Le Tianheng didn't have time to think about it. He waved his sword and went all out to attack.

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Bang bang!

Every sword has the power of destroying ghosts and gods, which makes the Qi and blood of Tian Heng rolling and the mouth and nose gushing.

What kind of sword Qi is it? How can it be so terrible?

Le Tianheng looked startled. Just for a moment, he stopped thousands of swords, but he was also seriously injured.

The most terrible thing is that in all directions, there are dense sword Qi whistling.


He had to be angry and roar. Under the stimulation of death, he was completely desperate.


The interwoven sword curtain was finally opened, and the sword in Le Tianheng's hand was full of holes. Finally, it was unbearable to attack and burst into pieces.

But without waiting for Le Tianheng's reaction, a pagoda with obscure words like gold and iron has been destroyed.

That breath has the power of killing heaven and earth, destroying mountains and rivers!


Le Tianheng completely turned pale, but there was no time to dodge. In a shrill and unwilling roar, his body was smashed, and the blood and flesh turned into fragments were evaporated.

When there is no one to ask for help, they will go out boldly.

In a blink of an eye, kill the saint of Jue Ding!

All of a sudden, there was a silence.

She Biyun and he Qingyan, both of whom are fighting fiercely with Ruo dance, are all stiff. Their faces change greatly, and they almost lose their voice.

Before, they all ignored Lintian. Who could imagine that such a mole ant had become a supreme saint, and his fighting power was so terrible?


Thousands of miles away, on the city tower, bijianqiong and others were startled, and their eyes widened.

Le Tianheng, an old monster of the flying kite demon clan, has a higher generation than Le Xuexiu. Among the top saints, his combat power is also first-class.

But in an instant, he was killed by the most cruel means!

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"How can that little bastard be so strong?"

Some people were shocked.

"It should be that Le Tianheng was caught unprepared. Who could have thought that this little scum would be hidden so deeply?"

Someone's face is gloomy.



In the battlefield, as soon as he killed Le Tianheng, Lintian's figure turned around without stopping. Holding the road without terminal tower, he killed she Biyun.

Its figure flows surging light, and its power is like a demon. The breath of its actions oppresses the universe!

She Biyun's face changed. She screamed and fought hard.


When the word came out of Lintian's lips, a colorful flying sword from she Biyun was smashed out.

Then, three thousand taixuan sword Qi covered and submerged she Biyun's body, the speed of action, the power of hegemony, shaking the world!

Even Ruo Wu, who is also in the battlefield, can't help but be shocked.

She remembered that when he was fighting against the seven top saints, such as Le Xuexiu, Lintian just regarded each other as a grindstone, and was deducing and refining his own Tao and Dharma.

This also means that at that time, he didn't do his best.

But now, it's obviously different!

In order to make a quick decision or to give each other a "surprise", at this time, Lin xuncai really showed his fangs!

Poop, poop!

There was no accident at all. She Biyun's body was crushed by endless sword Qi, and the blood rain poured down like a waterfall.

To her death, she didn't even have a chance to escape and resist.

Before and after, just a moment later, another great sage was killed, his body was killed by the sword, and his blood was red!


Lintian suddenly turned his head, and his black eyes were like electricity. He locked the crane green rock.

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At this time, he Qingyan, who was the most domineering and murderous, was determined to avenge his younger sister, he Qinghuai. Now he was cold, like falling into an ice cave!

When Lin Xun was staring at him, as a saint, he could not help shivering.

"It's your turn."

In the roar of the sky, Lintian's figure disappeared out of thin air.

He Qingyan's first thought is to escape!

Such a great enemy can't resist at all. If you want to protect your life, you have to flee.

Unfortunately, if dance has been attacking, it also plays a role of containment, making he Qingyan unable to escape.

In this case, Lintian appeared in front of him and began to kill him!

"How could..."

Thousands of miles away on the top of the city, a group of great saints are thrilled.

Before and after only seven breaths, Le Tianheng and she Biyun were killed one after another, and they died under each other's powerful attack!

These are the two supreme sages. They are the sages of a family. They are already the masters of heaven in the nine regions.But now, it was as vulnerable as a fat Mayer, was killed!

Who can believe it?

"Do you think that the seven of them, Le Xuexiu, were also killed by this son?"

Suddenly, someone asked.

It's just a problem, which makes bijianqiong's face change and their heart shake.

Before, they subconsciously believed that the suffering of Le Xuexiu and others was related to the strange and dangerous environment deep in the forest of Shenlian.

After all, these are the seven great saints, who almost died in pursuit of Ruo dance!

But when they saw Lintian's fighting power, they realized that their death had something to do with Lintian

This is terrible!

"No, heqingyan is on the verge of extinction. Why don't you go to the rescue soon?"

Suddenly, bijianqiong's face changed.

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At that moment, several top saints moved away from the void without hesitation.

For them, the land of thousands of miles is just a blink of an eye.

But in the blink of an eye, Lintian held the endless tower of the avenue, just like he swung a holy mountain to chop it down.


He Qingyan's body, which was several feet high, was smashed and exploded, and the splashed blood was evaporated in the void.

At this time, lie Yu and other five top saints could have arrived in the field. If they were not quick eyed, they would have been splashed with blood.

"The third one."

Lintian opened his mouth with a cold look. His body was full of light. A pagoda was suspended above his head, and it was full of light.

He stands alone, just like an immortal fighting in the world. He has the spirit of being out of the world and the power of dominating the universe.

Lie Yu and others look changeable.

Until now, they still have an unacceptable feeling.

Ten breaths, kill three supreme saints. If this is spread out, who will believe it?

Who dares to believe that such achievements come from a young man who has just become a saint?

It's incredible!

"Le Xue Xiu, they By you, too? "

An old man with yellow hair and a golden robe spoke with a gloomy face.

"Not bad."

Lintian nodded calmly. With his current strength, he didn't want to hide.

But Lieyu, they can't calm down.

It's true!

Doesn't this mean that, with the three of Le Tianheng, there are ten absolute saints killed by this son?

Juetong saint is not Chinese cabbage, even in the other eight domains, there are only a few of them.

But only in one day, there are ten top saints were destroyed, this loss can be too big!

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They can not care about the strong people of all ethnic groups who were killed by Lintian on the way, or ignore the real saints who died in Lintian's hands.

But I can't care about the death of those absolute saints!

Because, the real hegemony of the nine regions battlefield is dominated by juetong Zhensheng!

In fact, they were all wrong. Only nine people died in Lintian's hands. Cang xingkun was killed by Ruo Wu.

But none of that matters.

What's important is that lie Yu finally realized that the reason why Lintian and ruowu dared to run wild and set off a bloodbath all the way to point the spearhead at their old nest is Lintian!

"Isn't it a surprise, a surprise?"

Lintian's black eyes glanced at all the saints on the top of the mountain and opened his mouth with a smile.

Can fall into lie Yu their ears, but make them face together a sink, eyes canthus want to crack, one by one kill opportunity soar.

When did they dare to be ignored?


"Little bastard, this is the blood demon world. Do you really think that you can ignore everything and act recklessly with your own power?"

An old monster has a look.

"This son should be punished!"

The other cut the railway.

"No, I want him to live like death!"

One after another, the top figures began to speak with anger and hatred, and the whole atmosphere was turbulent, which made the whole world fall into mourning and void disorder.

However, Lintian didn't seem to realize it. He said calmly, "seven are dead, three are still dead. Do you five feel that if you are surrounded, you can not die?"

In a word, the air of hegemony overflows!

Thousands of miles away, on the upper floor of the city, bijianqiong's face changed slightly, and he drank violently and said, "come back!"

But it's one step slower.


(continue to work for 3 consecutive hours!)

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