Chapter 139. Relying on her family's man's power

Back at home.

Zhou Qing Bai heard about Third Brother Lin's visit.

"I'm going back tomorrow." Lin Qing He said.

"I'll go with you." Zhou Qing Bai replied.

Lin Qing He halted before smiling: "No need. Don't follow. If you follow me, then I will lose the upper-hand."

Zhou Qing Bai stared at her and asked what she meant with his eyes.

"Anyway, leave it at that. This is my maternal family's matter and only I can solve it." Lin Qing He stated.

"Don't make it too strain." Zhou Qing Bai said.

Lin Qing He chuckled and looked at him as she declared, "I only have my man and my sons in my heart. I will not be merciful to anyone who dares to disturb my life."

She certainly won't show mercy. So she came to old Lin's house after breakfast the next day.

Mother Lin had just packed her things and was about to go out to teach that unfilial girl.

"Oh, isn't this Third Sister? I didn't expect you to pass through the family door..."


Lin Qing He parked the bicycle and gave the sharp-mouthed Second Sister-in-law Lin a slap. This caused her to be dizzy.

Second Sister-in-law Lin wasn't the only taken by surprise, the other members of the old Lin family did too.

Mother Lin, Eldest Brother Lin, Eldest Sister-in-law Lin, Second Brother Lin, Third Brother Lin, and Third Sister-in-law Lin never expect that Lin Qing He, who had not returned to her family for a long time, to greet her second sister-in-law with a slap in the face.

"You hit me?" Second Sister-in-law Lin covered her face and finally reacted. She stared at Lin Qing He with wide-eyed eyes: "You bitch, you dare to hit me? See if I won't beat you to death!"

After speaking, she rushed toward Lin Qing He.

How could Lin Qing He be afraid of her? She avoided the hand which was aimed at her face, grabbed her hair, and then threw Second Sister-in-law Lin over the shoulder.

With a "bang", Second Sister-in-law Lin landed on the ground and howled.

Lin Qing He had only used this trick once before, when she found Second Sister-in-law annoying and threw her out without any hesitation.

Once again, old Lin family turned into statues due to her action.

"Lin Qinghe's gossip is something you, Li Cui Hua dare to say? I haven't teach a lesson, so you don't know my temper?" Lin Qing He said as she stared down at Second Sister-in-law Lin, who was on the ground.

"Old Second Lin, are you dead? Seeing your woman getting beaten and you still stand there and watch!" Still not getting up, Second Sister-in-law Lin howled on the ground while scolding Second Brother Lin.

"This is a matter between us women. Old Second Lin, if you dare to touch me, my Qing Bai can break your dog legs at once without hesitation. If you don't believe it, you can try it." Lin Qing He coldly swept a glance at Second Brother Lin.

Only now, Second Brother Lin reacted. His face was extremely gloomy. He really wanted to teach his sister, but when Lin Qinghe said this, he really didn't dare to do it.

Who was Zhou Qing Bai? He retired as a soldier, and he can toy with a few of him when fighting.

Moreover, there was no need to ask who taught Lin Qing He this extremely neat shoulder throw just now!

"Old Second Lin, you're just going to let me be beaten like this?" Second Sister-in-law Lin wife was furious.

"This is forcing your man to get his dog's legs broken. Why do you keep such a cruel wife, Old Second Lin? Simply divorce and marry another. Marry a better one. You can't keep this kind of troublemaker. The atmosphere of Lin family was destroyed by her," Lin Qing He said.

"You haven't wiped your butt clean, so don't come back and point around in your maternal family!" Second Brother Lin threw back immediately.

"Old Second Lin, you'd better be polite to me when you speak. If you keep talking sh*t, would you believe that I'll feed you sh*t?" Lin Qing He swept a cold glance at him.

Brother Lin was steaming mad.

There was a saying in the countryside, children who dare to fight outside were relying on the power of adults, while women who dare to be arrogant outside were relying on the power of their men!

And now Lin Qing He dared to not put people in her eyes like this was all due to Zhou Qing Bai.

Second Brother Lin was actually afraid of Zhou Qing Bai, this cold-faced brother-in-law. He had always been afraid.

"Father, Mother, you're letting your married-off daughter come back to the maternal home to bully your daughter-in-law? Are bullying cause my old Li family got nobody?" Second Sister-in-law Lin saw that her man was restrained and couldn't handle it, so she immediately turned to her in-laws.

"Really going against the sky! Against the sky!" Mother Lin only recovered then. She trembled as she pointed at Lin Qing He. (T/N: another interpretation can be defying heaven or revolting.)

"Aiyo, old lady, don't get ill from anger. If you get a stroke, don't think about relying on your two sons and daughters-in-law to serve you, with their kind of personality." Lin Qing He persuaded with a grin.

Mother Lin's eyes widened: "You dare to talk to me like this? Do you have me, your mother in your eyes?"

"Of course I have. Otherwise, why would I still remember you and my dad and rushed over? Da Wa's next year's tuition fee for going to school has not yet been paid. Do give me more as I had brought back a lot of things for you two in the past!" Lin Qing He simply stated.

"You still have the face to come back and ask for money?" Father Lin said solemnly.

He was also a little afraid of his youngest son-in-law, who had always been unsmiling and very serious.

Especially when he knew that the youngest son-in-law didn't have a good impression of old Lin's family.

"Why don't I have the face to come back and ask for money? Old man, are you suffering from amnesia? How could you not know how much money I brought back in the past? Once you have eaten it, you have forgotten it? Let's not mention the other stuff and focus on the current quilt on your Kang. That was all made by the cotton I gathered. Nw I'm coming back to ask you for money, what's wrong with that?" Lin Qing He said confidently.

"Little Sister, don't joke. Your second sister-in-law met you in the city yesterday and saw you bought so many things. You bought a lot of that rare milk powder. So how can you still have no money?" Eldest Sister Lin took over the conversation and pointed out with a smile.

Eldest Sister-in-law is really a smiling Buddha. You simply pushed out Second Sister-in-law Lin." Lin Qing He said.

Eldest Sister-in-law Lin's face became stiff, and uttered, "Little Sister, don't provoke the relationship between your mother's family."

"Whether there's any provocation, you know it well in your own heart." Lin Qing He sneered: "As for those things yesterday, it wasn't mine. My children are already that big, do they still need something like milk powder? My sister-in-law married into the city and her son is raised at home by my mother-in-law, understand idiot?"

She gave Li Cui Hua a top-to-bottom glance.

How could Lin Cui Hua possibly know about this? But still, Lin Qing He certainly won't dare to lie about this kind of thing, as it'll be known as soon as they inquired about it.

She gritted her teeth: "Even if milk powder isn't, what about other things? If you have the money to buy so many things, shouldn't you respect your own parents?"

"As expected, old Lin family really didn't place any consideration for me, the daughter. To not even know my in-laws have already joined us for meals. The elders got us to buy whatever they want to eat. If you have any objection, you can go find old Zhou family and tell them." Lin Qing He sniggered.

"Little sister is really filial, she treats her in-laws so well..." But she didn't care about her own parents.

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