Chapter 151. Her man was the main priority

She replaced the pot at home with a new one and gave the old pot to Third Brother Lin.

Lin Qing He rode the bike to find Third Brother Lin and told him to come and carry the pot back when he found some time.

Of course, she gave the money first and got him to build a house first.

When Third Brother Lin separated from the family, he was allocated a dozen yuans. This money was definitely not enough to build a house. Even if he had a good reputation in the village, as he was different from the rest of old Lin Family, and get a helping hand from many people, a huge material expense was still needed.

"Forget the adobe house. It's very difficult to make when it rains. I will ask your brother-in-law to check around for you if there are any bricks and tiles. If there are, you try your best to build a brick house." Lin Qing He advised him.

On Third Brother Lin's side, the location got approved. The village branch secretary belonged to the Lin family. He transferred the location that his eldest son had applied long ago to Third Brother Lin, which was regarded as meddling within the team.

However, other people in the village dare not have any opinions about this approach. After all, it was exchanging one for one. None of them suffered from it, right?

Third Brother Lin started to build a house.

Although Zhou Qing Bai, the brother-in-law didn't come to help out, he did do a favor of getting two carts of bricks.

Which mostly counted as supporting him.

Many people in the village were called to help and it took only half a month before Third Brother Lin's house was complete.

There were only one room and one stove.

It was a tight fit, but it must be said that it was a blessing to be able to move out and live on their own.

Once the house was built, they moved there. Altogether, it cost around one hundred and twenty yuan. The money for the bricks and tiles was naturally included in it. It was already great that Zhou Qing Bai could come forward to help with the bricks and tiles supply. It was impossible for him to pay for it as well.

That wasn't how a good person should act.

Third Brother Lin's house was completed and the whole family moved out.

Needless to say, the old Lin family asked what was going on? Where did the money for building the house come from? Where did the bricks and tiles come from?

Originally, they suspected that Zhou Qing Bai was helping out, but the village branch secretary stepped forward and said that he pulled some connections.

The village branch secretary had always treated Third Brother Lin well because Third Brother Lin had rescued the village branch secretary's grandson. The little child naughtily tagged along with the older children when they went to shallow water.

He fell in and the older children all ran away. If it weren't for Third Brother Lin passing by and jumped in to catch him, the child would be in danger.

Because of this incident, Third Brother Lin naturally received his care.

Third Brother Lin was afraid of implicating his sister, so he gave the village branch secretary a head-up a long time ago.

"Leaving aside the bricks and foundation beams, it can't be that this pot belonged to your family, village branch secretary?" Mother Lin questioned.

"I went to the city and met someone who wanted to exchange this pot, so I got it back. There's one at home, rendering this to be unused. I was planning to give it to the Eldest in the future. However, wasn't your Third boy in a hurry for one? So I gave it to him first." the village branch secretary explained like this.

The old Lin family was silenced.

Wasn’t it just saving a child? Did you have to care for him like this?

However, the villagers praised the village branch secretary.

The village branch secretary's action demonstrated gratitude. What's more, that was his grandson and Third Brother Lin had pulled him up, so how can he not repay it?

In short, Third Brother Lin's moving out just passed like that.

After all, now that he moved out of old Lin's house, he didn't have to be under the same roof with the rest of old Lin Family.

When Third Brother Lin came to talk about it, there was apparent merriment on his face.

Not having to live with the other people in the old Lin family was definitely wonderful. Lin Qing He was also happy for him.

Moving out meant they didn't need to squeeze together with others. Even if they ate nothing for three meals, it still made people feel happy.

It was June in a blink of an eye.

The weather was really hot. What's more, the summer harvest was about to start at the end of this month, meaning they'll be extremely busy.

Lin Qing He came to the city to sell pork that day. San Wa wanted to follow, but Lin Qing He didn't let him.

Of course, Lin Qing He was ill at ease with him on his own. It would be better if he was with his second brother. So she had him stay at home with his grandmother.

She promised a candied haw.

Lin Qing He came over and got rid of the pork in her hand. Then she bought three baskets of eggs in the black market.

The people in the black market asked her why she bought so many. Lin Qing He casually replied that it wasn't for one family, but rather a few of them grouped together.

Even though Lin Qing He used a cloth to cover her face, the man still knew that this was a regular customer, so he didn't pay much heed to it. Money in one hand, the goods in the other.

Lin Qing He put away the three baskets of eggs, and then she came over to handle some other things before heading home.

On the way home, she took out a piece of loin, which was about two jins.

Knowing that she had gone to the city, Mother Zhou wasn't surprised to see her returning with meat and eggs. She just whispered: "You have to be careful over at the black market."

"Mother, don't worry, I'm familiar with the black market. I won't let people encounter me." Lin Qing He assured.

After that, she started to cook meat.

The loin was cut by Lin Qing He in order to braise a portion for everyone. Of course, half of it was set aside. There will be nothing left after it was fried. It wasn't a bad idea to eat tomorrow.

But even so, Mother Zhou felt that there was still too much meat. But seeing how her son and grandsons happily ate it, there was nothing to say.

The summer harvest at the end of June was the beginning of the big money. Lin Qing He basically made good stuff every day. It was bound to give Zhou Qing Bai a good foundation.

Even if he gets tired at that time, it won't damage him at all.

As for Father Zhou and the boys, they happened to be an accompanying factor. In Lin Qing He's eyes, Zhou Qing Bai was the main priority.

Zhou Qing Bai lived up to expectations. He was full after every meal and he still had time to go out and catch eels.

Especially since he knew that he can't raise two extra chickens this year. So before the summer harvest, he saved a lot of loach and ricefield eel to raise in a basin.

After the horn of summer harvest was sounded, Lin Qing He went all out to cook for him.

Dishes like loach and tofu soup, braised loach, braised ricefield eel, and stewed rice eel with pickled vegetables. All were so scrumptious.

There was also no shortage of meat. Although there wasn't much meat in Lin Qing He's space, there was still some left. She went to Sister Mei to buy some more, and she turned them all into delicious food and served them.

Mother Zhou watched the whole process. She can't help but feel that she had her son on her mind despite her extravagance ways.

She witnessed it every time at the dinner table. She didn't bother with the boys, instead ushered Qing Bai to eat more. She also got him to down a good bit of soup.

She also knew that he was engaged with the summer harvest rush, so she took the pigpen and chicken pen matters in the backyard upon herself.

It was not an exaggeration to say that she was very thorough.

Of course, Mother Zhou would help out most of the time. She didn't join in on the summer harvest either. She was idle at home, and would naturally help.

Lin Qing He's method of care was really useful. After more than half a month later, the summer harvest was over. Even though Zhou Qing Bai's eyebrows and eyes displayed exhaustion, his spirit didn't wither at all.

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