A two legged sheep from an ancient wasteland, however, killed them in their base camp and made a world shaking scene, which made them lose a group of top saints.

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How can such humiliation and blood feud not be avenged?

Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!

These saints on the top of the mountain are all red eyed, and their killing opportunities soar to the sky, which startles the mountains and rivers in ten directions.

For a long time, Lintian's flame and edge were completely suppressed!

This let if dance in the heart a pull.

Really not?

She sighed in her heart. In the final analysis, although Lintian was absolutely holy and had great fighting power, he was still short of time in the cultivation of holy land.

Otherwise, how can those old people suppress him?

A burst of excited cheers broke out in the city of moat.

Lintian's powerful means before made them shocked, cold, incredible and unacceptable.

Now, when they saw that Lintian was suppressed, how could they not be excited and ecstatic?

It's like seeing a first-class enemy being killed. There's a feeling of expectation that's too excited to hide.

On the head of the city, bijianqiong also vomited a mouthful of turbid air, and said: "the overall situation has been decided, this son is doomed to fly!"



A young artillery man roared, holding a halberd surrounded by a blue flame, and chopped his head down.

With a bang, Lintian, who was resisting other attacks, was shocked to retreat several steps before he stabilized his figure.


On the other side, a woman with purple clothes seized the opportunity and flashed a cruel look in her eyes. She had been waiting for the opportunity for a long time and did not hesitate to cut a sword.

If you dance, your face changes.

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Behind Lintian's back, a negative beast appeared. It was vivid, full of Holy Spirit, and shook each other with a sword.


In the deafening roar, Lintian's body suddenly sank. He couldn't bear it any more. He fell into the void and fell into the ravine.

Fortunately, no one suffered.

This is, if the heart that the dance mentions is about to put down, the other great saints have seized the opportunity to make a move one after another!

These are a group of old monsters who have lived for many years. They are extremely experienced in fighting. Each blow is earth shaking and terrifying.

Lin Xun was defeated. Although he was strong and had a unique heritage, he seemed to be unable to support himself in the face of the encirclement and killing of more than ten top saints.

In the end, he was shocked to cough up blood!

If dance a pair of jade hands can't help clenching up, cherry lips bite not consciously, a pair of star eyes staring at the field, ready to help desperately.

Lintian can't die!

As long as he is there, the ancient wasteland camp will have the hope of being shamed before the snow in the battlefield of the nine regions!


At this time, Lieyu and other seventeen saints did not intend to drag on any longer, and they began to work hard.

All of a sudden, the divine awn between heaven and earth is surging, the light of the Tao is flowing, and the surging power of the holy way is overwhelming, almost sinking the heaven and earth.

This terrible fluctuation even made countless people turn pale in the moat city. Even bijianqiong was moved.

In the face of the fatal blow, Lintian, who was slightly pale in the cheek, laughed instead of anger and made a roaring sound in his lips:


At this moment, a breath of immeasurability and blazing unparalleled rose from him.

His whole person seems to have some kind of transformation. He is still the supreme saint, but his power is soaring, running through nine days and ten places.

Thousands of miles around the land, the void Qi Qi Yi Chan, wailing incessantly, like bow to the throne!

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As he pressed out with one hand.


A group of Taoist dharmas, like a flood of treasures, all of them were stunned as if they were blocked by a hundred thousand mountains.

And then, bang!

Between heaven and earth, light and rain are flying, Shenxia flow, turbulence and chaos, I do not know how many voices at the same time.

And Lintian's figure had already set foot in the sky. He broke through the encirclement and turned the tide, and swept away the depression that had been suppressed before!

The magnificent Taoist light was like light and rain. It floated around Lintian's body like a dream. His whole spirit was like a perfect match with heaven and earth.

If you stand there at will, you can't shake it.

Thousands of miles of void wailing, just like bowing to a master!

At this moment, countless observers were stunned.

They were all dying, but the situation was reversed in such a sudden that no one expected it.

The change of Lintian's breath was even more shocking!

"Damn it

At the head of the city, bijianqiong cursed in a low voice, and his face was gloomy.

Before, he thought that the battle was coming to an end, and his heart was agitated. However, he thought that something had changed, which made him feel bad.

If you dance, you will feel relieved and relaxed. This guy has always been so unexpected. Right, how can a character like him be suppressed so easily?In the battlefield, the faces of the seventeen saints like lie Yu were also uncertain. At this time, Lin Xun gave them a sense of Nirvana and rebirth.

It makes them incredible.

How could such a strange change take place when it is clear that it is the most holy place?

"My Dharma of the way will begin at this moment!"

Lintian murmured in his heart.

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His eyes narrowed slightly, as if in aftertaste.

In the previous battle, he released all three kinds of paths to the top and exerted his own Tao and Dharma.

Although he had been suppressed all the time, he was in a very dangerous situation, but in the bloody killing, he had a kind of insight and opened a new door.

This door, and create their own "law" related!

Thousands of mysteries and all kinds of magic methods are created by others. Only by truly creating their own method can they perfectly fit their own way.

Before, Lintian had thought about this problem, but it was too vague, like watching flowers in the fog and looking for the moon in the water.

It was also in this war that he understood where his "law" should start.

That is to melt gas refining, spirit refining and body refining into one furnace, and to cast one's own Tao and Dharma into one body.

When all the laws come back to the place where they belong, I will succeed!

Realizing this also made Lintian fully understand that if he wanted to be invincible in this situation, he must have my invincible method!

Just now, the reversal of the situation was a flash of Lintian's spirit and a blow from realizing the "Dharma". Lintian was surprised by the strength of his power.

Of course, even if he didn't realize this, Lintian also had the means to reverse the situation, but at that time, it was not enough for him to expose the real card of forbidden death.

"Kill him!"

Lie Yu roars.

The change of Lintian's breath made them feel bad, and their offensive became more and more fierce.

However, Lintian at the moment was not comparable to before.

The whole world is different.

It's like being at the bottom of a well with only one side of the sky in front of you.

In this way, when he fought again, Lintian's attack method was completely different from before.


The three thousand taixuan sword Qi is swept out, and the essence, Qi and spirit branded by each sword Qi are perfectly matched with the Dao, the training body, the spirit and the cultivation, resulting in a kind of "natural, only the essence and the only one" charm.

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Just for a moment, all kinds of attacks were shattered and split by the boundless sword Qi, forcing some of the top figures even to dodge.

"That's it!"

Lintian laughed.

In the past, the three forces on the way to the top were independent of each other. Although they could produce echoes and connections, they were not really in agreement after all.

Now, when he makes a move, the power of the three ways has begun to merge, regardless of each other, but the power has doubled!

Only when the three principles are in one can the essence be unique.

And the invincible law will also be formed here!


The saints at the top of the mountain look more and more gloomy. They attack with all their strength, and each one seems to be crazy.

Before that, Lintian was still under the control of them. He was in a terrible situation. But in the blink of an eye, there seemed to be a sign of reversal. How could they accept that?

"Today, I'll cut off your old dogs and sacrifice them to me!"

At the same time, Lintian also attacked fiercely.

When he realized the beauty of three ways in one, he was like opening a door. Many inspirations came to his heart, which made him have a strong desire for confirmation.


The broken blade swept out and cut out in a rage, just like a galaxy falling into the sky, and the killing and cutting gas against the sky swept away.

That kind of power is more than twice as powerful as before?


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