"Good! I'll walk with you. "

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If the dance takes a deep breath, there is a flash of determination in the star eyes.

It's a crazy decision. If she were someone else, she would never take risks with her.

But Lintian is different.

In this nine domain battlefield, anyone knows that the forces of the other eight domains are absolutely dominant, not only the strong, but also many.

Moreover, there is no lack of first-class peerless figures such as Tianjiao, goddess and son.

The most important thing is that there is a sage at the top!

This is far beyond the ancient wilderness camp.

Therefore, it's only a few months since the opening of the nine regions battlefield. But in the blood demon world, I don't know how many ancient wasteland strongmen have been killed!


In the final analysis, there is still a huge gap in power.

But ruowu also knows that in the battlefield of the nine regions, subject to the rules of heaven and earth, Zhensheng is the supreme power!

And Lintian is now the most outstanding figure in the top saints, and even has the same invincible demeanor.

As long as he is there, the ancient wilderness camp will have the hope to reverse the situation and wash the former shame in the cruel and bloody battle of the nine kingdoms!

Perhaps, Lintian's decision to kill the blood devil's ancient camp seemed crazy.

But if you think about it calmly, how many people can suppress him in the blood demon world with Lintian's power now?


Without further delay, the party set out.

When he was moved to the blood demon world at first, Lintian knew that the city of road protection was located in the north of Shenlian forest, which was about 30000 miles away.


In the vast world.

A group of blood demons in the ancient region are wandering, searching for prey.

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"It's been almost three months since Lord xueqingyi ordered us. All the two legged sheep found in our blood demon world have been captured and killed."

"Yes, now I can't find a two legged sheep woman to play with."

"Haha, it's said that some ancient wasteland women with holy land cultivation, as long as they are passable, have been secretly sent to the city of moat for those big people to play with. What's the taste Tut tut. "

These ancient wasteland strongmen are talking to each other.

"Well, look at that!"

Suddenly someone pointed to the sky.

And when they looked up, they saw rainbow after rainbow across the sky.

"It's a call for help! It's just How could there be so many? What happened in the forest of Shenlian? "

Everyone was taken aback.

This is the territory of their blood devil ancient region, but now, there are so many help orders issued, it must be something big!

It wasn't long before they learned the news from the order:

"the sound of the Seven Sacred meteorites resounds. It's suspected that Lord Le Xuexiu and other seven great saints were in trouble!"

"Lin Xun and ruowu, the strong man in the ancient wasteland, who was ordered to be killed by Lord xueqingyi, will be killed out of the Shenlian forest!"

When they learned this, the strong were covered with a cold.

Recently, even in the blood demon world, the names of Lintian and ruowu spread rapidly.

Because one is the leader of the most powerful people in the ancient wasteland, and the other is the terrible existence who has already set foot in the most holy land.

It can be said that this pair of men and women is the core of the ancient wilderness camp.

In order to kill these two people, in the past few months, the blood demon world sent out many forces to cooperate with the actions of the Seven Saints, such as Le Xuexiu.

No one would think that this couple had a chance to survive.

But now, there is such a shocking news!

"This How is that possible? "

Those who are strong are so changeable that they can't believe it.

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At the same time.

The ancient strongmen of blood demons scattered in different areas of the blood demon world also noticed that the orders for help turned into rainbow and flashed from the sky.

"Lord Le Xuexiu, they are in trouble? It's impossible

"Which pair of dogs, men and women, killed out of Shenlian forest alive? Isn't that fucking false news? "

"Come on! Let's go and find out! "

For a moment, I do not know how many uproar, surprised voice sounded, set off an uproar in the whole blood demon world.

The city of berms.

In the majestic city built by blood and skeletons, stands a tall building with a height of 1800 feet.

This building is made up of numerous bones. It looks extremely ferocious. It is called "Desheng building", which means to win.

At the same time, it is also the core place for the blood green clothes and the blood devil ancient region.

"Elder six, something's wrong!"

A hasty voice resounded outside the ninth floor hall of Desheng building.

"What's the matter?"Bijianqiong, the sixth elder of the congenital demon sect, who was meditating in the main hall, frowned and opened his eyes full of vicissitudes.

Outside the hall stands a saint with black lines and a pulse of magic bees. At this time, he looks worried.

"There are many orders for help coming from Shenlian forest. The news says that Lord Le Xuexiu and them..."

The sage spoke fast and told the news one by one.

After hearing this, bijianqiong's face was full of suspicion. He stood up abruptly and said, "what happened to the seven great saints? How is that possible? No matter how fierce the dance is, won't it be chased to death before? "

The sage also had a bitter face and said, "if it's just one piece of news, it may not be worth believing. But among the many pieces of news, it's all about it. I'm afraid There will be no fake. "

In the eyes of bijianqiong, the light of God twinkled and fell into meditation.

Half a month ago, xueqingyi left the blood demon world with a group of peerless figures escorted by many top saints.

Before he left, he gave a death order. Before he returned from the prison, he had to kill naruwu and Lintian.

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I thought that it was easy to kill such a couple with the help of seven saints like Le Xuexiu and the power of the whole blood demon world.

Which once thought, but now there is such a big change!

"Elder six, it's up to you to control the power in the blood demon world. You'd better make an idea early?"

Said the saint anxiously.

"Well! Panic what panic? It's just a pair of two legged sheep. Even if they are killed from the forest of Shenlian, what storm can they bring about? "

Green sword Qiong cold hum, look is full of arrogance, "this is the blood demon world, is our territory, just a few accidents, can let me wait from chaos feet?"

At last, he took a deep breath and said: "pass my order to tell the strong men and women in the blood demon world to arrest them. In any case, they must not escape from the blood demon world!"

His words are sonorous and his killing spirit is overwhelming.


The powerful one of the black tattooed bee's veins took orders and left.

"Are they really in trouble..."

In the main hall, bijianqiong falls into meditation alone.

From the beginning to the end, he never thought that Lintian would dare to kill them in the city of protecting the road. Subconsciously, he thought that since they were out of trouble, they would choose to escape from the blood demon world at the first time.

The reason is very simple. The city of guard road is the base of their blood devil ancient region!

Although xueqingyi took away a number of peerless figures and many peerless saints when she left, there are still nearly 30 peerless saints left in the city of moat!

In addition, there are also a large number of holy places, and tens of thousands of long-lived plunders.

Under such circumstances, who would be stupid enough to run to death?

What's more, in the border areas of different regions of the blood devil Kingdom, there are many troops belonging to the ancient blood devil kingdom.

There are also many top saints sitting there!

It can be said that in the blood demon world, bijianqiong doesn't think that any enemy in the nine regions dares to run to their hometown.

Bijianqiong is thinking about whether they are dead or not. If they are, why are they dead?

This is the key!

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After all, the fall of the seven great saints can't hurt their blood devil ancient camp, but it's also a big blow.

It should be noted that after the eradication of the ancient wasteland forces, and among the eight kingdoms, including the ancient blood devil, there will also be a bloody and cruel expedition.

At that time, it's time to work hard for the foundation and strength.

Now, the battlefield of the nine realms has only been opened for less than half a year, and seven of the top sages of their blood devil ancient realms have fallen, which is not a good omen.

When bijianqiong thought about this problem, he also subconsciously separated their death from Lintian and ruowu.

Because in his opinion, no matter how powerful the two men and women are, it is impossible for them to do so.

In addition, the news just came was too brief, which made it impossible for him to think that Lintian, who had been ignored by him, had already become a saint!

But soon, the black striped bee, who had been ordered to leave, came back in a hurry. This time, his face looked very strange, and he wanted to say nothing.

"Why are you back?"

Bijianqiong frowned.

"The news came from the front, saying Say... "

The saint's look became more and more strange.

"Say what?"

Bijianqiong was very unhappy. He was a saint, but he was so hesitant that it was bad for his manners.

The saint took a deep breath and said, "the news says that Lintian and ruowu are coming to our city of protecting the road together!"


Bijianqiong's look suddenly became very strange, and then chuckled, "are they crazy? Or are you out of your mind? "The sage was also very strange and said with a smile, "maybe it's really crazy."

Bijianqiong thought for a while, and then he got a boost. He said, "it's not bad. I'm worried that they'll run away for the first time. Now that they're here, let's take this opportunity to send them on the road."

The saint nodded: "I think so, too. But if dance is the supreme saint, do you want to make some preparations in advance?"

Bijian Qiong gave a sound and said: "pass my order, let the supreme saint of feiyuan demon clan and Golden Snake fight. It's said that the death of Le Xuexiu and she Taihang is related to this couple. Now, I'll give them a chance to revenge themselves!"


(today, goldfish will try their best to make 10 shifts, and send three consecutive shifts first!)

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