Chapter 143. Gotten fat

Zhou Qing Bai was indeed slightly innocent.

He said he wanted to go out with her, but she refused, and when she came back, she said that they, father and son had no conscience.

Ugh, all in all, it was her logic.

However, his wife must take care of the whole family, which really made her tired.

So Zhou Qing Bai compensated her on the kang at night. While the boys were asleep next to them, Lin Qing He had to endure like hell, not daring to call out.

Although Lin Qing He would complain occasionally, she was truly satisfied with her life.

Whether it was on or off the kang, cough cough, her man took good care of her.

The next day she asked Zhou Qing Bai to get pork.

Sister Mei got seven jins of pork belly at her side.

Seven jins of pork belly was naturally quite a lot, but when one jin (500g) of fresh meat was made into bacon, it was only about 300g at most.

Seven jins of fresh meat had shrunk by half, but Lin Qing He didn't care.

When the fresh meat was brought back, she began to marinate it. When it was marinated, it was hung in the backyard to dry. It'll be ready to eat in ten days.

"Mother, once the meat gets distributed, you can make more then," San Wa said.

"Just have some to satisfy the craving. You still want to plan to have your fill. Also, fresh meat is also very tasty." Lin Qing He responded.

In fact, she found it too troublesome and didn't want to do it. Still, there was no need to say how good the meat gets when it was under her hands.

On the fifteenth day of the twelfth lunar month, the team will kill pigs and divide meat.

The two pigs of Zhou Qing Bai's family were driven out, which also caused a lot of sensation. Afraid they would be at least two hundred jins!

Big rotund pig! A lump of veritable fatty meat!

Not to mention the fact that it can be exchanged for a lot of work points, but also when dividing the meat, they were given priority to choose the best meat.

Naturally, Lin Qing He wouldn't be shy. She brought Zhou Qing Bai and her three sons. Father Zhou stayed at home to watch Su Cheng, while Mother Zhou tagged along.

A large intestine, a pork liver, a pork stomach, ribs and big bones.

When adding these things up, it wasn't worth much and in current people's minds, they were all relatively inferior things.

Meat was divided into one, two, and third classes. The above items were third-class things.

Lin Qing He requested for these things first and then got a pig head. Then it was the fatty meat and pork belly, as well as lean meat, these first-class and second-class meat.

Zhou Qing Bai's were pooled together with Father Zhou's, so the quantity was naturally quite bountiful.

The whole family carried these things back home and caused everyone's eyes to drool again.

Especially when they heard Er Wa requesting a dish: "Mother, can we eat braised pork head tonight?"

Braised pork head meat ah.

Everyone couldn't help but smash their lips. That taste can really make people swallow their tongues.

But they got no time. They were all anxious to queue up to divide the meat.

Second Sister-in-law was allocated a few jins. Her face remained grim when she returned home. In the past two or three years, she was able to return with a stomach full of anger every time there was a meat distribution.

Second Brother became experienced. When he saw her come back like this, he didn't say anything.

Second Sister-in-law started to chop and cut the meat in a sullen manner. From that appearance, who knows whose meat was being chopped.

Eldest Sister-in-law and Third Sister-in-law were all smiles and began to prepare tonight's wonderful dish.

Lin Qing He was also occupied. She left the pig stomach and pig intestines to Zhou Qing Bai to clean up. With him, Mother Zhou wasn't needed.

There was also the pig's head. Zhou Qing Bai must come over and split it.

These kept Zhou Qing Bai busy, while Lin Qing He cut the fat first and then extract the oil.

Five jins of pork fat boiled out two cans of lard. Mother Zhou was very happy with the result: "This pig can really produce oil."

Lin Qing He put aside the can of lard, sprinkled a little salt powder on the oil residue, and stir-fried it. It tasted especially great, at least the boys found it extremely tasty.

But Lin Qing He didn't give too much food, just some to satisfy the craving.

Because the meat was about to be divided these days, Lin Qing He only went to Sister Mei to collect the meat. She didn't save some for themselves to eat, so naturally, they were feeling gluttonous.

Since they were gluttonous, it went without saying that they'll have a feast tonight.

Braised pork head, stir fry pork large intestines with pickled veg, pork liver with green onions, and of course a bone radish soup.

It was eaten with cornmeal mantou. The whole family felt content after having it.

Not a crumb was left.

Especially the braised pork head meat. Lin Qing He scooped out half a bowl of chili sauce. Although it was spicy, the braised pork head meat was dipped in the chili sauce was especially satisfying.

If one didn’t want to eat spicy food, they didn’t need to dip it. If they do, then it was fine.

Stuff like pig liver and pig intestines couldn't last long in cold weather, so they were all cooked and eaten.

There was still a lot of pork head meat and Lin Qing He had it all cut out. There were still three-quarters left. The plate they ate tonight was only one-fourth of it, but it was still very satisfying.

Because of the freezing weather, it was fine to set aside things like pork belly and pork ribs.

Early the next morning, the pig stomach was sorted out by Lin Qing He.

She didn't make pig stomach soup this time, instead, she made a solid dish, braised pork stomach. She also started to chop meat with Zhou Qing Bai to make meatballs.

In short, after the meat was divided this time, the food at home was really needless to say.

There was no room to eat the few pieces of bacon in the backyard. With so much, the bacon can continue to be aired. What was there to rush?

Zhou Xiao Mei came back with Su Da Lin on the 25th.

"Father and Mother, why do you two seem to be a lot fatter?" Zhou Xiao Mei said in surprise when she saw her parents. (T/N: she's not being rude. in china, fatter can be seen as healthier)

"Grandfather and Grandmother have a very good appetite. They eat a lot in every meal. Now they don't have to work, they certainly become fat." San Wa was still young and replied after hearing this.

"I heard from Da Lin, you are eating with my fourth sister-in-law now, Father, Mother?" Zhou Xiao Mei asked.

As for Su Da Lin, he was hugging his son without any intention to let go.

"Yes, we are eating with your fourth sister-in-law," Mother Zhou responded.

"It's no wonder." Zhou Xiao Mei nodded: "Can't praise Fourth Sister-in-law's cooking enough."

"Da Lin, it's good that you can come back with Xiao Mei. Why bring so many things back?" Mother Zhou remarked.

This time he brought a lot back, a chicken, several jins of meat, and a bag of rice. There was also a net bag of frozen fish and a half basket of eggs.

Others included milk powder for little Su Cheng, white rabbit candies for his nephews and nieces. Altogether, he did bring a lot of things back.

"It's... It's necessary." Su Da Lin grinned.

This man was so over the moon holding his son, he can't tell where North was anymore.

"This year we have come to live until the seventh day of the Lunar New Year, so we have to bring more." Zhou Xiao Mei explained.

"Send all these things to your fourth sister-in-law. At that time, we'll eat together at your fourth sister-in-law's," said Zhou Mu.

"This...won't it... be too troublesome for Four... Fourth Sister-in-law?" Su Da Lin said.

"It's really not a trivial matter to cook for so many people. I'll go over and ask fourth sister-in-law first." Zhou Xiao Mei grabbed some candies prepared for Da Wa and his brothers, and then turned to San Wa again: "San Wa, do you want to go with your aunt?"

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