Just after starting from the Shenlian forest, Lintian met a group of blood demons.

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Looking at their fierce appearance, it is clear that they came to Shenlian forest to help after receiving the order for help.

There was no need for Lintian to fight. If Wu, Xiaoyin, and split heaven Magic Butterfly all went out together, they would destroy each other in a moment.

It's just a moment!

But as Lintian went on, there were more and more powerful blood demons on the way. They came from all directions in groups.

If you go at full speed, no one can stop Lintian.

But Lintian didn't.

This time, since he planned to kill all the way to the city of moat, he naturally wanted to see as many enemies as possible.

For a time, on Lintian's way, groups of blood demons were harvested, and dozens of hundreds of enemies were killed each time.

However, there was very little chance for Lintian to fight, because among these enemies, the strongest was the ordinary existence of the true holy land.

In the eyes of Ruo Wu, the supreme saint, it's not worth the sun at all.

In this way, Lintian became an idle man.

I even have time to explore my flying immortal order and ancient wilderness order, and think about how to pursue my future cultivation.

In this way, Lintian and they went all the way to the north.

This kind of killing couldn't be concealed at all. Soon, the news about Lintian's Northern Expedition spread all over the world under the mutual spread of the powerful members of the black tattooed demon bee tribe.

Originally, there were many unknown blood demons in the ancient region, who rushed to Lintian.

But as the news spread, knowing the number of strong people killed and injured in Lintian's hands along the way, many of the strong people in the blood devil ancient region felt that something was wrong.

Who dares to rush forward to die when there is a sage at the top of the mountain leading the way, who dares to rush forward to die?

Before and after, there were dozens of blood demons who died in ancient areas, and there were thousands of them, including the existence of saints!

With the spread of the news, this bloody number of casualties began to spread, causing a lot of shock and uproar.

"This is our territory, but that pair of dog men and women are killing here. Do you think there is no one in our blood devil ancient region?"

"When did the two legged sheep of the ancient wasteland dare to bully us?"

Some people are angry.

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"Come on! Ask for help from the city of protecting the road. If there is no saint at the top of the mountain, we can't stop each other at all! "

Some people were anxious and issued orders for help.

"They're going to the moat city? Are you not afraid to die? "

Some people were so surprised that they realized that Lintian was going in the direction of the moat city in the north.

It was in the bloody storm that Lintian and his family moved forward without any pause.

It's only half a quarter of an hour. It's ten thousand li!


In a valley.

"Depending on the situation, there are several ruthless characters in this ancient wasteland."

A tall, silvery haired man with a red tattoo on his arm said that the pale gold of the Holy Land hovered around him.

In the ancient region of dongsang, the sage of the Chilian clan wrote in a burning way.

Beside Yan Xingwen, there are more than ten strong men in the ancient region of dongsang.

Dongsang ancient region is one of the eight regions. Before the ancient wasteland was completely wiped out, the other eight regions would not fight against each other.

This is a long established rule.

The reason why Yan Xingwen and his party appeared in the blood demon world, just like Lintian, was that they were moved here when they entered the nine regions battlefield.

"This man and woman named Lintian and ruowu were really cruel. They killed all the way. The blood demon world lost a lot."

Some people laugh.

"No, you don't understand. These losses are not heavy at all, even the fur of the blood devil ancient camp can't be hurt."

Yan Xingwen said calmly, "you should remember that it's never those small characters who really decide the pattern of the nine regions' hegemony, but the top sages!"

Immediately, he made a conclusion: "as for Lintian and ruowu This time it's doomed. It's a pity that one or two amazing characters appear in the ancient wasteland, but like comets, they want to fall in the blood demon world. "

Smell speech, those East Mulberry ancient region strong all disapprove of ground laugh.

Ancient wasteland?

The real battle for hegemony in the jiuyu battlefield has never been shared by the ancient wasteland!

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"You are not afraid of retribution when you speak ill of others behind your back?"

Suddenly, a figure appeared out of thin air. He was dressed in white and looked like water. It was Lintian.

Yan Xingwen was startled and suddenly turned pale, saying: "my friend, we are from the East Mulberry ancient region, not with the blood devil ancient region."

Just at a glance, Lintian gave him a terrible feeling of oppression, which made his mind have the illusion of collapse, so he did not hesitate to lower his posture.Moreover, he had roughly judged in his mind that the young man in front of him must be the top figure in the ancient wasteland named Lintian.

But others didn't have this insight. Seeing that Lintian's attitude was not right, someone frowned and said, "you were eavesdropping on us just now?"

Yan Xingwen screams that it is worse.

But when he wanted to stop it, it was too late.


The man who opened his mouth died suddenly on the spot. His body was paralyzed on the ground. He didn't see clearly when he was dying. How did Lintian do it.

"How dare you do it?"

Others are angry.

When Yan Xingwen saw this, he sighed in his heart. Knowing that he could not explain it, he immediately took the lead.


With a wave of his right arm, the terrible fire clouds surged out of the sky.

But when he got to Lintian's body, it broke and went out in an instant.

"You have become a saint!"

This time, Yan Xingwen finally realized the problem. It turned out that it was not only that Ruo Wu, but also Lintian who had become a saint!

"What about dongsanggu? To me, you can be classified as the enemy to be killed just like those animals in the blood devil ancient world. "

After that, Lintian turned and left.

Behind him, Yan Xingwen's body was shattered and destroyed by the terrible Daoguang, and then the strong men in the ancient region of dongsang died one by one.

No one is immune!

Like Yan Xingwen and others, Lin Xun also saw many strong men from other fields along the way. All of them were killed.

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Such as Daluo ancient domain, Beiming ancient domain, yinjue ancient domain, Xingsha ancient domain, Jiuli ancient domain, Tianhuo ancient domain, etc.

It's no good watching.

For Lintian, he represented the ancient wasteland. The strong of the other eight areas were all enemies!

In the past, how did the other eight regions treat the ancient wasteland strongmen? Now, Lintian has to return them one by one!


Killing a group of Yan Xingwen was just an episode for Lintian.

Before long, he and ruowu joined and moved on.

Along the way, they didn't mean to hide anything, so they directly killed the past and set off a bloodbath all the way.

At this time, in a rolling snow mountain thousands of miles away from the moat city.

The three great saints who have been ordered to walk out of the city of moat have been waiting here.

"It's said that none of the Seven Saints of Le Xue Xiu could kill the woman named Ruo Wu. It can be seen that this woman can't be underestimated."

An old woman with a golden body covered with thick golden scales has a sharp voice.

She Biyun, the sage of Golden Snake.

"No matter how fierce she is, she shouldn't be so stupid as to run for death. All she can say is that this woman is crazy and obviously wants to follow the example of moths to the fire."

Next to him, a thin and elegant man in a grey robe opened his mouth indifferently, with a pair of scarlet eyes shining with a strange luster.

Le Tianheng!

Feiyuan is the supreme saint of the demons, the cousin of Le Xuexiu, and a cruel man in the later period of the true holy land.

In addition, there is a man in animal skin, whose skin is like a rock, and his hair is scrawled. He sits on the ground with his knees crossed indifferently and says nothing.

Crane Qingyan, golden wing dragon crane a vein of the top figure, crane Qinghuai's brother.

When he learned that he Qinghuai's death, he chose to fight for the first time!

"You say, how on earth did Le Xuexiu fall? Would it have been killed by narowa? "

She Biyun couldn't help asking.

"Bullshit! The depths of Shenlian forest are full of strange and dangerous things. It's not that saints have never fallen before. What's more, if you dance alone, how can you be the opponent of the seven top saints? "

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"Don't forget, this dance was almost killed before!"

Le Tianheng's face was very gloomy. The death of Le Xuexiu made him feel heartache.

From time to time, news will come from afar.

"No, that Lintian and ruowu have appeared in the" blood wolf mountain ". All the 19 saints stationed there have been killed!"

"The enemy has appeared three thousand miles away!"

"The enemy is approaching here..."

Before long, as the news came, Le Tianheng and she Biyun stopped talking. Qi Qi looked into the distance, and there was an irrepressible opportunity in his heart.

Between heaven and earth, the originally diffuse wind and snow were scattered by the terrible murderous atmosphere, and the wind in the void was full of whimpering, as shrill as ghosts crying and wolves howling.

"Here it is

Suddenly, a cold light flashed in Le Tianheng's Scarlet eyes, and his divine sense spread like a blanket.

"Moths to the fire is like playing with fire. I have to say that this woman That's stupid. "

She Biyun said without expression.

Quietly, he Qingyan, who had been meditating, got up from the ground.His rock like body was several feet high, like a mountain rising from the ground, giving people a sense of endless oppression.

He looked into the distance with indifference.

"I want her dead!"

Crane green rock lips gently spit out four words, each word, are full of moriran kill.

"Of course, the three of us are going out together. How can this stupid woman survive?"

She Biyun spoke leisurely.

From the beginning to the end, they all talked about how to kill Ruo Wu. They never thought about Lintian around Ruo Wu.

Because they still don't know about Lintian's holiness.

On the contrary, Ruo Wu was listed as the key person in the news!

Even Xiaoyin and split heaven devil butterfly were more important than Lintian.

In addition, Lintian hardly made any moves along the way, and he was hardly mentioned in all the news. Who can believe that Lintian, who didn't go to juejiao secret place to fight for opportunities, could also become a saint?

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