winged dragon and crane, is a great sage. He has great achievements in nature, and his status is also very noble.

For a moment, all the saints were silent.

Lintian and ruowu had been hiding in the abyss, which made them helpless and depressed.


A big middle-aged man with a swallow's chin and a tiger's beard and a mountain like figure grinds his teeth and opens his mouth. His whole body exudes a fierce atmosphere.

"As long as that pair of dog men and women dare to stand up, I promise to be the first to kill them!"

On the other side, a thin, feminine looking man in a crane cloak was hoarse.

The burly middle-aged man named Tu Wankong and the feminine man named Tu Yanwen are all from the blood winged demons, one of the top ten blood demons in ancient China.

These seven great saints, even in the battlefield of the nine regions, are also a force that can not be underestimated, enough to make any force fear.

But now, one by one, they look gloomy and ugly.

They don't want to wait here for two months.

"My Lord, a new batch of two legged sheep has been sent."

In the distance, a group of blood demons came from the ancient region. Each hand was holding a group of captured ancient wasteland strongmen with chains.

"Kill them, and throw them all into the abyss!"

Le Xue Xiu did not hesitate.

Now he has no place to vent his anger, and he can only vent his anger on these captured ancient wasteland strongmen.

At the same time, he grew up, took a deep breath, and said in a thunderous voice, "I really think we can't help you if we hide below?"

"Next time, I will arrest all your friends, clansmen and schoolmates and kill them one by one!"

"At that time, see if you can hold back!"

The voice is fierce, resounding between heaven and earth.

Then, with a wave of his sleeve robe, he was about to kill those ancient wasteland strongmen who had been captured and throw them into the abyss.

At this time, an angry voice resounded from the deep of the Abyss: "a group of old bastards, can't wait to go on the road? I'll do it for you now! "

Le Xuexiu was stunned and immediately showed a grim smile. He looked excited and finally couldn't help coming up?

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Almost at the same time, she Taihang, Feng Yunque, he Qinghuai and other six great saints all got up at the same time. The gloomy color between their eyebrows was swept away and replaced by a look of excitement, bloodthirsty and eagerness.

They've been waiting too long and need to vent!

Under the gaze of the crowd, the figures of Lintian, ruowu, Xiaoyin and split sky Magic Butterfly appeared one after another in the abyss.

"Ha ha ha, they're all out! Good, good, good

Le Xuexiu looks up at the sky and laughs.

The nearby blood demons of the ancient region also laughed.

Lintian's face was calm. His cold eyes swept through the field, and he saw those ancient wasteland strongmen who had been captured. Every face showed a look of fear, despair, numbness, anger and so on, just like a lamb to be slaughtered.

Also saw Le Xuexiu and other great saints that undisguised excitement and killing intention.

Deep in his heart, the original uncontrollable hatred and murderous opportunity suddenly flooded all over his body, but only Lintian's look became more and more calm.

Everyone who knew him knew that when he was really extremely angry, Lintian would never show any emotion.

Because that kind of hate and anger, has filled the whole body!The next moment, he uttered in his lips: "today, if any of you can leave here alive, we Lintian will destroy our own karma!"

Let's go.

He took one step.


Near the abyss, an obscure and miraculous array appeared, and dense Taoist patterns flowed like tides.

Cover it with Lintian.

"Ha ha ha, this stupid thing, you want to kill me? Is it not just a step away from being trapped by the great array? "

Le Xuexiu laughed and ignored Lintian's words.

Others sneer, too.

It's really stupid. Before the action, I didn't realize that they had already laid a big formation near the abyss?


(it's going to break 19000 tickets, children's shoes, you are so fierce, I'll take the old fish, and there will be more tonight!)

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