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The world is turbulent and completely disordered.

The sword Qi is crisscross, sending out the brilliant light of the sword, wantonly cutting, the edge is unmatched, unstoppable.

But when you look at it carefully, the overlapping and dense sword Qi is full of a kind of magical and wonderful rhythm.

Every rhythm is like a charge of thousands of troops!


The first rhythm of the three thousand taixuan sword, the nearest 108 blood stone tablets were all chopped up, as crisp as a knife cutting tofu.

Le Xue Xiu coughs up blood, and his figure staggers back.

The second rhythm of the three thousand taixuan sword, a red sword blade full of dense patterns, is like a prey bitten by sharks, which is smashed to pieces in an instant.

She Taihang, who was dressed in green, changed her face suddenly. She snorted in her lips and suddenly retreated. Her face turned white.

When 3000 taixuan sword Qi moves for the third time.

Just listen to an earth shaking explosion resounding, where the void is blown open, the destruction of the sacred wave swept open.

All the places in ten directions are trembling!

Then, Feng Yunque, he Qinghuai, and Cang xingkun, the three great saints, all cried out in pain and were shaken back from the battlefield.

In fact, the three sword attacks were all produced in a flash. It gave people the feeling that after Lintian sacrificed 3000 sword Qi, he broke through the enemies in all directions at one stroke!

The incomparable power and the world like arrogance shocked all the people present.

"Master, he It's too fierce, isn't it? "

Xiaoyin was all dumbfounded.

"This is the real summit of the holy land, and it is also the goal that I want to seek in the silent ages."

The butterfly was obviously excited, waving its wings and murmuring.

"It seems that we just need to watch the war is enough..."

If the corners of her lips turned up and her eyes were full of splendor, she would have guessed that when Lintian became a saint, he would shine.

But when she saw him in the battle, she still felt amazing and shocked.

This is the only way that belongs to him?

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The smoke and dust filled the air, revealing the figure of Lin Xun.

His body flows the light of holiness and immortality, free from dust and dirt, clear and transparent, and exudes the dignity that can make the world turn pale.

However, at the moment, he raised his hand and kept a strange movement of covering.

And under his palm, those ancient wasteland strongmen who were captured alive!

Obviously, in the previous world shaking collision, while breaking through all the enemies, Lintian also spared no effort to protect these ancient wasteland strongmen from the fish pond.

This makes Ruo dance move.

At this time, he would have been able to protect himself How lucky!?


With a wave of Lintian's sleeve robe, these ancient wasteland strongmen were moved to Ruo dance body by him, and he looked at Le Xuexiu and others.

"It's said that in the ancient world of blood demons, the road to juetong has never been cut off, but now it seems that the road to juetong that you have set foot on is just like this. It's not worth the sun!"

The indifferent voice resounded throughout the audience, just like the sound of Da Dao Lun.

Le Xuexiu's face was very ugly.

Their hearts are hard to calm down, rolling like waves. A mole ant who could not have become a saint in the prediction is miraculously becoming a saint.

This is incredible.

And now, this mole ant, who has just stepped on the top of the holy land, shows unprecedented strength, which makes it difficult for them to accept!


They don't understand when they break their heads!

"It's really surprising that you're lucky enough to become a saint, but do you really think I can't help waiting for you?"

The color of Le Xue Xiu Shen is dense, and every word is full of murders.

"Then fight

Lintian's response was very simple, concise and eloquent.

Although he is alone, he has the potential to stand up to heaven and earth.


Le Xuexiu and others look gloomy.

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A mole ant who was despised by them suddenly turned into a black dragon like them, which was hard for them to accept.

They were even more annoyed to hear Lintian's provocative words.

"No matter what, you are only one person after all. You have just stepped on the top of the sacred realm. Do you really think you can be called invincible in this realm?"

She Taihang, who was dressed in green, blinked and said coldly, "arrogance is doomed to kill you!"

Before the confrontation, although some of them were injured, in the final analysis, they were just caught off guard.

Moreover, these injuries are not worth mentioning at all.

Therefore, they knew that Lintian was strong, but they were not afraid.

"Invincible in this situation?"When Lintian heard the words, he thought about it carefully. Then he spat out four words: "it's just around the corner!"

Four words, calm in its own invincible style of self-confidence.

Le Xuexiu and others all frowned. Like hearing the funniest joke in the world, they didn't know whether Lintian was arrogant or not.

Who dares to be invincible? Who dares to be invincible?


Even if Qingming bajue and other figures rise to the top, they dare not regard the invincible situation as "just around the corner".

He Lintian, how dare you say that? It's rampant!

"This son has just become a saint, his mood is out of balance, and his arrogance is normal. No matter what, do your best to kill him, which is worth breaking the backbone of the ancient wasteland!"

Le Xuexiu makes a gloomy voice.

"Today, I, Lintian, took you and other seven as the targets to refine my way."

This time, Lintian took the lead.


He walked in the void, directly hit in the air, and the bright strength of his fist brought the Shengyuan wave like an angry wave in the void.

The strength of the fist shines, illuminating the mountains and rivers.


Without hesitation, Le Xuexiu offered a long and narrow blue sword in the shape of a flying kite and cut it down directly.

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A knife.

It was as long as a thousand feet. It was like a rainbow. It ran across the sky and collided with Lintian's fist.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

I saw that the Qi of the sword was broken one by one, and it was destroyed by the force of the force of the fist. Everything was crushed.

Le blood repair eyes a shrink.


Thousands of red swords swept away. Under the control of she Taihang, they roared away and rushed like sword rain.

Almost at the same time, fengyunque, heqinghuai and cangxingkun also attacked.

Every one of them, they all looked down on him, and regarded Lintian as an equal opponent. They had no slighting and carelessness before.

Seeing this, Lintian, who had been killed, snorted and opened his mouth, spitting out a dragon song.


Between heaven and earth, it is like the roaring of dragons.

Visible to the naked eye, the sound wave, like substance, turned into a bright and fiery golden ripple and spewed out from Lintian's lips.

In an instant, the whole scene was swept like the sky and the earth, and the earth was shaken by the terrible sound wave.

The ancient strongmen of the blood demons, who are far away from the battlefield, have no time to dodge. One by one, they explode in a look of panic, and their bodies fall apart, and then turn into ashes!


In the battlefield, the attack of Le Xuexiu and others was just like a storm of Daoyin, which was severely attacked and scattered.

Some of the most mysterious Taoist methods, such as paper like collapse.

Some powerful and unpredictable holy treasures were also shaken and moaned constantly by the bombardment.

As for Le Xuexiu, they all felt that their spirits were shaking and their Qi and blood were rolling. They almost coughed up blood. They had to work hard to resist the impact of such "Dao Yin".

In the distance, Ruo Wu and Xiao Yin all took a cool breath.

With one punch and one roar, the attack of the seven top sages had been broken down. Moreover, Lin Xun's casual understatement was obviously not hard.

"How could this son be so terrible? It is also the highest holy land, but why is his power irresistible? "

He Qinghuai's face changed.

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Le Xuexiu's eyes were not clear, and they were also surprised, and their faces became dignified.

Although they all took it seriously and overestimated Lintian again and again, they did not expect that Lintian's fighting power was far stronger than they thought when they really fought against each other!

However, before they could understand, Lintian had already let out a long cry:

"come again!"

In an instant, Lintian came to the world like a God, and he came with the power of arrogance.

At this moment, he wantonly displayed his power after becoming a saint. In the battlefield, he regarded the seven top saints as the target and interpreted his own way and law.

A variety of different Taoist methods came from his hands, such as shaking the sky nine times to collapse the Tao, robbing the Dragon nine times to change, Dayan breaking the empty finger, taixuan sword Qi, dazang Jijing

In the battlefield, you can see that the way is like rain, the light is like clouds, the waves are like clouds, and the sky is full of destructive visions.

The previous duel with Ruo dance was just a duel, not a real bloody fight.

At this moment, Lintian just used the means of killing and cutting, took the saints as the sharpening stone, sharpened his own edge, and tempered himself in the battle.

From a distance, it's like an immortal performing martial arts!

There is no doubt that the confrontation at the highest level of saints is extremely terrifying.

At this time, not to mention the strong one who will rob the territory for a long time, the ordinary true saint is here, and there is always the danger of death!


On the void, Lintian practiced Dharma, developed Taoism and practiced martial arts by himself. He was so brave that for a moment, the seven sages were no longer shining.In fact, Le Xuexiu did feel great pressure and the more they fought, the more frightened they were.

Lintian's power of the supreme holy land seemed to be endless. He had been changing and improving at an amazing speed!

Let them use all kinds of magic, all kinds of Taoism, in Lintian's attack, all were destroyed.

This makes Le Xuexiu look more and more dignified, and his heart is also more and more surprised.

Even though it was clear that Lintian regarded them as sharpening stones, and they were refining their own way and Dharma, they had no ability to refuse in this dangerous and unpredictable battle!

"Why is this son so strong?"

Tu Wankong, who is the most irascible, roars. A group of top saints attack him, but he can't hold up his head because of being beaten by one person, which makes him angry.

It's not just Tu Wankong. At this time of the battle, Le Xuexiu felt cold in their hearts and felt the real threat and fear.

This son is like a demon, can't be reasonable!


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