"It's not even damaged!"

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Tu Wankong's pupil shrunk, and his color immediately changed. "His cultivation has already stepped on the top of the Holy Land!"

In the distance, Lintian's whole body was shining. His eyes were like a cold electric light. Every inch of his body's pores were filled with the light of Jiuqing Taoism, just like a God.

And see this scene, Le blood repair their heart is also a sink.

All of them have reached the top of the mountain and become saints. They have a better understanding of the first-class physical training than others. They all know very well that if they want to set foot on the top of the mountain, they have to be more difficult and harsh!

For example, Tu Wankong is the only one among them who has set foot on the summit.

Among the eight realms, there are only a few physical saints at most.

Before, Tu Wankong tried his best to hit Lintian. How terrible he was. He thought it was enough to hurt Lintian badly.

But now it seems that they are wrong!

In other words, it was wrong from the beginning, because it was not until then that they realized that Lintian was also holy in his physical cultivation!

Hu ~

seeing that Lintian was ok, Xiaoyin and ruowu were relieved.

"The strength is pretty good, but if you want to hurt me, you can't do it for another 10000 years."

Lintian's eyes locked on Tu Wankong in the distance, "now, you also take my fist!"


With one step, he moved the void with his physical strength, and suddenly came to Tu Wankong and killed him with his fist.

The bright strength of the fist burst out the roaring sound of the dragon, as if to suppress the galaxy.

God like the inheritance of Emperor Wu!

However, it was unfolded by Lintian with the profound meaning of Jiuqing holy body formula.

Between heaven and earth, just like being crowded with such a punch, the terrible Daoguang oppressed the space in the nearby area to collapse and roar.


Tu Wankong's face changed.

Although he was a saint of the highest level in physical training, he was extremely confident, but when he faced Lintian's fist, he was shocked and his soul was scared!


He roared, like the body poured by Shenhui, sending out the force of rushing to the sky and disturbing the situation in all directions.


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The two collided, and the flesh and blood of Tu Wankong's right arm from the palm to the arm were all blown apart.

The whole person was blown out.

He coughed up blood with a look of horror.

He was also the supreme sage of physical training, but compared with Lintian's power, he had a feeling of helplessness, insignificance and unshakability.


Without giving Tu Wankong time to think, Lintian had already killed him.

In a flash, Lintian made three punches.

In the first punch, Tu Wankong's body was like sieve chaff, his Qi and blood were rolling, his seven orifices were bleeding, and he was shocked to see the stars in front of his eyes.

In the second punch, Tu Wankong suddenly retreated and dodged, but he was oppressed by death and his arms were blown open.

In the third, Tu Wankong's body defense was completely destroyed by his terrible strength. He was full of holes, flesh and blood, and his bones were broken.


His body fell to the ground, but strangely, just a few breaths, his whole body injury recovered as before.

Only his pale face and weak breath could prove the injury he had suffered before.

This is the sanctification of the flesh!

Unless every inch of their flesh and blood is crushed and wiped out, a single drop of blood can save their lives.

"That's all."

Lintian looked cold and waved his sleeve, "next, I'll take you on the road!"


A sword array of three thousand taixuan swords came out, and the sword Qi was dense and shrouded.

Tu Wankong was completely frightened.

"Stop him

Le Xuexiu and others tried their best to save him.

Before, they had been besieging Lintian, but Lintian's speed was too fast, and the power of attacking Tu Wankong with fists was too terrible, so they were all suppressed.

Now, seeing that Tu Wankong couldn't support himself, they began to work hard one by one.

If they are defeated by each other, they are afraid that no one can leave alive today!


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But at the same time, Lintian sacrificed the broken blade.

The broken blade, white as snow and illusory and magnificent, drags a gorgeous light across the sky, revealing the killing spirit against the sky.

Meanwhile, Lintian's cultivation of refining spirit also broke out at this moment.

Yuan Zi Jue, Ji Zi Jue, Zhu Zi Jue Three kinds of inheriting power in a flash to move the broken blade and strike the enemies in all directions!

Bang bang!

In the field, the broken blade flickered and chopped, and the fierce cutting gas sent out destroyed all the offensive.

No matter Le Xuexiu or other saints at the top of the mountain, they all changed color again. How could the boy's power of refining gods be so terrible?

And Lintian himself was in charge of three thousand taixuan sword Qi and killed Tu Wankong.

Poop, poop!In the blink of an eye, Tu Wankong's body was cut into countless bloody scars, and the blood flowed like a waterfall.

He screamed in pain and struggled hard. He was a saint of the highest level, but like a caged beast, he was covered by the bright sword Qi!

In fact, he had been seriously injured by Lintian's fist strength. Although he recovered by relying on his physical training, he was injured after all, not a real immortal body.

"If you chop up your flesh and soul and temper them all, I wonder if they will be able to revive?"

Lintian's eyes were cold.

As he spoke, his heart moved. On the surface of the three thousand taixuan sword Qi, there appeared a series of waves that belonged to the way of star annihilation swallowing dome.

Whenever Tu Wankong's flesh and blood were cut off, he would be consumed and tempered by the terrible annihilation power and turned into nothing.

Tu Wankong gives a roar of pain. He is fully aware of the danger, but no matter how he struggles, it doesn't help.

Lintian was determined to kill. How could he get out of trouble again?

Tu Wankong is covered by endless sword Qi. Every time his body is chopped, he will recover, but soon, he will be chopped again

In this cycle, he looks more and more pale, his eyes are more and more dim, and his breath is more and more weak.

The most terrible thing is that every time he is chopped up, it's just like suffering from a cruel volley, which makes Tu Wankong almost collapse.

"Help me! Help me

Tu Wankong was completely frightened and gave out a roar like a wild animal.

In the distance, Le Xuexiu's heart was burning, but they could only watch, because their attack was completely blocked by the broken blade!

We can't break it if we use all kinds of Taoism and sacrifice all kinds of holy treasures!

"Help me --!"

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Tu Wankong's consciousness was vague, and he knew that he was going to be unable to support himself. Before he died, he was unwilling to hiss and roar.

But in the end, they didn't wait for help.


The three thousand sword array covers its body and completely destroys it. The flesh and blood are tempered and annihilated, and completely wiped out in the world.

Seeing this, Lintian couldn't help feeling that he was a saint at the top of the mountain It's too hard to kill!

Fortunately, Tu Wankong is dead!

Lintian put away the three thousand taixuan sword Qi that ate the enemy's blood, and looked at Le Xuexiu and others.

On the sky, the blood light is like a curtain, and the sound of grief resounds, making the world tremble.

"Tu Wankong is dead too..."

Le Xuexiu completely changed color, his lips were trembling, and there was no calmness before.

In the past, in the face of the strong in the ancient wasteland, he despised them at all and regarded them as two legged sheep, just like animals that were slaughtered.

But now, he also began to panic, scared!

Before she Taihang, after Tu Wankong, all fell here, causing the heaven and earth holy meteorite vision, who can not be afraid?

"Your master solved one of the most difficult problems to be killed, and then I'm afraid none of these old beasts can stop his attack. "

If you dance, you will feel excited and open your mouth.

Xiaoyin nodded fiercely, looked fanatical and said, "wait, I will become a saint as soon as possible. When I wake up to kill God's talent, I will surely be able to kill these old beasts like a chicken, just like my master!"


When they talked, Lintian in the field had already started to kill, and he was no longer procrastinating.

The strength has been exposed. As long as the other five sages are not stupid, they will no longer work as hard as before, but will consider the way to escape.

At this time, we must make a quick decision!


Lintian returned to the sea like a real dragon, and the broken blade swept up, and three thousand taixuan sword Qi attacked again.

at the same time, with the strength of his body cultivation, he was not afraid of the general attack, and could run rampant without fear.

Before that, before Lintian could kill him, he had already oppressed these top saints, not to mention now?

Soon, Le Xuexiu and other five people were oppressed and raised their heads. Everyone's face changed, and they were afraid.

It's so strong!

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Since they rose to be the supreme sages, they have never seen such an adverse opponent. Just one person makes them helpless and helpless!


Before long, the blade flashed and cut off a bloody head.

It was Tu Yanwen. At the beginning of the battle, he was the first to fight against Lintian, but he was severely injured by Lintian.

This also made him the weakest opponent. At the moment, he was killed by Lintian on the spot!

His head flew in the air, his eyes were wide open, and his headless body had exploded in the void.

The third supreme saint, death!


Lintian didn't stop. He blinked in the void and fixed his eyes on Fengyun que.

He was dressed in a blood red Taoist robe. In fact, he was a butcher like character from the black striped demon bee. His means were extremely cruel.When he noticed Lintian's eyes, Feng Yunque's heart trembled, and then he roared: "little bastard, go to die!"

There is an ancient bloody seal in the sky, on which are 18 bloody road maps like purgatory. There are corpses, bones and blood

Blood burial seal!

It's a holy magic weapon. It's evil and bloody. Its power is also incredibly powerful.

If he didn't work hard, Feng Yunque would not sacrifice this treasure which he regarded as his heart and flesh.

Wuwuwuwu ~ ~

between heaven and earth, the wind howls and the river of blood flows. One by one, like a bloody Luocha, figures rush out of the blood burial seal.

In the blink of an eye, heaven and earth seem to turn into a bloody devil's land!

Even Lintian's eyes were frozen. How many strong people should be killed to make such a bloody and terrible treasure?

Hum ~

at the next moment, Lintian's palm turned, and the endless tower emerged. The tower was polished like gold and glass, and filled with immortal brilliance.


Raise a hand to throw, the avenue has no end tower to send out a roar, the di Liuliu rushed out.

It's just a piece of dark golden light flowing out of the tower, sweeping away the bloody air between heaven and earth!


2 consecutive shifts.

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