For the enemy, the strength that Lintian had after he became a saint was too incredible, which could be called adverse.

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But for Lintian, all this was what he should have got after all kinds of efforts in the past!

In order to build an unprecedented road to the top, Lintian's accumulated knowledge was deep enough to make any of his peers feel ashamed.

In the secret realm of heaven, at the eighth pass of Qingyun Avenue, he observes and understands the realm of "something out of nothing", clearly understands whether there is something or not, and creates the principle of life and death.

At the ninth pass of Qingyun Avenue, he went through the cycle of "knocking at the heart and asking for the truth". He explored the truth and the falsehood, had insight into the illusory, and could see the truth of his own body.

In the battlefield of killing blood, in front of Guandao mountain, he realized the Tao for one month, and appreciated the Enlightenment of the great calamity.

During the training on the 9999 floor of Wanjie Imperial Palace, he awakened the original magic power, and got the guidance of Jinchan youth who had the cultivation of the emperor's realm, breaking the ban and breaking the Daojie.

After returning to the ancient wasteland, he traveled all the way around the world, experiencing all kinds of living things in the world, and perceiving the beauty of heaven and earth in the mountains and rivers.

In a remote town, he tried to cultivate his heart with stone carving

In the secret place of the underground palace, the ordeal of killing Xinzhai makes him kill the thief in his heart, which makes his mood change

The ordeal of Ji Dao Pavilion made him temper his own way and build the foundation of Dao body!


All the tribulations are like the precipitation of the road.

At the moment when he met the top of the mountain, Lintian realized completely.

Guided by the great wish of the holy way, he broke the invisible and colorless holy calamity and made the three paths of soul refining, body refining and spirit refining become holy at the top of the mountain!

"When I am sanctified, my heart is the heart of heaven, and my way is the road."

This kind of divine aspiration has long been regarded as a taboo existence.

But the same, at the moment when Lintian stepped on the top of the mountain, he set foot on a road completely different from other top saints!

The tempering, transmutation, precipitation and perception of all this It's like the seeds one by one, and now, after Lintian became a saint.

Blossom and bear fruit!

Roaring ~ ~

in the battlefield, the void vibrated and the divine brilliance rolled. Only Lintian performed martial arts and conquered between heaven and earth, which oppressed all the top sages.

"What did your master say just now?"

If dance suddenly asks a way.

Xiaoyin, who was watching the battle enthusiastically, was stunned and immediately said: "in the absolute holy land, you will be invincible. It's just around the corner!"

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If you dance and take a deep breath, you can see the light in your eyes: "I believe it!"

Just watching the war, Lintian's means made her tremble. It's unbelievable. I can't imagine that this is the fighting power of a strong man who just stepped on the top of the holy land.

"It's getting stronger and stronger!"

Cangxing kunzhen yelled angrily, his heart trembled.

"It's a magic knife. We can sharpen our edge with our strength. We can't let him go on!"

Le Xuexiu drinks violently.

The pressure they are subjected to is getting stronger and stronger, and they are almost unable to lift their heads.

"I can only spell it!"

Without hesitation, the seven supreme sages tried their best to reverse the situation and change the oppressed situation.

In the void, a variety of Taoist methods and treasures are flying, shining and powerful! That kind of power is enough to wipe out any real saint easily.

But as soon as all these attacks approached Lintian, they were engulfed and annihilated by the abyss derived from his whole body.

It's like a bullock into the sea!


She Taihang, dressed in green clothes, went all out.

His cheeks were red and his hair was black. Suddenly, he turned into frost and snow, and his breath was rising, which made him strong.

"Star guide!"

The bright red sword is released from his palm inch by inch. Every inch released, the power of his sword will soar.

When the red sword turned into three feet, it was like the brightest light in the world. The void around seemed unable to bear the pressure of the sword Qi, and suddenly burst out.

Everyone in the room was thrilled.

This kind of sword Qi, just reflected, has this kind of power. If it is cut out, what kind of terrible lethality should it have?


She Taihang's hair was flying, and a mouthful of blood sprayed on the three foot red sword.


In a flash, the sword seemed to come alive, like a killing front swept out of the hell's blood sea, and the terrible smell shocked the heaven and earth.

Even Ruo Wu, who was watching the battle in the distance, could not help changing his face.

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With she Taihang's violent drinking, the three foot red sword suddenly came out. Its shape was like red electricity, and its momentum was like a rainbow. Its fierce Qi disturbed the universe and shook the stars.

This sword is enough to frighten ghosts!

This sword is also a blow of she Taihang, the supreme sage, who tried his best to make all the details, imprinting his spirit!Lin Xun, who was practicing martial arts, was also surprised.

At this time, his palms and fingers just in the condensation of a fingerprint.

This fingerprint, with the thumb empty pinch middle finger, when witness this red sword, immediately at will out, gently twist.

Just like picking up a petal, the action is gentle, freehand and ethereal.

A finger at the flower!

The secret biography of Buddhism recorded in the Sutra of tranquility in Tibet is light, but full of Zen rhyme of great freedom and wisdom.

Then, under the gaze of a crowd.

Three feet red sword edge, Lintian gently between the fingerprints, no matter how fierce struggle, can't break free.

"Why How can it be? "

She Taihang's eyes bulged, full of astonishment.

Before, after using the "xingmang Yin", he had almost exhausted all his strength, and all gathered in that sword.

This makes his whole body dull and his hair white, but he is very confident that this sword is enough to reverse the overall situation!

But who ever thought

Just a finger, contains a killer mace of his hard work, just like a dead earthworm, is firmly imprisoned!

Even Le Xuexiu, they are hairy all over and wide eyed, as if seeing gods!


Lin Xun's three feet of red sword were crushed and exploded between his fingers. The terrible red light and rain poured down like a waterfall and covered the green sky.


If she Taihang was struck by lightning, she coughed up blood, and her breath suddenly withered and plummeted. Her whole body was in a precarious posture, which was about to be unsustainable.

"Kendo, it's not that way. You take my sword, too."

In the distance, Lintian commented casually.

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With a wave of his sleeve robe, a sword Qi of taixuan swept out.

The energy of the sword is brilliant, the meaning of the sword is clanking, and the potential of the sword is full of heaven and earth!


Le blood repair drink reminder.

She Taihang was so excited that he was almost instinctive. He did not hesitate to move the void.

But the next moment, his body fell out of the void. He looked at Lintian in the distance with a look of horror. He couldn't believe it: "this What is Kendo? "


When his voice fell, a blood hole suddenly appeared in his eyebrow. His eyes widened, he fell from the sky and fell from the void.

It's amazing.

She Taihang, the sage of the Golden Snake, has been destroyed both in form and spirit!

There was a complete silence.

It's hard to kill a true saint, and it's even harder to kill an absolute saint.

Like this existence, even if the body is killed, cut off all life, but as long as there is a wisp of spirit residue, can also survive.

Even some of the powerful characters who use soul to prove sainthood can recover a life by secret method when their spirits are broken into countless pieces!

But everyone can see that she Taihang is dead.

The sword pierced his eyebrows, wiped out his spirit, and shattered his life. Even if the gods came, they could not save him!

Sure enough, before long, the sky was filled with blood!

"Really dead..."

Le blood repair their heart a sudden, cold all over.

It's not easy to become a saint at the top of the mountain, but once you succeed, it's almost impossible to be killed, unless you have the power of crushing.

But she Taihang Dead!

It's like a mug stick hitting Le Xuexiu on their head, which makes them realize that their opponent, though just a saint, has the terrible power to kill the enemy in the same place.

Ruowu and Xiaoyin look at each other in the distance. They can see each other's shock.

When he was nine years old, Lintian cut Zhensheng across the natural moat, which was unique and shocking.

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But now, as soon as he got to the top of the world, he killed the old sage such as she Taihang. It was a mess!

In the field, the fighting is still breaking out.

After killing Taihang she, Lintian was still practicing martial arts. He stimulated the potential of becoming a saint in the battle, and a variety of insights and experiences came to his mind.

Kele blood repair they have been completely surprised, not willing to be so suppressed, one by one like the old rabbit, completely crazy.

Suddenly, Lintian did not dare to be distracted.

It's not terrible for a saint to go crazy. A group of people are different.


Before long, Tu Wankong roared, and his magnificent body was filled with the holy light of blood. Every inch of his skin was full of bright light. When the skin membrane of muscles and bones was running, it made a sound like breaking through gold and stone.


He suddenly shook his body, turned into a hundred feet tall, hit with one punch, and the world nearby seemed to be pulled, producing a violent collapse roar.

Obviously, Tu Wankong is trying his best to use his mace!Lintian seemed to be unable to bear it. With a bang, his figure was smashed on the earth and a deep and unfathomable pit was chiseled out.

Is that it?

Le Xuexiu, they all looked at it nervously.

This is Tu Wankong's desperate strike, which is enough to crack the sea.

In the distance, Ruo Wu and Xiao Yin were also nervous and looked at the past.

This blow will certainly not kill Lintian, but if he is injured, it will certainly affect the next battle.

"Lintian, with your strength now, you are worthy of our respect. I have a word of advice. Don't fight with trapped animals. We can accept you and become a member of the ancient blood devil Kingdom, and enjoy it all..."

Le Xuexiu gave a big drink.

Unfortunately, before he finished speaking, a clear light rose to the sky.

In the void, Lintian was standing, but the difference was that Lintian's body turned out the light of the nine Qing Dynasty from the inside to the outside.

Through the glittering and translucent skin film, we can see that each of his bones is as bright as gold and jade, and his internal organs are as bright as the sun. When his blood circulates, he sends out the roar like a drum, which stirs up nine days and ten places.


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