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The pagoda God's awn soars into the sky and covers the earth. When it falls from the sky, it casts out a grand and boundless sound.

Vaguely, as if there are mysterious characters, showing from the pagoda.

Every word has the mystery of suppressing mountains and rivers and confining ghosts and gods.

Just for a moment, the blood burial seal was oppressed and moaned continuously, and the evil blood light on it was scattered and melted like ice and snow.


What's more shocking is that this bloody holy treasure, which has been used as the holy soldier of this life, has appeared cracks!

With a puff, Feng Yunque was attacked, coughing up blood and staggering.


He was so angry that he roared and wanted to take back the treasure, because once the holy soldier of his life was destroyed, his way would also be damaged.


But under the suppression of the no end tower on the main road, the blood burial seal directly cracked, and then burst into pieces in the middle of the sky. The terrible blood color fluctuation made the void turn into thick blood color and keep rolling.

Feng Yunque's mouth was full of blood, his face turned white, and his eyebrows were full of anger and madness.

It's extremely difficult and harsh to have a holy soldier of one's own life, and this blood burial seal was given by Fengyun que with a lot of painstaking efforts.

But now, just as soon as he was fighting, he was crushed and completely destroyed before he had time to show his power. How could Feng Yunque not be angry?

The heart is dripping blood!

In the field, there was also a cry of surprise. It seemed that I didn't expect that the endless tower of the avenue that Lintian sacrificed could be so terrible.

You can see at a glance that the extraordinary holy treasure is comparable!

Otherwise, how could he destroy Feng Yunque's holy soldiers with one blow?

Even Lintian had a ripple in his heart.

In the past, even if he had the power to kill saints, he could only play a small part of the power when there was no terminal tower.

But now it's different. Only when he controls it with the power of the supreme saint can the real power of this treasure be revealed!

Judging from its power, it is a treasure handed down by fangcunshan. It's extraordinary.

"Little bastard! I want you to die

Feng Yunque roared and his hair was flying. He was completely crazy and rushed to Lintian.

Lintian looked cold and calm.

However, without the end of the road, the tower turns around and releases the golden light, which immediately suppresses Feng Yunque's attack.

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Then, under the gaze of a crowd of frightened eyes, Feng Yunque, the supreme saint, suddenly turned into a mole ant and was crushed by the endless tower of the avenue!

Don't say the corpse, even the spirit didn't leave, it was wiped out in the world directly!


Le Xuexiu's eyes almost fell off.

Before, when Lintian didn't use the treasure, they couldn't lift their heads.

Later, the broken blade came out, but it was not a real holy treasure. Although its power was terrible, it was not enough to threaten these top saints.

Because of this, they doubted that Lin xungang had just become a saint, and there should be no special treasure in his hand.

But who ever thought that the appearance of the endless tower of the avenue overturned their cognition all of a sudden!

What a holy treasure, how can it be so powerful?

"There is no end tower on the main road. A treasure that the master got from the lower world comes from the secret place of Guixu. There is a great mystery in it!"

Xiaoyin was excited and beamed.

If you dance, if you think.

On the sky, the familiar sound of the mourning of the holy meteorite resounds again, and is dyed with blood.

At this point, after she Taihang, Tu Wankong, and Tu Yanwen, Feng Yunque, the supreme Saint from the black striped bee, was killed!

At this time, only le Xuexiu, he Qinghuai and cangxing Kun were left in the field.

But their faces were already very blue, and their eyebrows were filled with fear that could not be concealed.

When one death scene after another happens, they wake up from their anger and realize the danger and seriousness of the situation. Their bodies are cold, like falling into an ice cave.

Before and after, in less than half a quarter of an hour, four great saints were killed. Although the loss was not enough to hurt the blood devil ancient camp, it was also a big blow.

Most of all, up to now, their opponents are safe and sound!

How can we fight?

Le Xuexiu, even if they were no longer willing, had to admit a cruel reality.

This son is invincible!

"Little bastard, I will never forget this hatred and hatred in the blood devil ancient world!"

Le Xue cultivates the evil way.

With that, he suddenly moved the void, a flash, disappeared into the field, and fled to the far away.

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"Let's go, too!"

At the same time, he Qinghuai and cangxingkun fled from the void.Since the war, Lintian has never shown any sign that he could be shaken. Even if he was besieged, he could oppress them by himself.

Such opponents are enough to make these old monsters despair!

"As I said, if you can escape today, I will destroy myself!"

Lintian sneered. He had expected it would be like this, so at the moment of Le Xuexiu's escape, his figure disappeared.


At the same time, his original spirit came out of the body, and the Holy Spirit Dharma phase rushed out, controlled the broken blade, and killed he Qinghuai, who fled to the other side.

Cang xingkun secretly congratulated himself that he was not targeted, but he thought that before he was happy, the road ahead was blocked by a graceful shadow.

Ruo Wu, who has been paying close attention to the fighting situation, is attacking at this moment!

"I can't bear to see him destroy himself, so you have to stay."

The cold voice just sounded, if dance has no hesitation to move.


In a flash, the delicate hands, which are as white as cream, pour down the fireworks, which has the power of incinerating the sky.

At the beginning, she appeared in Bingfeng valley. She was surrounded and pursued by seven great saints. She was injured all the way, causing damage to Daoji. She had already been full of hate and anger.

And now, finally have the time to vent!


Her body is graceful, pure and beautiful, with a sacred charm. But when she starts to attack, she is not inferior to a man.

Being blocked, Cang xingkun's eyes were red and he tried his best to attack. He knew very well that the longer the time was delayed, and when Lintian pulled out his hand, he would die!


But not long after the battle, an earth shaking roar came from the deep of the vast Shenlian forest.

Then, the sky falls to the sound of mourning!

Dying so soon?

Cang xingkun was shivering all over, his face was startled, and his heart was covered with terror.

How long has it been?

Deep in the forest in the distance, Le Xuexiu's ashes are gone, and there is no possibility of rebirth, because he has been shot through the skull!

At the moment of pursuit, Lintian pulled the spirit bow and shot an arrow without hesitation. Without any accident, he directly killed Le Xuexiu, the supreme saint of the flying kite demon family.

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The reason is very simple. Just like the endless tower of the great way, today's Wudi spirit bow is used by Lintian, who has the most holy power, to reveal the real power of this fierce bow!

The other side.

He Qinghuai, who was fleeing, also heard the roar and saw the blood gathering all over the sky.

It made her stiff and creepy.

"Do you really want to kill everything? This is the blood demon world. Are you not afraid of revenge? "

Feeling that Lintian's pursuit was getting closer and closer, he Qinghuai couldn't help screaming and threatening.

"Revenge? It's up to me to get back at you. "

In the rear, Lintian's Holy Spirit Dharma phase looked indifferent, controlled the broken blade and cut it out without hesitation.

Birth and death!

In Tianyuan's six cuts, the speed is incomparable with that of shengmie.

This hit contains only one word of mystery, quick!


Crane green locust in front of a stabbing pain, suddenly stop moving pace, see a sharp edge from the front of a flash.

If she hadn't stopped in time, her throat would have hit the edge!

This made her take a cold breath, clap it out with one hand, and shake the broken blade back.

But because of this pause, he was overtaken by Lintian's Holy Spirit Dharma.

"You can't escape."

Lintian opened his mouth calmly, and the blade split down without hesitation.

Zhu word inheritance!

"Too much deception!"

He Qinghuai sends out a shriek, offering a silver soft whip full of dense runes, beating out, just like a silver dragon flying, opening the universe and breaking the void.

She's fighting for it, too.

Bang bang!

In a twinkling, the two have fought each other for hundreds of times, which has turned the world upside down. The sun and the moon have no light, and the terrible front light and whip shadow have swept all over the world.


Suddenly, he Qinghuai took a step, and a pair of golden wings emerged behind his body, just like a pair of huge scissors.

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This is the talent of golden winged dragon and crane. Dragon Wing scissors have the power of strangling ghosts.


In the earth shaking crash, Lintian's Holy Spirit Dharma phase was shaken slightly, and the broken blade was blocked, and he came back in vain.

This made him sigh in his heart that although the broken blade had already had a brand-new transformation, it could not be completely transformed into a holy soldier of his own life, so that its power was limited.

Otherwise, it should be easy to break these skills.

"It's just a spirit. How dare you stop me? Go away

Crane green Huai a move successfully, confidence doubled, but, just when she was about to continue to escape.Boom!

The endless tower of the avenue came down from the sky and pressed her body under it, which made her bones crack. I don't know how many of them were broken.

She screamed and panicked.

Because Lintian's true master had already come.


The Holy Spirit Dharma prime minister was put away and poured into the sea of knowledge, while Lintian raised his hand to pick up the pagoda. It was like swinging an ancient holy mountain, and the light was like a mountain avalanche and tsunami.

"Dare you --"

the crane green locust turned pale and cried out in horror.

But her voice stopped abruptly and was covered by the terrible roar, while her body was smashed to pieces by the endless tower of the avenue, and her scarlet flesh and blood splashed away.

Hum ~

a large and unfathomable shadow of the abyss appeared around Lintian. He suddenly swallowed it, and the smashed flesh and blood of he Qinghuai were annihilated, which completely wiped out he Qinghuai.

"Ridiculous, why can't I?"

Lintian's eyes were cold.

On the sky, the voice of mourning sounded again.

Lintian didn't look and turned back.

There is also a Cang Xing Kun!


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