A thumb sized, unimportant black striped wasp was lying on the tree crown and just saw Lintian's appearance.

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Especially when we saw the scene that a group of blood demons were killed without any sound, the black striped bee almost cried out.

"The little scum of the ancient wasteland is alive, doesn't it mean that the sound of the holy meteorite's sorrow just sounded was caused by the disaster of Lord Le Xuexiu?"

"If so..."

"No, we have to get the news out!"

The bee immediately realized that the situation was serious.

But when it just flapped its wings, it saw a three inch tall handsome little man standing in front of it.

"You people are just as disgusting as those of the ancient black nightmare dog people."


Xiaoyin pulls out his sword, and the sword flashes. The black bee is chopped up on the spot.


"The forest of Shenlian is so strange. At the beginning, five saints, such as lemujin and she Feng, came here and soon suffered and died one by one."

"Now, the sound of the holy meteorite is ringing again and again. Lord Le Xuexiu, they Will it happen again? "

"It's really strange. It's just to kill two legged sheep in an ancient wasteland, but it's not normal that so many deaths happen."

A group of blood demons are talking in a low voice. Everyone looks a little suspicious.

They always felt that there was a terrible and strange smell in the dark forest, which made them cold.

"Or Shall we get out of here first? "

It was proposed, immediately attracted a crowd of praise.

But when they were ready to move, their eyes were suddenly attracted by a butterfly about the size of a palm, whose wings were polished like jet jade, and whose whole body was beautiful.

"What's this?"

"What a beautiful butterfly."

They were stunned when they were in a daze.

It's just that the next moment, their faces suddenly change.

When the butterfly flapped its wings, sharp cracks suddenly appeared in the nearby void and covered it.

Poop, poop!

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The next moment, scarlet blood, such as exploded firecrackers, in the field from here to there.

Beautiful and bloody.

When the butterfly disappears, only a pile of stumps, broken arms and pools of blood are left in the field.


"My Lord, there must have been a great change in the depths of the alchemy forest!"

A group of strong people gathered in front of a saint, one by one worried.

The sage, dressed in a mysterious robe, is erudite and calm, gazing at the depths of Shenlian forest.

After half a sound, he said: "no matter how big the change is, there are seven great saints like Le Xuexiu. What are you afraid of?"

"However, just now, there happened to be seven sacred meteorites in the sky..." Someone had a hard time swallowing.

The xuanpao man frowned and said, "it's just a coincidence. Do you think that juetong saint is so easy to fall down? Stupid

Everyone looked at each other in silence.

"Coincidence? Do you think it's a coincidence if I kill you?"

A clear and sweet voice sounded.


The xuanpao man drank violently, and his eyes suddenly looked into the distance.

I saw a graceful figure bathed in the gorgeous flame, coming from the dark forest, dressed in red, green silk like waterfall, beautiful face with holy luster.

Suddenly, xuanpao man's face finally changed. It was the woman who had been chased by seven great saints!

She How can you be here?

"Is it a coincidence? Unfortunately, sometimes coincidence means death. "

If you dance quietly, you can speak.

When the voice falls, this area is covered by a blazing flame.

In the blink of an eye, thousands of feet of land, all burned up!

As for the xuanpao saint and the strong men around him, they all turned to ashes and disappeared completely.


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Such scenes are staged in the forest of Shenlian at an amazing speed.

Whether it's Xiao Yin, Xie Tian Mo die or Ruo Wu, there's too much hatred and anger in his heart.

Now, they are all retaliating with practical actions!

With the passage of time, the shrill screams, the bloody nose, the panic screams, and the running figures It happens constantly in the forest of Shenlian.

A bloody picture with the background of killing unfolds slowly.

Most of the strong distributed in the forest of Shenlian are immortality, and only a few of them are ordinary saints.

For Lintian, there was no threat at all, which could be described as a vulnerable local chicken and tile dog.

"No"How could that be?"

"Run away!"

"Come on, send out a call for help!"

Such a loud cry, constantly sounded, and then suddenly stopped, completely disappeared.

The huge forest is like a bloody slaughterhouse.

Only Lintian, who was regarded as two legged sheep by the strong of the blood devil ancient region, turned into a ruthless executioner at the moment.




No mercy, no pity, no hesitation.

Don't you see that the lion tiger's prey has gained prestige? Who can pity the elk?

Don't you see, recently, how many ancient wasteland strongmen have been brutally killed in various areas of the blood demon world?

Once there was a proud sage, whose head was tied by chains and dragged like a dead dog.

Once upon a time, there were arrogant women with peerless appearance who were arbitrarily abused, raped, raped, and could not survive or die. Those enemies were rampant and laughed happily.

Who can turn a blind eye to these humiliations, hatred and tears?


Even Lintian, no matter how unbearable he was, no matter how weak his enemy was, was not polite and merciless.

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In the past few months, there have been many strong people who have been killed and thrown into the abyss!

These enemies should be avenged by talin!


After a stick of incense, outside the forest.

Xiao Yin was out of breath, but he was still excited. He yelled, "have a good time! My generation man, I will fight the enemy with my sword. If I kill him, the earth will turn upside down and the earth will shake! "

The butterfly waved its wings and said, "unfortunately, there are too few opponents in the forest to kill."

A stick of incense, so big God Lian forest was swept by them again, just like plowing, no living place!

But Xiaoyin and the devil butterfly still don't get rid of it.

"Xiaoyin, I'll give it to you. I want to know something about xueqingyi."

With a bang, Lintian threw a saint who was captured alive on the ground. He didn't want to extort a confession, so he asked Xiaoyin to do it.


Little silver swept into the sea of consciousness of the imprisoned sage.

The reason why Lintian paid attention to the blood green clothes was that he was not only one of the "Eight Wonders of the green hell", but also the leader of the blood devil ancient region. He had the power to dominate the strong people of all ethnic groups, and even the juetong sage could only obey his orders, which could be called the power of heaven.

If you can kill this person, you can foresee that it will cause a heavy blow to the blood devil ancient region!

Before long, little silver was plundered out, and the spirit of the saint had already been wiped out and died in the field.

"Master, half a month ago, the blood green clothes had led the peerless figures in the major forces of the blood devil ancient region to the ancient wasteland, which is located in the heart of the nine regions battlefield, under the escort of a group of juetong saints. The purpose is to enter the juetong secret place and fight for the opportunity of juetong becoming a saint."

Xiaoyin said quickly, "so reckoning, they are now fighting in the secret place of Jue prison, and they are doomed not to return to the blood demon world for a moment and a half."

Lintian was stunned and lost in thought.

As far as he knows, after Jue prison's secret place comes, only the Jue top characters in the nine robberies of eternal life are qualified to enter it. The time is one month.

In a month, Jue prison will disappear from jiuyu battlefield again.

"So now, in the city of the blood demon world, all the important core figures, including Xue Qingyi, are not here?"

If the dancing star's eyes were bright, "if so, even if we enter the city of moat, the danger we encounter will be greatly reduced."

Looking at her excited appearance, Lintian could not help but be dumb: "you seem to have grown other people's ambition and destroyed your prestige?"

If dance says with a smile: "I this call judge the situation, do with all one's strength, act according to one's ability."

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"Master, do you really want to kill the enemy's nest?"

Xiaoyin said excitedly.

Lintian nodded and said, "the only pity is that the blood green clothes are not there. Otherwise, it would be better to seize this opportunity to kill them."

Speaking of this, he said: "Xiaoyin, along the way, you help me to collect some information about the city of moat. Only by knowing yourself and your enemy can you win a hundred battles."

Xiaoyin said with a smile: "just now I have got some information from the spirit of the old guy."

With that, he told all that he had learned.

The moat city is located in the extreme north of the blood demon world, covering an area of 3800 Li.

This is the stronghold of the strong in the blood devil ancient region, gathering the power of the major forces in the blood devil ancient region. The strong are like clouds, and there is no lack of the first-class figures of the true saint and the supreme true saint.

This time, the number of the strong people in the ancient region who participated in the battle of the nine regions was about 800000, most of them were not sanctified.

But there are also a large number of top figures and saints.

In ordinary times, there are not many strong people gathered in the city of moat. These 800000 strong people are stationed in different areas of the blood demon world, where they are invaded by foreign enemies.And the strong ones who stay in the city of moat are about 100000!

However, these 100000 people are almost the elite power of the blood devil ancient region.

Moreover, in the city of protecting the road, there are many saints at the top of the mountain all the year round.

Half a month ago, xueqingyi left with a group of peerless figures and a group of peerless saints, which means that, at least during this period of time, the strength of the city of guarding the road has been sharply reduced.

Of course, it is the base of the ancient blood devil Kingdom, and the terror of the gathered power is absolutely beyond imagination.

Knowing this, Lintian didn't give up his idea of killing the past. He was about to take action immediately.

"Are you going to kill it all the way?"

If dance can't help asking.

"Why not kill all the way?"

Lintian's voice was flat, but he could not hide his arrogance. His black eyes were like electricity.

"This time, I'm going to teach those bastards a lesson that will never be forgotten!"


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