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As soon as the words fell, Lintian had already launched a fierce attack. In his acupoints, three thousand taixuan sword Qi swept out and evolved into a sword array.


The broken blade flies into the void, and the sound of it is loud and clear. It is fierce and fierce.

On the top of Lintian's head, the road had no end, and the tower was filled with dazzling Xuanjin Daoguang. On the surface, there were many obscure and abstruse characters on the road.

In a flash, Lintian tried his best to refine Qi and body!

Compared with the killing of Le Tianheng and other three people just now, it is obviously totally different. It has become more terrifying, more powerful and more heart shaking.


Lie Yu drinks and waves the Golden Jade fan in his hand.

The current situation is that there is no time to retreat, otherwise, Lintian will be locked firmly, lose the opportunity and fall into passivity.


The battle broke out, and suddenly the sun and the moon turned around.

The rolling snow mountains nearby were swept away from the earth by the terrible waves.

Visible to the naked eye, thousands of miles in front of the city of moat have suffered a terrible impact, and the tortoise on the earth has split a shocking ravine.

And in the sky, the gorgeous treasure light flows, the magic way pours, and all kinds of terrible visions are set off. There are gods and Demons appearing, thunder and lightning surging, sword chanting like a tide, and blade shining and dancing.

At this moment, heaven and earth are shocked!

This is the real supreme jihad. Isn't the power of destruction unusual?

At this time, even countless blood demons distributed in the city of moat were startled and rushed into the void one after another, watching from afar.

"What happened?"

"What? How dare anyone come out of the city of our moat to do wild things? "

"It's a duel between the supreme sages!"

"Who is so bold and impatient?"

In the city of the moat, there was an uproar, all of which were extremely surprised.

Soon, they learned that the man who came was Lintian, who was ordered to be killed by xueqingyi. For a moment, they were more and more incredible.

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"That guy has become the supreme saint?"

Many people tremble.

It's unbelievable. Noble as blood, green clothes and other peerless people have to go to juejian secret place to fight for the chance of becoming a saint.

But this Lintian, trapped in the forest of Shenlian, jumped to become the supreme saint. This is undoubtedly too shocking.

"Before, there were three sounds of the holy meteorite that penetrated the sky. Shouldn't they Is that what Lintian did? "

There are also many people who are shocked and suspicious.

For a moment, in the huge moat City, countless eyes were looking at the battle far away.

"Damn it! When did the two legged sheep of the ancient wasteland dare to fight in front of our camp? "

"We must kill this villain and hang his body in front of the city as an example."

"And that woman, too! No matter who dares to challenge, they will all die! "

I don't know how many angry voices resound, and everyone's look is full of ferocious, gloomy, and can't hide the violent mood.

The ancient wasteland is a desolate and barren land in their mind, and the strong of the ancient wasteland is regarded as the livestock that they can slaughter.

But now, there is such a two legged sheep killed in front of their nest, which makes everyone feel a shame.

"Give me an order that from now on, no one should leave the city without permission!"

On the wall of the city, the sound of bijianqiong opens.

Then he looked at the battlefield, and his heart was filled with unspeakable shame.

They were killed in front of the old nest by the ancient wasteland strongmen they despised most. This has never happened in the past nine territory struggle!

"Summon the supreme sages of all nationalities to join me and prepare to kill the enemy!"

Taking a deep breath, bijianqiong gave an order again. He gritted his teeth and said, "this time, I will let this pair of dogs and men die!"

Think about it. If they can't leave each other today, how will they feel when they return?

When the news of this war reaches the ears of other powerful people in the domain, how should they treat their blood demon ancient domain?



In the battlefield, the five ways are full of the atmosphere of destroying heaven and earth. There are holy treasures flying in the sky, gods shining down on the world, releasing infinite waves, and there are ways and methods flying across the sky, rebelling against the five elements, and murderous Qi rushing to the sky. There's thunder, the arc is like a dragon

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Together, the five sages at the top of the mountain will overturn the universe and break the mountains and rivers!

If put in the outside world, a huge city will be wiped out in an instant, causing a scene of destruction absolutely beyond imagination.

But at this time, Lintian was no longer comparable.

Under the siege, he looks calm, only killing like boiling, fighting power.


All around him, the stars were drowning in the sky, and the road was transpiration, turning into a matchless abyss, just like the river of heaven hanging upside down.No matter what kind of holy treasure you had, all of them were like bubbles in front of Lintian.


The five great saints turned pale, and the siege was broken by a powerful force of terror, which made them stagger and retreat.

The place where Lintian was located was void, and everything turned into nothingness!


Seeing Lintian's arrogant posture, not only the strong men in the city of protecting the road, but also bijianqiong road was shocked. His face changed, his body became stiff, and he couldn't stop breathing cold air.

"This Is this still human? "

Some people screamed, their voices filled with horror.

"How could he be so strong?"

Even some old monsters who have seen a lot and lived for many years can't help shivering in their hearts.

As soon as they set foot on the top of the holy land, they had an invincible power, which broke their previous cognition and made them not believe their eyes.

If the dance had retreated to the battlefield, it was not that she could not get involved, but that she was worried that she would become a burden to Lintian.

No one knew better than him. Even if he was besieged by the seven great saints, he could not help Lintian, not to mention the five people in front of him?

Doomed to the same futility!


A gray robed old man with thick hair and strong hair, picked up a huge lightning hammer and smashed it at Lintian.

Rumbling ~ ~ the terrible purple thunder and lightning, like a raging waterfall torrent, is full of the dense power of the law of the holy way, pouring down.


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As soon as Lintian pointed out, he blocked the powerful purple electric hammer.

It was a powerful holy treasure, which could easily break the mountains, rivers, lakes and seas. However, facing Lintian's finger, it was like a natural moat, unable to enter.

The face of the old man in the grey robe was red, and he tried his best to urge him, but he was still in vain.

On the contrary, he was seized by Lintian's palm and fingers, and suddenly grabbed the purple electric hammer and smashed it out with his backhand.

A purple electric hammer. When it was smashed by Lintian, its power suddenly soared.

With a bang, the grey robed old man was shocked and coughed blood.

At the same time, the other four great saints have come.

This kind of siege is really too amazing. Each of them has the power to cover the sky and the earth, and they attack together, which makes people almost unable to resist.

But Lintian was calm and calm.

He gently raised his hand and suddenly grasped the endless tower of the avenue. He clasped his fingers and turned them into a fist. Then he shot it through the air.


In the palm of the palm, the pagoda radiates bright golden light, and the terrifying force pours into the boxing force, and finally turns into a bright and glowing beam, showing a kind of terrifying power of suppressing the eight wastelands.

As if in front of this fist, it will be unstoppable!

In an instant, the mountains and rivers are broken, and all things sink.

The five sages at the top of the mountain were thrown away again. One by one, they retreated and dodged like lightning. And Lintian's irresistible fist force had forced him to the old man in the gray robe.


The old man in the grey robe roared at the sky and tried his best to resist, but it was no different from the mantis arm blocking the car.

When he was swept away by the strength of his fist, his body exploded in an instant, and blood was pouring in.

Even his spirit was destroyed by the powerful boxing style!

One punch, shake five top saints, kill the old man in grey robe!

All the people who watched the battle in the city of guarding the road were so stupid that their eyes almost fell out.

"The fourth."

Lintian spoke calmly. When he opened his mouth, others had already stepped in the air. With a twinkle, he attacked other opponents.

On the sky, the dazzling blood light rolled, and the sound of Saint meteorite's sorrow floated.

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The rest of the four great saints were already angry, frightened and scared, but by this time they had to fight with all their strength.

The rear is their home. Now there are many eyes on it. How can they retreat?

Once retired, they are doomed to be unable to lift their heads in their life!

"The magic light

"The eight wasters kill the spirit."

"Yin and Yang cut!"

A variety of magic methods, powers and treasures poured out and bombarded Lintian.

But no matter what kind of attack, he was defeated by Lintian.

He's just like a man without invasion!


The next moment, in the light and rain, Lintian had come to a short and thin man.

The man was suddenly surprised, his lips roared, his hands crossed, and a cross of yin and Yang suddenly appeared in the void.

The cross, one horizontal and one vertical, one black and one white, presents a strange and terrifying felling atmosphere. As soon as it appears, the nearby void is torn like paper paste into a cross crack, which spreads to the distance, shocking.No doubt, this is the man's trump card!


However, in the face of this and so on, Lintian didn't care about it and waved his fist in the air.


The yin-yang cross cut exploded in an instant. Although Lintian's boxing power was also destroyed, the road without terminal tower, which had long been trapped in the boxing power, roared and killed him.

In an instant, his armor, treasures and defense forces were smashed. Starting from his head, he was smashed directly by the pagoda, and his body burst.

From a distance, it looks like a lantern made of paper is crushed and dead.

Another great sage fell!

At this moment, lie Yu and the other three people were not frightened, but frightened, and their liver and gall were ready to crack.

The siege didn't help. On the contrary, it was smashed and pushed by the other side!

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