Thousands of miles away from this snow mountain is the city of moat.

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On the towering head of the city, bijianqiong, the sixth elder of the congenital demon sect, stands with his hand in the air and looks into the distance.

A thousand li, with the power of his divine consciousness in the highest holy land, we can feel the general situation.

"A woman, however, dares to follow the example of moths flying to the fire and set off a bloody battle. She points to our base camp. Is she stupid or courageous?"

The green sword murmurs.

Next to him, there are also some saints on the top of the mountain, who can't help laughing at the words.

When they heard that the woman named ruowu did not choose to escape from the blood demon world at the first time after she escaped from the Shenlian forest. Instead, she came to the city of moat in a dignified way, they were all stunned.

Is there such a person in the world who is not afraid of death?

After all, this is their base camp. There are dozens of saints sitting here. Who gave her the courage to die?

"A supreme female saint can't be a fool. She can only prove one thing by doing so. She really doesn't want to live."

Some people are joking and making fun of them.

"I don't want to live for a reason. In my opinion, it's better to capture her alive, torture her and ask her why she doesn't want to live."

Some people have strange light in their eyes.

This is a brilliant sage who looks like a beautiful young man, holding a gold and jade fan and wearing a Chinese robe.


One of the top ten blood demons in ancient China, Yinmei is the supreme saint.

When they heard the words, they all looked strange.

Everyone knows that although lie Yu is a saint, it is because what he seeks is a way of "double cultivation, picking and mending". He is greedy of flowers and lust.

This is not lust, but the art of yin and Yang is regarded as one's own way to seek. Lieyu can become a saint at the top of the mountain, which is by no means comparable to ordinary lusters.

However, it is true that lie Yu likes to collect beauties for her own enjoyment.

Obviously, he's looking at Ruo Wu again.

"Don't get me wrong. Although I have compassion for the enemy, I have the consciousness of destroying flowers with my own hands."

Lie Yu said with a smile.

As he was talking to himself, Bi Jianqiong suddenly flashed a magic light in his eyes and said:


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Almost at the same time, other saints on the top of the city spread their divine consciousness.


The wind and snow filled the mountains.

In Le Tianheng, she Biyun and he Qingyan, they stand on their own in one corner. The finished shape of the formation is like three barriers across the sky and the earth.

The invisible spirit of killing, like the tide, spreads all over the world, the heaven and the earth are silent, and all things are killing.

Saint a anger, Fu corpse million, blood drift scull!

At present, Le Tianheng is sitting here, and his breath is enough to wipe out all the characters below the holy land!

In the distance, Lintian's figure appeared. He was dressed in a white dress, with his hands on his back. He walked in the wind and snow like a leisurely walk.


Le Tianheng and others were stunned. They thought that if the dance would appear at the first time, Lin Xun would show up first.

"Why did the boy come out first?"

On the upper floor of the city of protecting the road, bijianqiong and other great saints frowned.

Before, all their analysis was based on how to kill Ruo Wu. They directly ignored Lintian.

However, this neglected role appeared first.

Of course, it was just a small accident. Soon, they were attracted by the Ruo dance that appeared with Lintian.

She was dressed in red, slender figure, walking in the white snow, green silk swaying, beautiful jade with holy luster, just like a fairy in the dust.

"How beautiful

Lie Yu's eyes brightened, and she licked her lips and said, "in any case, don't kill her. Such a beautiful woman is the best. You can't ask for it."

The others couldn't help laughing.

However, bijianqiong frowned a little. He was acutely aware that if he looked calm and calm, he didn't look like a stupid person like a moth to the fire.

She dare to come, is there any dependence?

In a moment, bijianqiong shook his head in silence. The place of thousands of miles was the base of their blood devil ancient region.

Even if the other side depends on it, it's no different from hitting a stone with an egg!

At the same time, the eyes of Le Tianheng and other three great saints also moved away from Lintian and fell on Ruo Wu.

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This woman, is worthy of their attention must be killed!

Between heaven and earth, the atmosphere became more and more repressive, even the whimpering wind was still.

If dance a Zheng, aware that there are three murders firmly lock themselves, on the contrary, it is Lin Xun become nobody's role.She couldn't help but smile and said: "it seems that they don't know the fact that you have become a saint, and they don't believe it now. Le Xuexiu and others were actually killed by you."

Lintian, who was walking in front of him, said casually, "isn't that better? Along the way, it's about 29000 Li. Along the way, you and Xiaoyin and Xiaotian are constantly killing each other, but I don't have much chance to fight. Now, it's my turn to play. "

If you dance with your lips, you can make a quick decision

Lintian said: "thousands of miles away, there are some old things watching the war. You should give them a surprise."

If dance nods: "that's settled."

When they talked, they came to the top of a snow mountain, thousands of feet away, which is the top of the mountain where Le Tianheng and he stood.

When each other's eyes looked at each other, a terrible sound of air collision, like thunder, resounded in the dead atmosphere.

For a moment, the heaven and the earth trembled, the mountains shook, the snow collapsed like a waterfall, and turned into a torrent.


Almost at the same time, if dance figure a flash, first swept out, a red dress fluttering, like flying under the sky rosefinch.

A flick of the sleeve.

Endless flame like the Yangtze River, the sky and the earth, the void melting, burning snow!

"Do it!"

In the thunderous roar, Le Tianheng, she Biyun and he Qingyan also attacked, one by one powerful and magnificent.


A long and narrow bloody Sabre is cut out of the sky by Le Tianheng. The mountains and rivers of heaven and earth are like canvases. Suddenly, it is cut open!

Buzzing ~

She Biyun spat in her lips and swept away with a colorful flying sword, which was magnificent and sharp.


He Qingyan's attack is the most domineering and fierce. His body, which is several feet high, burns the golden radiance. One step, the void collapses and Yin and Yang reverses.

And the right arm is then waved out, a punch, the burst of strength, make nine days ten ground a shudder, dull roar, just like the god man beating drum.

There is no nonsense, in the opposite moment, the battle broke out!

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On the wall of the moat City, someone touched and praised.

Bijian Qiong also nodded in secret. The saints fought against each other. If they didn't fight, they would fight. If they did, they would have the power of thunder and the power of plowing the fields and sweeping away the holes.

Their performance is really outstanding.


In the battlefield, if you dance in a flash, you will be besieged by the three great saints, and the nearby mountains will collapse, burst and be swept away by the terrible holy light.

All eyes were fixed on Ruo Wu, showing a sense of coldness.

No accident, the overall situation has been decided!

And Lintian, in the middle of no one's attention, raised his face. In his cold black eyes, there was a flash of murder.

On its body, the terrible smell covered by lion dragon gas is like a volcano that has been suppressed for 100000 years.


The blazing light breaks through the clouds in the sky and lights up the mountains and rivers.


In the battle, Le Tianheng and others' faces changed slightly. Subconsciously, they separated a wisp of consciousness and looked at the past.


On the top of the city, the sages like bijianqiong were shocked. They moved their attention to the place where the blazing Daoguang burst out.

At this time, Lintian had already made a move.

His black hair was flying, and his whole body was covered with bright and blazing light. It was like a big day rushing out of the abyss, and his arrogant power swept the whole audience.

With one step, all directions are in chaos, presenting the trend of earth shaking and everything collapsing.


Le Tianheng and others changed their looks and realized a mistake.

Before that, they all regarded Ruo dance as the first-class goal, and ignored Lintian. They thought that he had not become a saint and was not worth the sun.

But now, they just know, this son has already become a saint!

"No wonder you have no fear, so it is!"

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At the head of the city, bijianqiong is dressed in hunting clothes. His eyes are full of awe. He suddenly understands why he dares to kill all the way.

It turned out that Lintian was her reliance!

By the side of bijianqiong, a group of great sages were also stunned and caught off guard.

Without entering the secret place of Jue prison and fighting for the chance of Jue Ding to become a saint, did the young man like a mole ant become a saint?

How is that possible?

The accident happened so suddenly that they were all in a daze.

And in the battlefield, if the dancer's eyes shine: "the real killing will start from now on!"

After the initial shock, they all recovered.

As the supreme sages, their rich fighting experience and stable state of mind are far from ordinary.

The reason why he was surprised before was that he realized that Lintian was holy. If he thought that he could catch them by surprise, it would be a big mistake!At this time, Lintian had already started.


As soon as Lin Xunfu made a move, he moved time and space, which was as fast as a flash.

Shua Shua!

Three thousand taixuan sword Qi came out of the body, evolved into sword array, and covered chaole Tianheng.

But in Lintian's hands, the wordless pagoda had emerged, and was controlled by him. At the same time, it broke out.

Since he decided to surprise the other party, how could Lintian stay?

In the battlefield, there was a sudden chaos, and the sword array was sweeping, dense, crisscrossing and fierce.


Suddenly, Le Tianheng's face changed greatly. He was so frightened that his soul came out. The power of Lintian's attack made him feel suffocated.

Obviously, the other side is by no means the most extraordinary saint!

Thinking of this, Le Tianheng felt cold all over.


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