Chapter 156. Continuation of the household registration.

"Wash up first before you eat!"

Lin Qing He sent the three brothers away.

The boys merrily went to wash their hands.

Of course, Zhou Qing Bai and Father Zhou had to wash theirs as well. If they want to eat at the table, they must be cleaned before sitting down to eat.

After washing, the whole family gathered around to eat.

Little Su Cheng was already one year old and can eat many things. Mantou soaked in the soup until soften was fed to him. He munched away very happily.

He can also eat cucumbers, eggs, and eels.

Since the eel was bony, it was omitted. Just giving him a little soup already had him full until bulging round.

At least compared with kids nowadays, kids like little Su Cheng were considered fatter.

He got milk and three good meals a day. There were snacks too. Lin Qing He occasionally made some steamed cakes, so naturally this child's share wasn't forgotten.

Su Da Lin brought Zhou Xiao Mei back every week. When he saw how well-fed his son was at home, he was naturally grateful on top of being ecstatic.

Whether the child was well raised, one can tell from his body that Lin Qing He, the fourth aunt, had not mistreated him.

And most people had no way to raise children like her.

Even Mother Zhou was moved, Fourth's wife was really kind to this little nephew.

Because in Mother Zhou's opinion, she was like a biological mother. When she made steamed cakes, steamed sponge, or the likes for Da Wa and his brothers, there was always a portion of little Su Cheng. How can he not be chubby?

Su Da Lin understood this clearly. Every time he came, he always brought half a basket of eggs and candies for the Da Wa and the others. With him buying it, Lin Qing He didn't need to buy it.

Su Da Lin was very delighted.

This man was very happy and on top of that, little Su Cheng was also close to him. Even when he only saw him that one day every week, he seemed to know that this was his dad.

Not one bit unfamiliar.

It was a day off on Sunday that day, so Su Da Lin and Zhou Xiao Mei couple came back with things. These were brought over to her fourth sister-in-law's side, but occasionally they would share a portion of candies with other nephews and nieces in old Zhou family.

Mother Zhou told Zhou Xiao Mei in private: "Now that Cheng Cheng is this big, when will you and Da Lin have another one?"

Zhou Xiao Mei was taken aback: "Mother, didn't you see that Da Lin and I gave birth to this one and can't even raise this one? You still want me to have another?"

"You're not having more?" Mother Zhou was more shocked than she was.

Was there someone who birth only one child at this time? If one gave birth to an only son, no one will help fight if one (the kid?) gets bullied, okay?

"I don't want to give birth again. Isn't Cheng Cheng a son? This one is enough," Zhou Xiao Mei stated.

She had to go to work, and Su Da Lin as well. This maternal family can still take care a bit. If she births more, how can her maternal family manage?

"You lass, where did you get this idea? It's better to have a few more. Think about it. If your father and I only gave birth to your second brother and he married a daughter-in-law like your second sister-in-law, your father and I would end up eating soil when we're old." Mother Zhou said coldly.

Don't assume because she and her old partner usually say nothing. They were clear in their heart that which sons or daughters-in-law were filial and which were not.

Towards Eldest Sister-in-law and Third Sister-in-law, Mother Zhou's impression was still good. As for Lin Qing He, it didn't need to be mentioned. Fourth's wife was fine except for a little temper.

Only toward Second's wife, Mother Zhou really didn't have any good impression.

Fortunately, there were the other three, otherwise, will the two elders have anything to eat when they become too old to do anything?

Zhou Xiao Mei said: "Then why don't you get my fourth sister-in-law to birth one?"

Lin Qing He, who was spectating at the sideline "..."

She wasn't one to be reserved, and responded: "Sister, have three sons like me first and then talk about me."

Zhou Xiao Mei choked.

Lin Qing He grinned and coaxed, "Mother, let Xiao Mei take it easy. She and Da Wa's uncle are still young. Right now, they are occupied with work and can't handle that much."

"That's right, Mother. I really don't want to give birth now. Don't usher me," Zhou Xiao Mei followed.

"What am I ushering you for? I'm just asking you to give birth earlier and be done with it earlier since you will have to give birth sooner or later." Mother Zhou gruffly responded.

"This makes sense. Birth earlier and be done with it earlier." Lin Qing He nodded.

Just like the original owner. She gave birth to three sons very early. With the mission of breeding completed, she can do whatever she wanted in the future.

"Did you hear what your Fourth Sister-in-law said?" Mother Zhou said.

Zhou Xiao Mei replied: "I'll give birth, then will you bring it up for me, Mother?"

"I'm already raising one for you, so it's nothing much to add another." Mother Zhou answered.

"This is a hard-to-come-by wonderful matter. It'll be less stressful with someone minding them. But you have to calculate the time. If you can catch up with the summer delivery, you can buy milk to feed it when no one can breastfeed it at that time." Lin Qing He advised Zhou Xiao Mei.

Actually, Lin Qing He felt that one was enough, but she would not use her viewpoints to go head-on with people at this time.

What mindset do they have at this time?

Others got so many brothers and sisters, while you're on your own? Weren't you lonely?

There was a more popular saying, one will be beaten to death if you go out to fight with others as there is no one to help you.

So what else was there to say?

However, the point that Mother Zhou was willing to help bring up the children was something Lin Qing He encourages. If someone helps to raise the children, then naturally they can have more children.

Zhou Xiao Mei said: "Then it's too late now."

"Now is the perfect time, why is it too late?" Mother Zhou harrumphed.

Lin Qing He nodded: "It's only August 15th, and it's really just right. You and my brother-in-law have to work harder."

They all say that pregnancy was for ten months but truly didn't take ten months.

If she can get pregnant now, then it should be born in May-June of the lunar calendar next year. At that time, there will be milk to feed it.

It can be fed until about four or five months old. At that time, it can eat rice mush or the like.

Zhou Xiao Mei sighed resignedly.

The Mid-Autumn Festival on August 15 this year went pretty well. Su Da Lin brought two jins of mooncakes back. Lin Qing He had got one jin herself.

So she asked Su Da Lin to send a jin to the other three branches.

Lin Qing He didn't like to eat it, even if it was a candy centered moon cake. She still felt that the taste was average. Da Wa and his brothers thought it was delicious.

Even Zhou Qing Bai, Father Zhou, and Mother Zhou found it pretty nice.

After the Mid-Autumn Festival, Su Da Lin and Zhou Xiao Mei went back. According to these two people's speed, maybe they will come back next month with good news.

Lin Qing He mentally vowed that when she becomes a mother-in-law, she will never force her daughter-in-law to have a child. It depends on themselves whether they want to. Anyway, her own task was completed, so the matter of the third generation's offspring being produce was none of her business.

The heartless Lin Qing He didn't really care about the continuation of the old Zhou's household registration.

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