Chapter 150. Importance of a pot

Da Wa, who owns a soccer ball naturally, had no shortage of friends. Lin Qing He rarely interfered with the matters of him making friends.

But if she found out they dared to egg him to do bad things, then she would definitely not be polite.

But so far, Da Wa hadn't caused any trouble.

Da Wa and Er Wa didn't return until about half-past five.

Both brothers were filthy all over. Once they got back, she immediately sent them to take a bath as soon as they came back.

At this time, San Wa, the busy man, came back from outside. Needless to say, he was also completely dirty.

This kid played glass marbles with others. The knee and elbow area especially wasted fabric as he played on his stomach.

Lin Qing He had nagged about it several times and after each time, he still forgot. He probably understood it, so when he came back, he acted a little sneaky, almost like being a thief.

"What are you hiding for? Hurry up and take a bath." Lin Qing He glanced at him.

"Mother, you are so beautiful today." San Wa immediately presented sweet flattery.

Lin Qing He said: "I will sort you out later."

Then she had the three of them take a bath, while she went in and brought out the food.

Just a dish like scrambled eggs with leeks and a bowl of shrimp soup served with mantou.

Right now, it was a time of barrenness. It will take a while before the green vegetables can be forage. However, she can dig some wild vegetables for consumption tomorrow.

After a while, Father Zhou and Zhou Qing Bai also came over.

"Go call your grandmother to come over for dinner." Lin Qing He turned to Da Wa.

Da Wa went.

Mother Zhou brought little Su Cheng over.

The family began to eat.

"This year, the investigation has been strict. There's no way to raise more chickens at home."

After dinner, Zhou Qing Bai told to his wife.

Initially, Lin Qing He planned to raise two more, but let it dropped after she heard this. She said, "Not allowed, then won't raise. I will see if there are other delicious foods during the summer harvest."

"Don't overwork yourself. About sufficient is enough." Zhou Qingbai said.

In fact, Zhou Qing Bai didn't have a high demand for this department. It was fine as long as he had a full stomach. But if there was something delicious, Zhou Qing Bai would naturally eat more.

Lin Qing He nodded. The next day, the guys went to work, while Da Wa and Er Wa went to school. Lin Qing He headed out to dig wild vegetable with San Wa.

"Mother, is there any meat to eat for lunch? Just wild vegetables on their own aren't delicious." San Wa said.

"Scrambled eggs with wild vegetables as dumpling filling." Lin Qing He responded.

"Still more delicious with meat," San Wa honestly stated.

"No meat." Lin Qing He maintained.

San Wa sighed like an old head on young shoulders: "When can I be able to eat meat until I'm full?"

"You can really dream. Maybe once you grow up and have the ability, you might be able to eat meat every day." Lin Qing He replied.

"Then when I grow up, I will make money to buy meat for you to eat." San Wa said.

"Then Mother will wait." Lin Qinghe smiled.

"Mother, look, is that not a pheasant?" San Wa asked, looking ahead.

Lin Qing He followed his gaze. Well, wasn't that a pheasant!

But as soon as she moved, the pheasant plunged into the mountain.

"Mother, you are so stupid. You scared away the pheasant." San Wa said, "If Dad is there, this pheasant will definitely not run away."

Lin Qing He: "..."

Alright, if her man was here, he might be able to catch this pheasant. As for her, don't even think about it.

After digging wild vegetables and picking up some edible mountain mushrooms, the mother and son went home.

Once Da Wa and Er Wa came home from school, San Wa bragged to them that they had run into a pheasant on the mountain, but was scared away by the mother.

Lin Qing He received the two brothers' gaze, and she said with itchy hands: "I think you really owe some beating." Even dared to feel disdain toward her.

"Mother, ask Father to go and hunt. There must be pheasants on the mountain," urged Er Wa.

He also had some craving.

"It'll be strange if your father have the time. Don't he need to go to the ground to earn work points to feed you?" Lin Qing He said.

Then she got the brothers to come over and burn the fire and she started to cook the egg and wild vegetable dumplings.

Even though there was no meat, the egg and wild vegetable dumplings were still very tasty and fresh. Everyone was fulfilled after having it.

Counting the days, they haven't eaten meat for a long time. The kids at home must have a strong craving for it, so Lin Qing He came to Sister Mei the next day to get meat. On the way, she brought spare ribs back.

There was still a lot of meat on the rib from the space. A set of this kind of rib weighed more than two jins.

The meat was cut out to make a meat sauce and then Lin Qing He made spring pancakes to eat. The leftover ribs turned into a rib and seaweed soup.

Like this, everyone's craving was solved.

In a blink of an eye, it was May.

During this month, more vegetables that can be eaten slowly began to increase. There were also a lot of wild vegetables outside. The cabbages at home were also very sweet.

That day, Zhou Qing Bai went out early that morning and did not come back until the evening. He had gone to buy pesticides.

When he came back, he also told Lin Qing He that the pot matter would happen in next trip.

"How long will it take?" Lin Qing He asked with bright eyes.

"About half a month." Zhou Qing Bai answered.

That was fine. Lin Qing He told Third Brother Lin when he came to tell his happy news.

Third Sister-in-law Lin gave birth, which happened around ten days ago. Because they were too occupied, he didn't come over until now to report the joyous news.

Third Sister-in-law Lin fell into despair because it was still a girl. Adding up, she already had three daughters.

At old Lin's house, she received eye-roll everywhere. Eldest Sister-in-law Lin and Second Sister-in-law Lin both shown contempt toward her, while Father and Mother Lin gave her bad attitude.

What use was she, since she can't even birth a son?

It can be imagined what kind of life Third Sister-in-law Lin had.

Initially, Third Brother Lin attached no importance to Lin Qing He's talk of moving out. But after this time, he really wanted to move out.

Lin Qing He didn't know these things, but after hearing that it was another daughter, Lin Qing He understood without asking.

She said: "Your brother-in-law is buying a pot. I don't know when we can get it. If we do, I will give you the pot at home and you can move out." One can't move out without a pot.

Third Brother Lin's eyes lit up: "Sister, can I?"

"Yes ah. How can I not? I can still lend you one hundred yuan. Although it's not enough to build you big, you'll still get a decent house. You'll live in it for many years, so don't be too frugal on this." Lin Qing He said.

Third brother Lin pursed his lips and declared, "Sister, don't worry. I will save money to pay you back!"

Lin Qing He nodded in acknowledgment. On his departure, she gave Third Brother Lin a jin of eggs. She managed to squeeze out this jin of eggs with much difficulty. There were not many eggs left in the space.

Next time in the city, she had to go to the black market to buy some.

Third Brother Lin didn't refuse, because his wife really didn't have much to eat, and this egg could be taken back as nourishment for her.

The pot was brought back by Zhou Qing Bai when he went to buy pesticides again.

Father Zhou and Mother Zhou had not known situation. Lin Qing He said that her maternal family's third brother requested it to be bought and gave money for it.

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