Chapter 152. Horrible to drink

Compared with Eldest Brother and the rest, who was so drained that it was like a layer of skin was peeled off, it was obvious that Zhou Qing Bai was better off.

But this was not surprising.

In the morning, everyone else ate cold mantou with pickled vegetables, while Lin Qing He got up early in the morning steamed the mantou, cooked congee, or millet porridge. Then she made a scrambled egg with cucumber.

This was only made when there was no food, usually there was a plate of meat dishes.

Like braised pork with carob bean, or stir-fried green pepper and meat.

Every morning before going out, he ate until he was full.

The same was true at noon. Lin Qing He delivered it to him when it was ready. And when she left, a lunch box of mung bean soup was left behind.

It was for them to eat to cool down when they rest.

When they came back in the evening, something even more delicious was waiting for them.

Two portions of meat, two veg dishes and one soup.

After eating, there was still mung bean soup to drink in the evening. Although there was only one bowl for each person, it still had a slight cooling effect. Downing a sweet bowl of mung bean soup, it felt like the heat of the busy afternoon had dissipated a lot.

After washing and sleeping, his spirit will recover properly.

Lin Qing He's main responsibility was to take care of Zhou Qing Bai, and the rest was really secondary.

However, accompanying Father Zhou, Da Wa, Er Wa, and San Wa, were lucky too. Basically, whenever Zhou Qing Bai had a share, they also won't be short of it.

Even Da Wa commented that they were all picked up and Mother's favorite was Father.

When the summer harvest was over, Lin Qing He went to the city to sell out the leftovers she had saved for a while. On the way, she also bought a big watermelon.

This big watermelon was undoubtedly popular. The whole family heartily munched on it.

Since living with their son and daughter-in-law, Father Zhou and Mother Zhou's diet had skyrocketed.

When Father Zhou went to bed that night, he said to his wife: "Say, with the way Fourth's wife spends money, why do I feel like she doesn't have no money to spend?"

Of course, the meaning of Father Zhou's disdain toward Fourth's wife's inability to live. If Fourth's wife didn't know how to live, then was there anyone in the world who knew how to?

They were only doubts.

After all, old Fourth had been home for so many years and Fourth's wife still did things her own way?

"I don't know, I will ask tomorrow?" Mother Zhou responded.

"Will Fourth's wife be displeased?" Father Zhou said.

"What displeasure? It's not like I'm asking her for money. Just being curious. Fourth's wife won't think too much." Mother Zhou assured.

Father Zhou didn't say anything.

Mother Zhou asked Lin Qing He the next day.

"Qing Bai brought a lot of money back when he returned from the army. It's not used up yet. Mother, don't worry." Lin Qing He answered.

See! Sure enough, they will come to ask sooner or later now that they ate together.

"That's fine." Mother Zhou nodded when she heard this.

There was no questioning on how much money it was.

Initially, Lin Qing He wanted to tell her that there was one thousand and five hundred yuan, but since she didn't ask, then forget it.

Actually, she currently had three thousand five hundred yuan in her pocket.

She saved it bit by bit. It was also due to her large expenditure, otherwise, she would have saved a thousand yuan.

That's right, there was also a hundred yuan she lent to her brother.

When Zhou Qing Bai came back, Lin Qing He asked him: "Wasn't it said that there will be a milk supply station this year? Why is there no news yet?"

She thought it would be available at the beginning of spring. It was currently blazing summer.

"Something went wrong over there, but it should be any days now." Zhou Qing Bai said.

Zhou Qing Bai was right, the milk station arrived after the summer harvest.

From March to November next year, one can go to the milk station to buy it by themselves. It was a penny cheaper, meaning a dime for a bottle. However, if delivered, it costs 1.1 dimes.

Lin Qing He directly told the young man who delivered the milk to order three bottles.

Mother Zhou was stunned when she heard this: "Aren't three bottles too much?"

"One bottle for little Su Cheng. Da Wa's uncle told me to. For my own family, I ordered two bottles for the boys to drink." Lin Qing He replied.

After confirming, the young man wrote in the notebook and notified that he would give a box when he brought milk over in the morning. Afterward, he left.

Looking at Mother Zhou's expression, Lin Qing He explained a bit: "This milk is pretty good and its nourishment is great. I heard people say in the city that one can grow taller if they drink it. It's beneficial for the boys to drink it. "

"Cheng Cheng can't drink so much," Mother Zhou pointed out.

"If he can't drink a bottle, then drink half a bottle. As for half a bottle, I'll tab brother-in-law five cents, while I pay six cents. It will be shared equally. It can be given Father and Mother to drink." Lin Qing He said.

"Your father and I doesn't have the need to drink this" Mother Zhou chuckled and said.

"It's good to drink this." Lin Qing He urged.

And said nothing else.

Lin Qing He had seen milk powder in this era but had not come across this era's fresh milk.

The next day, three bottles of milk were delivered. As well as that, a box was fastened to the entrance. From now on, he would deliver it on time every morning. It was delivered before it was dawn.

The settlement was settled once a month and it was paid before goods get delivered. Yesterday, Lin Qing He paid one month's milk money.

She took the milk in to cook it. Once cooked, it was then placed in the casserole pot.

Have to say, the milk at this time was really healthy. The layer of milk on it was really alluring.

Lin Qing He naturally wanted to taste it. She scooped a little out and tasted it by herself. The taste was very pure.

Zhou Qing Bai woke up. Lin Qing He scooped him a little after he brushed his teeth.

"If you like it, order an extra bottle." Zhou Qing Bai looked at her and said.

"No need." Lin Qing He shook her head.

Although she didn't care much about Father Zhou and Mother Zhou's view, she still shouldn't always challenge their frame of mind.

When the boys got up, Lin Qing He let them taste it. She set aside little Su Cheng's share and the rest were given to them in three equal shares.

It was served with mantou.

"It's horrible."

San Wa only took a sip and frowned with his tongue out as he uttered.

"It's not bad, it smells good." Da Wa smacked his lips and evaluated.

"The taste is so-so." Er Wa couldn't give any compliment to the taste.

"Let Eldest Brother drink it." San Wa immediately pushed the bowl and stated.

"Gulp it down." Lin Qing He glared at him.

"Mother, would you sprinkle some sugar for me?" Er Wa grinned.

"I believe you aren't scared of your tooth decay." Lin Qing He snorted.

With this Er Wa shut up, resignedly drank milk, and ate mantou.

San Wa also ate it like he was suffered a large bitterness and hatred.

Zhou Xia came to find Er Wa and Da Wa to walk to school. He saw that they were drinking this and was extremely envious.

He knew that in the whole village, only his fourth aunt ordered milk to drink, and no one else.

"Brother Da Wa, is the milk delicious?" Zhou Xia asked the Da Wa on the way to school.

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