Chapter 145. Bring glory to one's ancestors

This year's New Year's Eve dinner at home was undoubtedly a hearty meal.

A large plate of fried chicken which was the one that Su Da Lin brought over. This fried chicken was also very flavorful when eaten like this, but if you add the chili sauce made by Lin Qing He, the taste became another notch better.

Again, the spiciness was a bit spicy, but it tasted good!

There were also several other dishes, all of which were solid dishes. All of them were extremely scrumptious. The bacon, which they didn't get the chance to have, was also on the table.

Meigan cai and Bacon, the taste needn't be said.

"No matter whether Father and Mother have grown a lot of meat since they came here to eat, your cooking is still superb, Fourth Sister-in-law!" Zhou Xiao Mei exclaimed.

Lin Qing He said: "We don't have seafood here. If there is seafood, then I will let you see what cooking is."

It was more inland here, so there was very little seafood. At most was just some shallow water fish and shrimp.

"You should go to the coast for seafood, we don't have any here." Zhou Xiao Mei said.

"You know how to?" Zhou Qing Bai looked at his wife.

"Of course I can, have you encounter any?" Lin Qing He asked him.

"Last time, my comrade told me to bring those crabs back, but I didn't take them." Zhou Qing Bai replied.

"Then why didn't you ask me?" Lin Qing He couldn't help asking.

"I don't know you can cook it." Zhou Qing Bai responded. He didn't know much about seafood, and the thing was all shells, what meat can it have?

"Can't recognize the good stuff!" Lin Qing He glared at him.

"I'll go over and ask next time." Zhou Qing Bai said.

"When you go next time, don't go there empty-handed. Give your comrade a jar of chili sauce. It's not worth much money, but the taste is still good." Lin Qing He said hurriedly.

"Okay." Zhou Qing Bai responded.

Lin Qing He urged Su Da Lin, Zhou Xiao Mei, Father Zhou and Mother Zhou to eat.

The whole family felt fulfilled with this New Year's Eve dinner. Then Da Wa and Er Wa were sent to do the dishes.

Lin Qing He had no consciousness about slaving children.

After the new year, Da Wa will be eight years old, but because Lin Qing He had taken care of his nutrition as much as possible, he was a head taller than his peers.

In addition, his eyes displayed mischievousness when they spun around. If he went out and said he was ten years old, no one will disbelieve it.

Er Wa was also six years old after the new year. This little dog head tactician was now more and more adept at mind games.

He straightforwardly turned to Su Da Lin: "Uncle, come and help us."

"Alright." Su Da Lin answered with a smile.

"You two do it by yourself," Lin Qing He stated.

"It's...fine." Su Da Lin said smilingly.

"Let him do it, he does it at home too," Zhou Xiao Mei said.

After saying this, she received a glare from Mother Zhou.

With a good temper, Su Da Lin went to clean the dishes with the two boys.

Of course, the dishwashing water was hot water, so they don't freeze hands at all. After Da Wa and Er Wa have finished washing, Lin Qing He applied vanishing cream on them to prevent freezing.

She had also cooked a little white fungus and red date soup for the family. After chatting until around nine o'clock, everyone drank the white fungus and red date soup and went back to sleep.

On the way back to the old Zhou's house, Zhou Xiao Mei couldn't help but bemoan with Father Zhou and Mother Zhou: "Fourth Sister-in-law is really filial to both of you and not begrudge about it."

It's been a few days since she came back, and the food at her fourth sister-in-law's side was simply excellent and delicious!

"Fourth's wife is very filial." Mother Zhou nodded.

Father Zhou didn't say anything. This old man never said it, but he knew it in his heart.

Since they began eating with Fourth's family, Father Zhou realized that he could live a few more years. He originally thought he could only live to be 70 years old at most.

And even if he was seventy years old, it was still a very grand old age.

But now Father Zhou felt that he might live to seventy-five? It was really great to eat food with his son's family now. He can't help but want to live a few more years and enjoy more happiness.

Now that Su Da Lin and Zhou Xiao Mei were back, little Su Cheng naturally slept with them.

Probably because father and son connection, little Su Cheng likes Su Da Lin very much. It had only been a few days, he didn't stick to anyone other than Su DaLin.

Su Da Lin wouldn't want it any other way.

Father Zhou laid in the warm blanket, and announced to Mother Zhou: "I plan to get only eight work points next year."

Mother Zhou said as soon as she heard it, "I had long told you to earn eight points and you had wanted to be cocky."

The old man wasn't young now, how could he act like when he was young? The body must be overstrained.

"Why did you figure it out now?" Mother Zhou asked. She had persuaded him before, but it had no effect. She never expected that the old man thought it through by himself now?

"I want to live a few more years," Father Zhou muttered.

Mother Zhou couldn't hold back, she laughed.

But this got to be the honest truth. Fourth's wife was too good at cooking. If one eats with her, they will definitely want to live a few more years.

"Earning eight points is enough for us old couple to feed ourselves. Next year, my grandson (little Su Cheng) will be older. At that time, I can also gather to pigweed in exchange for work points. I will keep the money that Xiao Mei gave for when Da Wa and his brothers marry. The brothers are like their parents, they all are handsome, so they shouldn't need to spend much money in the future." Mother Zhou rambled.

"I estimate, Da Wa won't need money from us to study in the future," said Father Zhou.

"Why say that? Don't need us to give money? Fourth's wife doesn't have much money." Mother Zhou uttered.

"Da Wa told me that when he grows up he plans to get admitted to the Workers, Peasants, and Soldiers University." Father Zhou replied.

Mother Zhou widened her eyes and exclaimed, "Can he get admitted? None of our old Zhou Family are studious."

These words were really heart-piercing.

But it was also the truth.

For dozens of generations, old Zhou family were bumpkins. Not a scholar appeared, none at all. So they really didn't have the inheritance of being able to read.

"I guess Da Wa will have a chance at that time. You didn't see how beautiful the words were written by Da Wa. And he can recite all the texts. He gets 100 points in every school exam." Father Zhou stated.

"How do you know?" Mother Zhou asked blankly.

"Wasn't Da Wa called by his mother to recite the text in the evening? I asked casually and then told Er Wa to bring his test papers and homework over to show me. You don't know how surprised I was." Father Zhou had attended a few days of literacy classes. He felt that the words in teaching material weren't as good as those written by Da Wa.

Mother Zhou was too surprised: "I haven't heard about it from Fourth's?"

"He's still small, so it's not a certain matter. What is there to say?" Father Zhou responded.

"Then can Da Wa really be admitted to Workers, Peasants and Soldiers University? If he becomes a college student, the leaders of the county will have to come to visit. And also bring glory to our ancestors!" Mother Zhou couldn't resist getting excited.

Bring glory to one's ancestors.

Father Zhou couldn't help but smacked his lips. If it was the old society, wouldn't this college student be the equivalent to an advanced scholar? (T/N: Author wrote Zhuang Yuan, I just used Jinshi's English as it sounded better than top thesis author)

It really was bringing glory to their ancestors!

Just don't know, if he, the old man, can see that day.

If the old Zhou family really be able to produce a college student, he would even be willing to meet his ancestors in advance.

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