Chapter 146. Support moving home

Because this matter makes one so excited, the old couple talked for more than an hour before going to bed.

And if Da Wa can really get into college in the future, does he even need them old couple to help out on his marriage?

There was no need.

If he becomes a university student, what kind of spouse he wants in the future will be up to Da Wa to choose.

Then the old couple emotionally murmured again how Fourth's wife have a fortunate life.

She didn't save a penny, but her son was really capable. In the future, they didn't need her to marry a wife in the future. They might be able to get a wife by themselves.

Lin Qing He was completely clueless about the old couple's feelings. At this moment, she was occupied with Zhou Qing Bai.

The couple was already a couple for a long time now, but they were still very excited.

When it was over, Lin Qing He felt physically and mentally well and said, "Should I tell Mother about the pork business?"

Her mother-in-law didn't know anything. She could leave it if they didn't eat together, but in the future the old couple will still come here to eat. At that time, they will find something is fishy sooner or later.

"No need. If my mother asks, you can just bring up my retirement fund." Zhou Qing Bai hugged her and replied.

Lin Qing He found that plausible: "Okay."

Better to not let the old couple know, for fear that they can't bear it.

But if they knew that their son had three thousand yuan as his retirement fund, their chin would have to drop out from shock.

So saying three thousand yuan as a retirement fund wasn't possible. At most half of it.

She set the story straight with Zhou Qing Bai to avoid each saying something different. Then Lin Qing He wanted to drowse off.

"Go again?" Zhou Qing Bai invited.

Lin Qing He pushed him with amusement: "Take it easy. Don't think because you're free in winter, you can mess around."

This man really had too much energy to use it.

Generally, men of this age, shouldn't their abilities in this area declining?

But he kept on marching on, not diminishing at all.

Zhou Qing Bai grinned and slept as he embraced her.

The next day was New Year's Day.

Third Brother Lin came over.

His wife didn't as she was pregnant.

Lin Qing He enquired about the aftermath of the last incident. Until now, she didn't even inquire about the old Lin family.

"The relationship between Eldest Sister-in-law and Second Sister-in-law is almost the same as the enemy now." Third Brother Lin replied in helpless tone.

Last time, Lin Qing He insisted on requesting the military coat back from Second Sister-in-law Lin Er's grasp. However, after being used by Old Second Lin for so long, how could Lin Qing He use it? She wasn't driven crazy from poverty.

She simply redirected it to Eldest Sister-in-law Lin, and even sow discord between them.

Eldest Sister-in-law Lin certainly understood what she intended to do, but so what if she knew. She can't possibly return the coat back to the second branch?

This was given to her by Lin Qing He. If the second branch wants it, they should go look for Lin Qing He for one.

But Second Brother Lin and Second Second Lin also realized that Lin Qing He was really different now, so how could they possibly come to provoke her again?

Especially Second Sister-in-law Lin. Why did she have to provoke this sister-in-law and lure her back? She regretted it with all her soul.

But needless to say, the coat must be returned, especially since it fell into the hands of Eldest Sister-in-law Lin.

Eldest Sister-in-law Lin won't budge.

So the two families quarreled. Even Eldest Brother Lin and Second Brother Lin got into a tussle. Eldest Sister-in-law Lin and Second Sister-in-law Lin almost tore each other's faces.

It was Father Lin and Mother Lin who put a stop to it and it was only temporarily.

But this fight undoubtedly deepened the hatred between the two families and completely brought it to surface.

It was already brought to the surface, so do Eldest Sister-in-law Lin still need to give back the military coat? Don't even think about it.

However, Second Sister-in-law Lin whole-heartedly wanted to get back the coat.

So currently, it was quite tense in the old Lin family.

Lin Qing He was quite elated when she heard it and remarked with a grin: "When are you two moving out? If you keep living with them, you will be annoyed to death."

"Moving out? How to move out?" Third Brother Lin was taken aback for a moment, then smiled bitterly.

How could he not want to move out, but was it so easy to move out? He had nothing. He had to apply for the location. Although he had written an application, the result still hadn't been passed down.

How much does it cost to build a house by himself? They were short of so many things!

Especially the pot. Currently old Lin Family was sharing one pot.

Let alone old Lin's side, even old Zhou's side also shared a pot, no?

And it wasn't as good as Lin Qing He's side. A stove and a double-eared pot. A total of two. It can be said to be a luxury.

When Third Brother Lin prepared to head back, Lin Qing He gave him a piece of bacon. She had four pieces of bacon in total.

She instructed Third Brother Lin the best way to cook it and then sent him back with no room for refusal.

"If one moves out and build another house, how much will it cost according to the current market?" Lin Qing He asked Zhou Qing Bai.

Zhou Qing Bai replied: "If it's a small one, it can take a hundred yuans."

"A tiny one is enough. Better to move out first. It's terrible to keep on living with that family," Lin Qing He said.

She had seen Mother Lin and Father Lin, as well as the eldest two in front. All of them were of the same virtue and passed down in the same vein.

In fact, the original owner wasn't much better. Third Brother Lin was the only one good sprout that old Lin Family produce.

"I don't need your retirement fund. I have my own money, which I can lend to him." Lin Qing He stated.

Zhou Qing Bai frowned and looked at her without speaking. Lin Qing He knew immediately that he was upset.

Lin Qing He astutely plucked a kiss on him.

"Aiya, Father, Mother, it's broad daylight, can you not do this? I'm still a child!" Er Wa witnessed this scene when he just walked in and immediately said while he peeked between his fingers.

"Stinky boy, don't you know when you enter the door, you got to give a warning?" Lin Qing He told him off with a slight embarrassment.

"I came in to ask Mother if you want to eat roasted sweet potatoes. I didn't know you were playing the kissing game." Er Wa ran out as he explained.

Then Da Wa and San Wa knew about and their parents were hiding in the room to play the kissing game.

Lin Qing He: "..."

The corner of Zhou Qing Bai's lip also raised slightly.

"If he wants to move out, the house is one factor. There's also the pot, an important item that's not easy to get a hand on." Zhou Qing Bai said.

"Do you have a way to get one back? We'll keep the new one for our own use and just give our old pot to my brother." Lin Qing He asked.

"I'll look into it next year." Zhou Qing Bai replied.

At this time, a pot was really scarce, so Zhou Qing Bai didn't know if he can get it.

"I still have a lot of industrial coupons here. If you want to use them then, just tell me." Lin Qing He nodded.

On the second day of the Lunar New Year, Zhou Qing Bai and Lin Qing He took their three sons to the county city.

The door of the house was locked. They had mentioned it on the first night of the Lunar New Year. They provided the food and dishes, so Father Zhou, Mother Zhou, Zhou Xiao Mei, and Su Da Lin can cook and eat at the old Zhou's house.

Because the second day of the Lunar New Year was the day when the son-in-law as well as the two married sisters come home. With so many people, the hands can get muddled, so it's better that they don't come over and just go and entertain at the old Zhou's house.

Their family went to the county town to enjoy themselves.

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