Last chapter, I refer Lin Qing He as 'Sister-in-law' from Second Sister-in-law's standpoint but now we got Third Sister-in-law Lin joining in, I need to change it. The author used Third Guzi (a.k.a sister-in-law from husband's side) for Lin Qing He. So to not mix up with Third Sister-in-law Lin, I used Third Sister like I did around chapter 99.

Chapter 138. Leech

Zhou Qing Bai never had any objection to her decision. And compared to his parents, he knew that his wife was still smuggling pork. Apparently, grains too.

Actually, he was powerless. She didn't listen to him, but at least there was an agreement between the two. As long as she meets with an accident once, then she better prepare to not do it again.

Up to now, she hadn't encountered any problems at all. She was actually quite capable.

Even he didn't know how she did it.

However, it was undeniable that his wife was smart. Just this smartness wasn't implemented in the right way.

But no matter what, she got him. No big serious problem will happen.

The couple went home.

On this side, Second Sister-in-law Lin walked home by herself.

With a stomach full of anger.

As soon as she got home, she naturally brought it up to Father Lin and Mother Lin, saying that the little sister-in-law, Lin Qing He, had a very good life.

"You didn't see it. That bag of milk powder costs three yuan each and she bought two bags in one go. There's also candies and red dates. I have no idea how much she spent altogether!" Second Sister-in-law Lin snorted coldly when she came back.

"Not possible. Qing Bai doesn't have a salary now. Where can she get so much money." Stumped, Mother Lin uttered.

"Mother, have you forgotten. My brother-in-law still has retirement fees. Who knows how much it is. Sister-in-law's previous visit must be due to worrying about us taking advantage. So she came back to cut off the relationship. Mother, your daughter is really formidable ah!" Second Sister-in-law Lin deduced.

"Qing He couldn't possibly think that." Eldest Brother Lin said.

"Who knows. Last time she came to borrow and get the things back like someone owes her. Until now, she still haven't returned here. If she gets bullied, who will stand up for her?" Second Brother Lin harrumphed.

"Whoever stands up, it still won't be you. You hide faster than anyone else." Third Brother Lin said.

"What are you talking about!" Second Brother Lin glared.

"Don't strut in this nest. We're all one family, who doesn't know who." Third Sister-in-law Lin San blandly interjected.

"The two of you received benefits from her, naturally will side with her." Second Sister-in-law Lin Er's snorted.

"I still understand Third Sister's temperament. Previously, she was rich, but she'll use it up by now according to her spending habits. If you want to request money from her, then that's a terrible plan." Third Sister-in-law Lin rubbed her stomach and said.

Yes, after the first two daughters, she was pregnant again. Now it was more than seven months along. Normally, she will give birth in about two months.

"What terrible plan? Father and Mother gave birth to her and raised her. Does a daughter act like her? She hadn't come back once in so many years and eat and dress well at her in-law's house. This is really cruel." Second Sister-in-law Lin sneered.

"Then if you eat and drink well at your in-laws' house, will you also move old Lin's things back to your maternal family?" Third Sister-in-law Lin threw back.

"What are you talking about? You and brother-in-law have split off. Why are you intervening in old Lin's family matters?" Second Sister-in-law lashed out.

Third Sister-in-law Lin San nodded: "That's reasonable." Then she held her stomach and return to her room. Third Brother Lin wasn't interested in staying and listen to them scheme on his sister, so he went back too.

"In a bit, find a time to go to Third Sister's side and give her a heads-up. Judging by mother's reaction, she'll definitely make a trip over," instructed Third Sister-in-law Lin.

How could she not know her in-law's temperament?

Third Brother Lin frowned and nodded, "Then I will go there this afternoon."

Sure enough, after hearing what her daughter-in-law said, Mother Lin planned to do that.

"I have never seen such a daughter like this, requiring this old bone to personally visit her!" Mother Lin remarked coldly.

"When you're there, calmly talk to her. According to her personality, who would support her when she offends someone if she doesn't have old Lin family?" Father Lin said as he puffed on a big cigarette.

"Mother, don't listen to what Third's wife said. From the decisiveness I saw, there must be a lot of money in her hand. Mother, when you go over, you must highlight how our old Lin family's house is so old and have to be repaired or else it might not survive the snow this year," said Second Sister-in-law Lin persisted.

"Did you really see her buy so many things?" Mother Lin asked her.

"How can this be fake? Also, brother-in-law was healthily nurtured, not a bit like a farmer. Who knows how good the food is. It's definite that the milk powder isn't lacking. Mother, when you go over, you must get a bag of it back. You and Dad will be more nourished when you have it." Second Sister-in-law Lin responded.

"Why didn't you ask her then?" Mother Lin said to her.

"Mother, you don't know how fierce my little sister-in-law is. How could I dare to take her things." Second Sister-in-law Lin said after hearing this.

Mother Lin didn't say anything, she knew her youngest daughter well. She probably held some anger in her heart as she still hadn't come back now.

It was a good idea to go over tomorrow and talk about it. She can't really dare to not recognize her as her mother. If so, she will scold her for being unfilial, and scold her in front of the whole village. See if she has any face then!

Third Brother Lin went over in the afternoon.

Lin Qing He sneered as soon as he completed his retell. As expected, Second Sister-in-law Lin went back to wag her tongue. She responded, "It's okay. The old lady want to come, then let her come. I really don't have any good reputation in the village, so I can't possibly be afraid of her."

The leech wants to suck her blood, then let her try.

"There's also the boys." Third Brother Lin sighed softly.

Lin Qing He frowned. She doesn't care about this. However, if the scene occurs in their own village, then Zhou Qing Bai and the boys will not look bad.

So she said: "I will go back early tomorrow morning."

Third Brother Lin nodded and said, "Sister, is there enough food at home?"

"Enough. Even though I don't go to the field, your brother-in-law won't starve me. What about you?" Lin Qing He asked.

"It's enough." Third Brother Lin smiled.

"This piece of meat isn't any quality meat. Take it back and feed it to my two nieces." Lin Qing He wrapped him with a piece of loin. Not much, about 2-3 liang (100-150g).

"Sister, no need. Leave it for Da Wa and his brothers. There's nothing else, so I will go back first." Third Brother Lin quickly said.

After that, he hurried back. Lin Qing He had to chase after him on a bicycle. Third Brother Lin was helpless but still accept it.

"Go back." Lin Qing He waved goodbye.

Third Brother Lin returned home. Third Sister-in-law Lin saw that he brought a piece of meat back with him and also felt touched.

"Did you tell Third Sister?" Third Sister-in-law Lin asked as she stored the meat. She planned to eat pork and cabbage dumplings tonight.

"I did. My sister will come here early tomorrow morning." Third Brother Lin nodded.

"Third Sister will definitely be quarreling when she comes back this time. You have to protect her then. I will stay away, you don't worry about me." instructed Third sister-in-law Lin.

"It won't be that bad." Third Brother Lin was startled.

"I'm only talking about if it gets bad. If it's not that serious, naturally there's no need it. In my opinion, Third Sister really doesn't want to interact with old Lin's family. There will definitely be trouble," said Third sister-in-law.

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