When hearing the sound of the second holy meteorite after Le Xuexiu, Cang xingkun, who was fighting fiercely with Ruo Wu, fell in his heart.

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It's over!

He Qinghuai is also in trouble!

He looked bleak and his heart was full of rolling horror.

If this war is spread out, it is bound to shock the whole nine regions battlefield.

If it comes from the battlefield of the nine realms, is it destined to be shaken?

After all, this is the fall of the six great saints!

And Cang xingkun also realized his fate, this time is doomed to be doomed.

At the thought of this, all his thoughts suddenly burned, and even his fighting spirit was shaken and collapsed.

If you are not afraid of the enemy, you are afraid that you will no longer see hope!


On the other side, Ruo Wu is acutely aware of the change of Cang xingkun's mood, and does not hesitate to use his mace to attack with all his strength.

She has a slender body, lingering in the fierce and bright flame of God. In her every move, the Tao and Dharma follow each other, fierce and forceful, showing the incomparable power.

In the distance, Lintian watched quietly and realized that Cang xingkun was doomed to end.


Small silver look fanatical come forward, "I also long for the top to become a saint."

Xiaotian also flew over, flashing his wings and dancing around Lintian, saying, "me too."

Lintian said with a smile: "why not, this nine domain battlefield will seek the opportunity for you to become a saint."

He looked at those who were rescued from the ancient wilderness.

There are men and women, saints, and kings of eternal life, but their bodies are stained with blood, their clothes are in rags, and almost all of them are injured.

Among their looks, there were also expressions of excitement, fanaticism and admiration.

Before, Lintian's arrogant and invincible posture had already shocked their minds and made them very excited.


This was their only thought. The taste of escaping from the dead made them all have the impulse to kowtow and feel grateful when facing Lintian's gaze.

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But Lintian's words made them suppress their inner impulse.

"I'd rather die standing than live on my knees. This time I'm looking for Lin to save you. I hope you can stand up and give help if you come across our strong people in the ancient wasteland in distress in the future."

In a word, all the people nodded their heads and their hearts were agitated.

In the future, there will be Lintian in the battlefield of the nine regions, and the ancient wilderness camp will have the hope of snowing the shame of the predecessors!

"Xiaotian, you take them to the secret place of the underground palace for healing. When we leave the blood demon world, we'll take them with us."

Lintian said.

This is the blood devil Kingdom, the base camp of the ancient blood devil kingdom. In the vast territory, there are traces of the enemy everywhere.

Depending on the current situation of these ancient wasteland strongmen, once they leave their own protection, they are likely to suffer.

Although Lintian knew that killing and death would happen all the time in the battlefield of jiuyu, since he saw them, he had no reason not to save them.

That's all he can do.

The devil butterfly of the split sky took the order and went into the abyss with a group of strong people in the ancient wasteland.

And Lintian looked back at the battlefield.


Without any accident, Cang xingkun was finally killed and died in Ruo Wu's hands.

However, his counterattack before his death also injured Ruo Wu, but fortunately it was not serious and he could recover soon.

This also makes Ruo dance feel more and more deeply.

It was so hard for him to kill a saint who was wavering in his fighting spirit. Compared with Lintian, there was no doubt that it was too far away.

After this battle, she also realized how terrible the fighting power Lintian had after stepping on the top of the holy land.

In the top of the real world, said invincible, just around the corner?

She believes it!

"If this happened in the ancient wasteland, within a day, you Lintian's name would be heard all over the world, even the saints could only look up to it."

Ruo Wu came to Lintian with a rare look of admiration.

"And those old orthodoxy that used to be hostile to you, I'm afraid they have to be scared out of their sleep and food

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At the end, she could not help laughing. Her lips were red and her teeth were white. Her smile was as fresh and bright as a flower bud in the sun after the rain.

Being praised face to face made Lintian dumb.

"By the way, what are you going to do next?"

If dance raises star eye, ask a way.

In front of him, when he doesn't fight, his breath is calm and pure. He is like a banished immortal who is independent from the rest of the world. He doesn't oppress people, but it always makes people feel that he is near but far away.

Lintian held his hand on his back and his dark eyes were cold. He looked deep into the forest and said, "in the past, I could only be chased and killed. I could not escape from the secluded underground palace. Now, I would fight back. All the humiliations I encountered should be returned one by one."If Wu nodded, she could guess the result, but she was not sure. She said: "this is the blood demon world, gathering the power of a domain. There must be a lot of people like Le Xuexiu. You When do you plan to leave? "

"What do you think if I go to their nest?"

Lintian asked.

In a word, if the dance suddenly surprised, star eyes open, break the head, she could not have thought, Lintian would be so bold!

"It can only be said that if you do, it is no different from going deep into the dragon's den. It's too risky."

If dance frown way.

Lintian's black eyes flashed: "it's OK to have a try. It's a big deal..."

"What's the big deal?"

Lintian said with a smile, "if it's a big deal, why don't you run back here?"

If you dance for a moment, you can't help laughing and saying: "you are really He is bold and can bend and stretch. "

Being described like this, Lintian couldn't help laughing.

In fact, if the dancer was clear in his heart, Lintian seemed to say it was light, but when he really killed in the "city of protecting the road" where countless powerful people gathered in the ancient territory of blood demons, the danger he encountered was not as simple as that!

At present, she could only pray. When Lintian vented his anger, he would stop when he could see well.

After all, it took less than half a year for the jiuyu battlefield to open. In the future, there will still be opportunities to kill the enemy. There is no need to rush for a while.

"Master, the booty has been cleaned up."

In the distance, Xiaoyin came flying over. Meizizi said, "although those old animals are extremely hateful, they still have a solid family background. There are more than ten holy treasures alone. In addition, there are some ancient books, pills, holy materials, treasures and so on."

Then he handed several storage treasures to Lintian.

As soon as Lintian counted, he gave some of them to Ruo Wu.

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"I can't take your booty."

If Wu still wanted to refuse, he was advised by Lintian in an attitude that he could not refuse: "hold on, we can share weal and woe. We should share what we have gained."

Finally, if dance can only accept.

In the past, she had almost no acquaintance with Lintian, and there was no friendship between her and Lintian.

But with the understanding of this period of time, she found that making friends with Lintian could only be described as Kuaiya.

He is an open-minded, decisive, brave and resourceful man. He is proud to be friends with him!


The butterfly returns and comes.

Seeing this, Lintian did not hesitate any more. He went to the distant forest with ruowu, Xiaoyin and Xiaotian.

He's going to fight back, he's going to make a scene in the blood demon world!

It's just that Le Xuexiu and others died. It's not enough for Lintian.

He will not forget that in the last two months, a number of blood demons who were killed were thrown into the abyss like livestock.

I will not forget that at the beginning, just because I didn't want to see myself coerced, I chose to die generously!

The ancient strongmen of the blood demons, one by one, stood high above the others and regarded them as two legged sheep who were willing to be slaughtered. They wantonly humiliated, trampled, ravaged and slaughtered!

How can such blood and hatred be tolerated?

Now, Lintian just wanted to return blood with blood and tooth for tooth. He wanted to kill all the enemies so that they were scared and turned pale.

A man should kill the enemy without mercy.

The eternal cause lies in killing the enemy!


Thousands of miles of land, are turned into scorched earth, devastated.

The battle between Lintian and the Seven Saints at the top of the world affected all the powerful blood demons who had been watching the battle nearby, and they died miserably under the wave of battle.

Therefore, at this time, the blood demons in other areas of Shenlian forest are not clear what happened.

"What happened? Why is there such a big stir? "

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"Over the sky, the sound of the holy meteorite is heard again and again, which What's going on? "

Deep in the forest, many strong people are frightened.

Two months ago, seven supreme sages arrived and besieged the abyss in the forest of Shenlian, which made many strong people expect a result.

But today, there is a day of mourning sound constantly resounding, it is clear that there is a saint fell in the depths of the forest!

"I've heard that the depths of the forest are full of weird and dangerous, so it's really frightening. Do you think it's Lord lechengxiu What happened? "

"No way!"

"That little bastard named Lintian, who could be the opponent of the seven great saints?"

There was a lot of talk.

In any case, most of them were convinced that even if they were in danger, Lintian could not have done it.

Because he doesn't deserve it!How could a two legged sheep in ancient wasteland hurt the great sage?

"Eh, that's..."

"How could it be that little bastard?"

"He Is he still alive? "

All of a sudden, someone saw a lonely figure coming in the distance, dressed in white clothes, carrying his hand on his back, breathing dust.

The original discussion stopped abruptly.

All the powerful people in the ancient region of the blood demons on the scene opened their eyes and their faces were full of fear. This guy is alive. Aren't they

The next moment, these blood demons in the ancient region will die one by one on the spot!

One by one, the bodies were smashed, the body and spirit were destroyed, and there was no time to scream when they were dying.

Lintian didn't look sad or happy, Gujing didn't wave, he didn't look, and his pace didn't stop once, so he went straight ahead.

A bloody killing spread from the depths of Shenlian forest!


2 even more!

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