This array is called "Liuhe prison". When you are in it, the place of Liuhe in all directions is like a blockade, turning into a place of imprisonment for one side.

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Even saints are trapped.

Therefore, when Lin xungang put down his cruel words, he was trapped in one step, and le Xuexiu would feel so ridiculous.

Xiaoyin is also laughing, but he is laughing at the ignorance of those saints at the top!

This array can trap the master. That's the grand crusade of the world. In the ancient wasteland, who doesn't know whether the master is a Daowen master who has the magic means to transform decay?

Sure enough, the next moment, under the gaze of a crowd of stunned eyes, Lintian stepped out of the Liuhe prison array.


Le Xuexiu's smile suddenly solidified. How could it be?

If Lintian chose to break through, they would not be so shocked.

The key point is that Lintian was as if he didn't feel it from the beginning to the end. He looked at the Liuhe prison array as if it was nothing, so he came out with dignity!

How did he do it?

Le Xuexiu and they are all in a state of suspense. They all wonder if there is something wrong with the array

"Why don't you laugh?"

Lintian's black eyes were like electricity. He glanced at Le Xuexiu and others, with the color of ridicule.


Tu Yanwen, who came from the blood winged demons and was as feminine as a woman, sneered, "what's the difference between going out of the battle and being sent to death? Stupid

As he spoke, he sprang up.


A dazzling blood light emerged from the body, and it soared to the sky, shattering the clouds in all directions.

As soon as he saw a chain of bloody lights flowing around Tu Yanwen, just like a crystal of bloody dragons shuttling around him, the power was enough to shock the world and make the ghosts and gods retreat.

The nearby blood demons in the ancient region were all terrified and retreated one after another. This is the power of the supreme saint! Too lofty!

"How can we use a bull's knife to kill a chicken? Tu Yanwen is too worried. He's afraid that we'll take the lead in killing this son. Well, we'll help him."

Le Xuexiu laughed with disapproval.

"Too strong!"

Those who were captured in the ancient wasteland had already recognized Lintian's identity. They had a little hope, but when they saw this scene, they were desperate.

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The power of such supreme sages is absolutely terrifying, which makes them all feel suffocated.

Lintian, what to fight with each other?

"Little guy, there are not many people who can make me so eager to kill my heart. You are very lucky, but also very unfortunate, because you are about to be killed by me."

In his soft voice, Tu Yanwen stepped forward and took photos of Lintian.

At this time, only Xiaoyin and ruowu were the most peaceful. They even showed a touch of pity. Was Lintian not sanctified?


A big bloody hand condensed by the law of the holy way disturbs the void and oppresses it with overwhelming power.

At the same time, Lintian made a move.

His movements are also very casual, just a volley. The ancient and solid blue fist is crystal clear, understated and wonderful.

Although ordinary, but a blow, the bloody hand, but like fragile glass suddenly burst.

Light and rain flying in the air, boxing mang swept, tearing open a straight gap, deafening scream make the world color change.


Tu could hardly believe his eyes.

Almost out of instinct, he attacked again, pinching his palms and fingers, and shooting hard.


In the earth shaking sound of collision, Tu Yanwen's body suddenly retreated. He was so sad that he wanted to cough up blood. His face changed in an instant. It seemed unbelievable: "you have become a saint!"

"You just know?"

When the sound starts.

Lintian disappeared out of thin air, appeared in front of Tu Yan's tattoo, and split it with one hand.

Lion dragon seal!

However, today's lion dragon seal has already produced earth shaking changes, twining with the bright and terrible holy power, Daoguang flying.

When Lintian's voice fell.


Caught unprepared, Tu Yanwen was smashed and flew out. His mouth and nose gushed blood, and his cheeks collapsed and screamed.

In a word, it only takes a blink of an eye to ring and fall.

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Tu Yanwen, the great sage, was blown away!

The whole audience was shocked and all of them were stunned.

Le Xuexiu's face suddenly changed, and they almost couldn't believe their eyes.

Before that, they didn't think so. They thought that Tu Yanwen was in a hurry to stand up and do something. Some of his talents were overqualified, which was harmful to his demeanor.

Which once thought, just in the blink of an eye, Tu Yanwen was hit hard!

The young man, who was regarded as a mole ant by them, showed the terrible power possessed by the supreme sage!

HeIt's holy!?

This fact was unacceptable to le Xuexiu, because they had already concluded that Lin Xun, who was trapped in the abyss and missed the chance to enter the secret place of Jue prison, was doomed to miss the chance to fight for Jue top to become a saint!

But who can believe that he has become a saint and controls the power of the top!

This blow made Le Xuexiu feel like they were beaten by someone. This How is that possible?

And in the distance, those who are excited by themselves are already stupid, and they can't accept such a scene.


After a while, Lintian didn't stop at all. After defeating Tu Yanwen, he pursued him again.

At this time, he showed his real strength. His body was flowing with a vast air, and his black hair was flowing with holy light, as if coming from the holy.

Every move has the power to dominate the world!


He pointed to a stroke, a thin as a line, bright as the golden edge of condensation appeared.


Lintian's black eyes were cold, and he fell in the air.

Tu Yanwen put on his hair and gave a big drink. His whole body was like a crystal red dragon, and his shengliban roared, turning into a palm print with a size of ten feet.

But just in an instant, he was torn to pieces by Lintian's golden edge and burst open in the void. The blazing blood light rushed to all directions.


Tu Yan's bra bore was chiseled with a bloody wound, deep visible bone, and was almost cut open.

He was pale with fright.

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"The mantis is in the way of the car. It's vulnerable."

Lintian said casually.

The atmosphere in the field had become extremely quiet. All of them were awed by Lintian's power. Even if he stepped on the top of the holy land, he was just becoming a saint. How could he be so powerful?

Even if it was Ruo dance, it was only at this time that he realized that Lintian had obviously retained his strength in the duel in the abyss!

Otherwise, I'm afraid I've already been suppressed

At the thought of this, if Wu sighed in her heart, how could she not understand that Lintian did it for his own face?


All of a sudden, Tu Wankong, who had a swallow chin and a tiger beard and was as big as a mountain, wanted to stop Lintian from attacking Tu Yanwen.


Electric light, visible to the naked eye, converges from all directions, arousing the power of thunder. With Tuwan sky as the center, the nearby void collapses and is filled with thunderstorms.

With one punch, he is as angry as a thunder god, and as bright as the Yangtze River, he pours into the punch and breaks through the void.

His fist sweeps across the sky, as powerful as the sky!

"HuaQuan embroidering legs is not good for you."

Lintian didn't look at it. With a wave of his robe, the golden light swept through the air, crushing the power of the fist and scattering it in the void.

But Tu Wankong came fast and went faster. He felt as if he had been swept by a storm, and his body was flying out of control by the earthquake.

A brush sleeve, shock back a top saint!

Seeing this scene, Le Xuexiu's face changed again. Finally, he was sure that Lintian had become a saint worthy of the name.

Moreover, its combat power is also incredibly powerful!

It should be noted that either Tu Yanwen or Tu Wankong, who is not an old monster in juetong holy land, has been immersed in this land for many years.

But under Lintian's hand, he was as vulnerable as a tree!

This is undoubtedly too shocking.

"Do it together!"

Le Xuexiu, they fully realized that it was not good.

Before, they held back their anger and thought that they could not kill Lintian in time, which made them lose face.

But now, how dare they think that?

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As long as they are not fools, they all know that Lintian, who is regarded as a mole ant to be slaughtered by them, now has the same existence as them, and the combat power is even more terrible!

Even if he broke his head, he couldn't figure out why Lintian was able to become a saint in that abyss, but they couldn't care so much.

Now, they have to take action and kill each other immediately!


There are 108 overlapping blood stone tablets, which communicate with each other and evolve into a strange forest of blood stone tablets.

"Get up!"

She Taihang, dressed in green, let out a long roar. Her sleeves and robes were bulging. A red sword with a length of three feet emerged, shining with a peerless edge.

The blade is condensed by the purest law of the holy way. It can even be seen that the blade is branded with numerous Taoist patterns, which evolves many mysterious visions.


If you were pitching in the sky, the red sword cut to Lintian.

Fengyunque, cangxingkun and heqinghuai also sacrificed their treasures or practiced their Taoist methods to attack from different directions.

For a short time, heaven and earth were destroyed, and the land of thousands of miles was filled with the terrible power of the holy way, which broke the void, caused landslides, burned vegetation, and cracked the earth!A group of saints at the top of the mountain, such momentum, it is like a catastrophe!

Even Ruo Wu and Xiao Yin, who were full of confidence in Lintian, could not help but get nervous.

Because all these attacks were directed at Lintian!

But Lintian's face remained unchanged.

He was still calm. With the sound of sword chanting, he swept out a bright sword like tide. It was dense and powerful. It was as if he wanted to split heaven and earth, and cut down the sun, moon and stars. It contained extremely terrifying power.

It is the three thousand taixuan sword Qi that is pregnant and raised in the acupoints!

Until a group of people attacked and killed him, Lintian's body suddenly unfolded, and his black eyes burst out.


With a word coming out of Lintian's lips, taixuan's sword Qi, which had already been built up in three thousand ways, lit up a dazzling light in an instant, illuminated the world and roared out together.

Three thousand taixuan sword, sweeping the sky, in today's Jueming saint, want to compete with the enemy!


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