Chapter 157. Another plump rabbit

After the Mid-Autumn Festival in August, the weather became slightly colder.

Lin Qing He began to take apart and wash last year's quilts and cotton clothes. At this time, the sun was still blazing during the day and the wind was quite strong, so it was a perfect time for this.

The process wasn't short. At least, Zhou Xi coming over to help her, it was more efficient.

"This year, you have grown a lot taller." Lin Qing He said to Zhou Xi.

Zhou Xi shot up this year. She used to be malnourished. And in the past three years, the two siblings had gotten older and earned more work points, therefore they can eat until full. Although the nutrition was still insufficient, she was no longer like the previous little bean sprout.

Zhou Xi grinned and said, "Aunt, when do you plan to go to the city this year?"

"You want to buy something?" Lin Qing He asked.

"I want to buy some red dates." Zhou Xi meekly smiled.

"Then I'll buy some back for you next time. Girls fare better when they eat more red dates. You don't need to eat a lot each day. Just eat three or five." Lin Qing He responded.

Zhou Xi smiled with closed lips and replied, "I listen to Aunt."

"Do you need anything else?" Lin Qing He asked.

"My brother's clothes are too short. I want to make him a new set. Aunt, will you grab a piece of cloth for me when that time comes?" Zhou Xi mentioned.

Coupons were issued every year. When Lin Qing He gave Zhou Xi cotton last year, Zhou Dong gave Lin Qing He all the coupons then.

Coupons were also distributed this year too. The brother and sister pooled together, so they will be able to get a piece to make new pants for Zhou Dong.

"Okay." Lin Qing He agreed.

Mother Zhou also came to help in the midst of unpacking and washing the quilt. With the three of them, the pace picked up.

After being disassembled and washed, they sewed it back together. When this year's winter isolation is here, they can take it out to wear or cover.

According to the lunar calendar, it was August 15th, while the solar calendar said it was already mid-September. At the end of this month, the horn of the autumn harvest will sound.

So after the quilt cover was removed and washed, Lin Qing He began to hike up the food at home.

Loach and eel were two frequent dishes on the family table. Lin Qing He had exchanged for them with some young teens in the village.

If they caught loach or eels and can't finish them, they can bring it over to ask her if she wants it.

In the eyes of adults, Lin Qing He was unvirtuous and don't know how to live. While which kids or even the young teens didn't envy Da Wa and his brothers for having a mother like Lin Qing He?

Therefore in the eyes of the children, Lin Qing He's reputation was excellent.

They would naturally listen to what she said.

Once they caught eels, they brought it over. Then Lin Qing He gave the money for it. Even if she gave it a dime or two, it did not hinder the joy of these young teens.

They feel that Da Wa's mother really kept her words. When she said exchange for money, she did.

For half a month, Lin Qing He inventively cooked the meals every day. She boiled the soup, braised and stewed the pickles, making Zhou Qing Bai's face rosy from all the nourishment.

It wasn't just him. Even Father Zhou too. You can't deny how spirited he was.

But even so, the family still accumulated a lot of loaches and ricefield eels, which were being raised by Lin Qing He.

At the end of September, the horn of the autumn harvest was blared out.

Lin Qing He was already very experienced. Starting at this time, they'll be engaged in the autumn harvest until November. It certainly was a very large autumn harvest season.

So Lin Qing He increased her milk order.

Another bottle of milk was added to the daily count.

Mother Zhou had the heart to say a few words that it wasn't necessary to go to such length.

Lin Qing He said: "When the time comes, I will bring two more bags of grain back home. I will send them to my old aunt and the money will be gained back."

Though it wasn't explicitly explained, Mother Zhou understood.

Selling food.

In fact, Mother Zhou had mentioned to Zhou Qing Bai in private that she was afraid of getting into trouble. It was clear that she was reassured by Zhou Qing Bai as Mother Zhou didn't say anything to Lin Qing He.

Since the daily three bottles of milk increased to four bottles, things were still the same as before. Only difference was the extra bottle was turned into milk mantou by Lin Qing He.

They were all for Father Zhou and Zhou Qing Bai.

The milk mantou was paired with a large plate of fried pork and cabbage or cucumber and egg. It was very nutritious and filling.

Yummy foods were delivered in the afternoon as well. After a busy day of work, they got to have some enjoyment right?

Even though Lin Qing He's meals attracted a lot of attention, Lin Qing He really didn't care.

If one asked her to give her man some pancakes accompanied with pickled or lump vegetables like the other three sisters-in-law did, Lin Qing He really couldn't.

This work was really tiring. If she didn't cook up some good food, she was squeezing the blood of her own man to save that little money.

Lin Qing He can't control how others act, but she will never do this.

On normal days, she often encouraged Zhou Qing Bai to occasionally be lazy and don't work too hard. However, her own man wasn't one to be a lazy bum.

Although Lin Qing He would scold him for being inflexible, she admired him in her heart.

Since she can't be of help, Lin Qing He vowed to make the three quality meals for him each day.

And even if there was such an excellent meal in the eyes of other people, it was actually quite average in Lin Qing He's opinion.

Don't know if it was God's pity, but that evening when Zhou Qing Bai and Father Zhou returned home with the kids, they brought back a rabbit.

It was as fat as last year’s rabbit, around five or six jins!

Lin Qing He's eyes lit up.

"Mother, I saw it and got Father to catch it!" San Wa began to claim credit.

"Not bad at all. Mother will make something nice for you, how does that sound?" Lin Qing He asked.

"Alright." San Wa cheered.

Mother Zhou was delighted too. Such a plump rabbit.

Lin Qing He got Zhou Qing Bai to handle it, and then she made braised rabbit meat with potatoes.

She left a small plate as a meat side dish for tomorrow morning. The whole family devoured the rest that night.

The villagers were envious.

But it was useless to envy. Zhou Qing Bai's ability can't be praised enough. The rabbit dashed over and he had already took action before the rest of them could react. In one go, he had grabbed the rabbit.

Such a big plump rabbit, who know how much food it ate to grow into this size.

Many people squatted around the corner with their rice bowls, sniffing the scent of the stewed rabbit meat at Zhou Qing Bai's house, so they can have an appetite.

Villagers don't have meat. To eat meat, they had to wait for the autumn harvest to pass and the winter wheat was planted before the first meat distribution happens.

Then the meat will be divided again at the end of the year.

It was like this every year, distributed two times a year.

At other times, they can also buy it with meat coupons. However, meat coupons were very rare. One had to exchange them with people as there were no meat coupons in the countryside, only in cities.

It's just that the country folks were used to saving money, so they generally won't exchange for meat coupons.

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