In the distance, in the city of moat, there was a dead silence.

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Countless people look frozen, staring big eyes, still can't believe it.

They expected that Lintian, who was besieged by the saints, was doomed to die, so they all clamored to make Lintian die very ugly.

But it turns out But the opposite is true!

There were many great saints around bijianqiong now. But when he saw Lintian's bloody method, he felt cold.

Lintian could kill the enemy in the siege of the five top saints at will, which means that he could also use this method to deal with them!

It can also be seen that although the young man who has been ignored by them has just set foot on the top of the holy land, his strength has far surpassed them!


Lie Yu drinks violently.

He was no longer willing to fight any more.

Only by fighting with Lintian, can we understand how terrible the young man's fighting power is.

"Can you escape?"

Ruo Wu, who had been waiting for him for a long time, was in the way of lie Yu's retreat.

In an instant, the color of the jade changed.

Before, when he was in the city, he was full of enthusiasm and made no secret of his desire for Ruo dance. He wanted to capture Ruo dance and make up for it.

But now, his heart is only angry, wish if dance immediately disappear from the eyes.


Lintian's voice sounded again.

His fist was so powerful that it was like the sun exploding in the void.

Bang bang!

In front of him, a supreme saint was blown upside down. His body broke and split inch by inch on the way. In the end, his head exploded.

This scene was so exciting that Lieyu could not help screaming: "bijianqiong, you just can't help yourself!"

The roar of anger resounded through the sky.

At the head of the city thousands of miles away, bijianqiong looked uncertain. He suddenly clenched his teeth and waved: "as you can see, this son is ferocious and extraordinary. Now, who would like to go to the first World War?"

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Nearby, there are more than ten top saints, but at this time, they look at each other with twinkling eyes.

It's not afraid, but it's very clear that no matter who attacks alone, it's doomed that he can't be Lintian's opponent. It's no different from death.


Bijianqiong was so angry that he said, "this is my blood devil ancient region camp. Are you scared by a two legged sheep? When it comes out, where is the face of our blood devil ancient region? "


It was suggested.

"All right!"

Immediately, everyone gritted their teeth and nodded.

As bijianqiong said, this battle must be won!

Otherwise, if Lintian left alive, they would become a joke in the battlefield of the nine realms!

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

A rainbow, flickering and moving in the void, from the city of road protection to the battlefield thousands of miles away.

The speed is astonishing.

"It's not right, Lintian!"

If the dancing star eyes a coagulation, sound reminder.

At this moment, there were at least sixteen ways representing the breath of the supreme sage, which were approaching quickly. It was chilling.

Hearing the words, Lintian said casually, "if you dance, you should step back to the distance. I'll try this battle. Can they stop me?"

The voice is determined, and it has its own noble spirit.

If dance a Zheng.

But originally the lie jade of panic has restored calm, sneer a voice: "beauty, this time you can't escape!"

His teeth itch with hatred.

He has never been so embarrassed since he became the supreme saint!

Now, he needs to vent.

But at this time, Lintian's cold voice was heard: "the seventh one."

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Lie Yu's face changed suddenly. When she looked up, she saw a terrible light, which stirred the Six Harmonies of heaven and earth, and covered the figure of a great sage.

In a flash, my soul was broken!

And Lintian looked at him from a distance.

Lie Yu's scalp was numb with surprise, and she avoided it subconsciously.

Lintian didn't pursue him. He looked at ruowu: "believe me."

The three simple words shocked Ruo Wu's heart. She took a deep breath and said, "I'll sweep the array for you!"

After that, she walked away in a flash.

At this time, a total of 16 top saints, including men and women, the old and the young, have come in droves.

In this nine domain battlefield, these are a group of giants who are like masters. They will not show up easily unless they are in a critical moment.

But now, just to deal with Lintian, these top saints went out together.

Plus lie Yu, a total of 17 giants, encircle the front!Heaven and earth kill, the air as if frozen, thousands of miles of land, heaven and earth color change, storm surge.

In the city of moat, countless people pay attention to it.

At the head of the city, bijianqiong breathed a sigh of relief, but his face was still gloomy.

Before, less than a cup of tea time, seven top saints were killed one after another, which is simply intolerable.

He did not dare to imagine that if xueqingyi came back with the news, he would be mad.


In the battlefield, Lintian's black eyes were cold. Although he was standing there alone, his momentum was still powerful.

"Little bastard, you are doomed to be killed this time!"

The fierce Jade's facial expression is dense, the eye son is full of hate idea.

Who says saints have no anger?

The higher your accomplishments are, the less you will hide the fluctuation of seven emotions and six desires. Because you are powerful enough, you are fearless!

"Not seven, not three, not five..."

Lintian said calmly, "as for you Still not! "

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Someone was drinking too much.

Lintian looked at him and saw that he was an old man with hair like snow. He couldn't help sneering, "don't you agree? How dare you fight with me alone? "

The old man's face suddenly darkened and he could not say a word.

Lintian couldn't help laughing: "a group of old animals, do you know what is rampant? Or do you have rampant capital? It's only because there are so many people and so many people! "

The faces of the saints at the top of the mountain were gloomy.

It's really a shame to deal with a young man, but they have to fight together in groups. Even if they win, it's not a glorious thing.

But they can only do so!

Lintian's fighting power made them all jump. How could they dare to fight with him one by one?

It's no different from death!

"Stop talking to him and do it."

Lie Yu drank.

Hearing the words, Lintian laughed louder and louder. The sound was like a dragon singing for nine days: "today, I'm here to kill you old dogs!"


He took the lead.

However, this time and before different, he has no reservation, will own power operation to the extreme!


On the other side, a group of great saints also attacked.


Heaven and earth seem to explode, and a battle of this scale can be called a decisive battle in the whole nine regions.

In the city of protecting the road, I don't know how many strong people have a stabbing pain in front of their eyes, and their spirits are palpitating. They are almost suffocated by the breath of terror.

Someone was shivering and sweating.

Some people are sitting on the ground paralyzed and their ears are buzzing.

Others directly abandon the six senses and dare not watch the war for fear of being impacted and shaking their own foundation.

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At the head of the city, bijianqiong was nervous and dignified.

At the same time, Ruo dance, who swept the array in the distance, was tense all over. There was a tension on her beautiful white face.

This battle was destined to be totally different from before, but it was the whole seventeen supreme saints who attacked together. She was shocked and frightened by the power.

After all, both of them were the top saints, and Lintian had never really called himself invincible in this situation. The advantage of each other's number had played a crucial role!


Can we break through the siege?


Between heaven and earth, the sound of Tao is booming, the light of Tao is flowing, and the flaming divine light is interwoven with gorgeous Baoxia, just like a raging storm, which fills nine days and ten places.

It's a terrible duel!

Every supreme Saint controls the way of destroying heaven and earth, and has a holy treasure powerful enough to burn mountains and boil the sea.

They have no lack of fighting experience, no lack of means of attack and cutting, and no lack of strength and ruthlessness.

Now, we are working together in this field, and we are targeting Lintian. That kind of power is enough to make anyone feel desperate.

At this moment, Lintian's pressure doubled!

No matter how he moves, he will inevitably be bombarded, not to mention killing the enemy. Even his self-protection is limited.

Before long, he fell into a passive position.

All the saints, including lie Yu, were inspired, and the power of many people was finally reflected at this moment!

Or, this son is not afraid of being besieged by seven people, but when faced with the siege of the seventeen supreme sages, he looks unbearable.

There was no need to discuss at all. Lieyu's attack became more and more fierce. He didn't intend to give Lintian any chance to breathe.

They had already seen Lintian's strength. If they let him leave alive, they couldn't imagine whether they would have a chance to kill him in the future!

"This time, I will kill this son!"

At this moment, lie Yu and they were all cruel.——

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