Chapter 148. Flattery

When Lin Qing He said this, Mother Zhou naturally thought she was joking.

She was already a mother and still take the college entrance exams. Fourth's wife really loved to joke.

Zhou Qing Bai and the boys came back only in the noon. Although they didn't get anything, it didn't affect the father's and sons' good mood.

When they came back, Er Wa and San Wa were still discussing how to catch the birds. The even asked for a handful of millet to attract them in the backyard.

Lin Qing He let them do as they like.

There was no entertainment in this era. This was one of their games.

As for Zhou Qing Bai, he went out again in the afternoon, but he still gained no results. Those wild animals were very clever and not easy to hunt.

But in the end, he had a background of a soldier. After a few days, this man returned with a pheasant.

Lin Qing He was naturally surprised as well. Despite the surprise, Lin Qing He got Zhou Qing Bai to slaughter it that same day and then fry it.

One half was fried, while the other half was cooked in soup.

The taste was exceptional.

But after this chicken, Zhou Qing Bai didn't go out. It was not easy to hunt them. It was enough to get one to save his face.

Lin Qing He saw through it and didn't bring it to open. This man of hers sometimes also loved face.

With Zhou Qing Bai at home, Lin Qing He didn't need to do anything. If Zhou Qing Bai's cooking skills didn't need improvement, Lin Qing He would have simply let him cook.

It's just that Zhou Qing Bai had the heart but not the strength to. It was still fine to get him to make simple things, such as steaming mantou and making congee or making dumplings. But once it comes to cooking up dishes, he was incapable.

On a few occasions, they would have nothing to eat, if Lin Qing He hadn't rescued in time.

The materials were too rare at this time, Lin Qing He couldn't bear for them to be ruined by him, so she did it herself.

When she was free, Lin Qing He devoted herself to studying.

Zhou Qing Bai watched his wife study. In a blink of an eye, his wife had already begun to study junior high school's material.

And if he finds the results well, he thought his wife can really understand it and can teach herself.

"Wife, who did you learn from?" Zhou Qing Bai asked suddenly.

"Self-taught." Lin Qing He said without looking up.

Although her eyes were on the book, she couldn't help laughing in her heart. This guy had learned to test her.

But was Lin Qing He so easy to test?

Zhou Qing Bai saw that he couldn't get any answers, so he didn't ask. Sometimes he still felt that he had never known his wife before.

It's not that he didn't get to know her, but rather he felt that after he knew her to a certain extent, she would show him a different side.

This urged him to want to explore again.

Lin Qing He paid no heed to this guy. If he has the ability to grasp her true colors, then she will surrender and confess to him. If not, then he can continue to be puzzled.

After this year, life went really fast.

In a blink of an eye, it was the day to start work again. Although the weather was still a bit cold, it did not hinder everyone's enthusiasm for going to the field.

Compared with other production teams, have to say that the atmosphere of their production team was really good. Even though there were also lazy bums, they were still rare.

Of course, Lin Qing He was within the ranks of lazy bums.

Since she married over, none have ever seen her earn a job point. If she wasn't a lazy bum, then what was she? But it just happened that no one can tell her off.

In the past, she got her man’s allowances, so she didn’t have to worry about food and clothing and can look down on people with pride.

Later on, her man can support her even though he had retired. She could still have a meal without having to go to work. It was said that she still changed her meal plans every day at home to make good food. Not a hint of desolation was seen.

Was this irritating or was this irritating?

What was worth mentioning was that after the nourishment throughout this winter, Father Zhou's complexion had improved a lot, which was evident to everyone.

His spirit was particularly great.

"It's nothing. This winter, Fourth's wife often cooks brown sugar ginger soup, which is also quite warming." Father Zhou stated implicitly.

The other old men couldn't help being a little envious.

Although Qing Bai's wife doesn't do fieldwork, they have to admire her ability in caring for people.

Before, it was Qing Bai and his sons. Now, old man Zhou was like this too. How can they not see how excellent the food was?

Mother Zhou scooped a bowl of gruel and fed it to little Su Cheng. Er Wa and San Wa were also eating it, but they both had sesame gruel.

"What is sesame gruel?" The other children didn't understand.

"It's a gruel made by grinding sesame seeds into powder and boiled with water." Er Wa introduced.

"Is it delicious?" Zhou Xia asked.

"Delicious! Go back and ask your mother to make it for you." Er Wa nodded.

A little sugar was added to the sesame gruel, so there was no need to say how delicious it was.

Second Sister-in-law's Zhou Xia sighed. How could his mother possibly make him this sesame gruel?

"Open your mouth," San Wa uttered.

As soon as Zhou Xia heard it, he squatted before him and opened his mouth with practice. San Wa scooped a spoon for him, and cleanly poured without letting his mouth touch his spoon, and said, "Now you know how yummy it is?"

"Very yummy." Zhou Xia nodded.

"Only giving you a spoonful, I don't have much myself," San Wa stated and then ate the rest of his share. He took the bowl in and put it away before going out to play marbles with the other children.

"Er Wa, are you going to school this year?" Zhou Xia asked Er Wa.

"Yes." Er Wa affirmed and looked at him: "Would you like to go with me?" Er Wa asked him.

"My mother won't let me." Zhou Xia sighed.

"Studying is a good thing, why won't she?" Er Wa responded.

"My mother said studying is useless." Zhou Xia said.

Er Wa remarked: "Why is studying useless? If you can get into college, you can bring money back home in the future. Can't you see how useful it is."

Mother Zhou, who was getting little Su Cheng to eat the millet gruel, said after hearing this: "Er Wa, do you want to take the university entrance exam?"

"Of course I have to take college entrance examinations. After going to college, I will have a job and I can have a lot of money every month. Then I can buy a lot of things for my mother." Er Wa said, and then vainly added the last sentence: "And buy a lot of things for grandmother."

At a very young age, he smoothly gave flattery. But this didn't affect Mother Zhou's joy: "Good, good, good! Then Grandmother will wait until you grow up to get admitted to college and make money to buy things for Grandmother."

After saying that, she turned to Zhou Xia: "Go and tell your mother, that grandmother said this. You will go to school with Er Wa this year and then see if you can get admitted to the Workers, Peasants, and Soldiers University and also show filial to your mother."

"Okay." Zhou Xia's eyes lit up, and then went home to talk to his mother.

He received an earful from Second Sister-in-law: "Your grandmother said it so effortlessly. It costs so much money for one semester. Our family is so poor, where is the money?"

"Mother, let my brother go and study." San Ni pursed her lips and persuaded.

"What study? No money." Second Sister-in-law snorted.

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