In the city of moat, countless people are stiff all over and drowned in great terror. Is this still human? How could there be such a terrible saint?

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Bijianqiong and the rest of juetong saints were all trembling, and it was difficult to calm down.

This is the blood demon world. It's their territory. However, Lintian killed all the top saints here, causing a lot of blood. It's not as simple as face-to-face beating and humiliation.

Just this kind of loss is enough to shake the foundation of the blood devil ancient domain in the nine domain battlefield!

"He Here he comes... "

At the head of the city, there was a scream.

When bijianqiong suddenly looks up, he sees a figure coming from the void in the far distance. The figure flows the roaring light, just like a god cruising the world.


Does he want to

Bijianqiong suddenly froze all over, and his eyes widened. "He's going to enter our city of protecting the road!"

This is crazy!

If Lintian was really allowed to fight in the city of protecting the road, the face of their blood devil ancient region would be completely trampled under their feet and could not lift their head.

Even if I go to compete with other domains in the future, I will become a big laughing stock!

"Come on! Prepare to sacrifice to the holy guard

The blue sword roars.

All the saints on the top of the city rushed to different areas of the city without hesitation.

In the battlefield of the nine domains, each city of the moat represents the foundation of one domain, which is related to the survival of honor and disgrace!

In the distance, Lintian stepped forward, and soon came to the place 100 Zhang away from the gate.

He held his hand on his back, slightly raised his head, and the huge divine consciousness swept out. In an instant, the huge city was covered.

The four walls are towering, stretching thousands of miles, extremely powerful.

But in Lintian's eyes, what he saw was bloody and cruel!

On the wall, pouring thick blood, you can see numerous bones piled up in the wall, dense, countless.

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Lintian remembered what he had learned when he came to the battlefield of nine regions.

In the battlefield of the nine realms, each of the other eight realms is built by the blood and bones of the ancient sages in the wasteland!

Even if they die, they can't rest. They are used as materials, built as cities, and regarded by the enemy as symbols of glory and victory.

Originally, Lintian didn't believe it, but now, he would rather it wasn't true!

It's not only cruel but also heartless to build the enemy's bulwark!

Lintian was also a man who had gone through a sea of corpses and countless massacres. However, when he saw such a scene, he suddenly felt an uncontrollable anger in his heart.

Hum ~

suddenly, a strange and grand wave spread out of the huge city and soared into the sky.

You can see that the dense patterns of Taoist patterns are like tides, flowing up and down the whole city, showing a force of terror and prohibition.

Holy guard!

Lintian's black eyes narrowed slightly and looked at it carefully.

Immediately, he frowned. The forbidden array covered in the city was very complex. It was composed of thousands of forbidden systems and turned into a large-scale forbidden array.

If he wanted to destroy it, it was not impossible for Lintian, but it took him half a month to demolish it completely.

Obviously, the moat city is the core of the blood devil ancient domain, which has long been the most strict prohibition force.

"Little bastard, why don't you dare to step forward?"

Suddenly, on the top of the city, bijianqiong looks ferocious.

At this moment, he has regained his composure, because the holy guard array has been in operation. Even if the supreme sage rushes, he will be killed!

"Ridiculous, we killed 30000 Li all the way, but no one can stop us. You old man dare to shout, don't you think it's shameful?"

I don't know when, if dance also close to come over, do not hide their disdain.

Green sword Qiong looks a stagnant, the face is gloomy way: "don't want teeth sharp mouth sharp, ask you, dare to step into the city?"

"I also want to ask you, no one dares to go out of the city to fight in such a big blood demon world?"

If the dance is cold.

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Bijianqiong laughed angrily and said, "you can shout. When xueqingyi come back, you will die!"

If dance indifferent way: "I ask again, who dares to come out a war!"

The voice suddenly rang out from the sky, covering the whole city of road protection, and was heard by countless blood demons hiding in the city.

For a moment, everyone was deeply humiliated.

It's too painful to be blocked in front of your door and yell.

But no matter who it is, they dare not leave the city without permission.

Even bijianqiong was asked at this time. His face was so blue that his teeth were almost broken.


It's a shame!

He was killed in front of the old nest, but he could only shrink, and he almost lost all the face of the blood devil.But bijianqiong did not dare to act rashly.

I was scared by Lintian.

Now, he could only hope that xueqingyi would return as soon as possible, kill Lintian as soon as possible, and wash the shame.

Lintian was silent all the time.

After a long time, he took a deep breath, restrained the boiling murders in his heart, and said word by word: "when I come again in the future, I will slaughter the city!"

Then he turned away.

If he was stunned, he was in a complicated mood. He knew that although he had won the previous battles, Lintian was not happy in his heart!

The reason lies in the city, which is made up of the corpses and blood of countless ancestors in the ancient wasteland.

Lintian left.

There is no turning back.

Maybe it's the fear that once you look back, you can't control your inner killing?

If she doesn't know, she knows that when she comes back, the city will be slaughtered!

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"Finally left..."

Lin Xun was staring at them all the time, and their figure disappeared. Bijianqiong's body was in a flash, as if he had lost all his strength. He sat down and lost his soul.

In this war, their blood devil ancient region is a loss of life and face!

Bijianqiong didn't know how to explain when xueqingyi returned.


In the vast world, Lintian and ruowu walked side by side.

"Lintian, are you ok?"

On the way, Lintian kept silent, which made Ruo Wu worried.

Lintian said casually, "it's just killing a group of old animals. It won't hurt me, but after this bloody battle, I realized some secrets of creating my own Dharma."

If dance Er, can't help but say: "what I ask is not these, but..."

Lintian laughed and patted ruowu on the shoulder: "that city really made me angry, but it didn't affect my mood."

After a pause, he continued: "what's more, it's less than half a year since the battlefield of the nine regions was opened. In the future, sooner or later, I'll break down the cities of the moats!"

At the same time, he said, "more importantly, we should take away the blood and bones of our ancestors and bury them in peace."

If the dance was relieved and said, "that's good. Where are you going next?"

Lintian said without hesitation, "go to the secret place of the underground palace first, then leave the blood demon world and go to the ancient wasteland."

"The ancient wasteland?"

If the dancing star eyes a coagulation.

"It's the territory of our ancient wasteland. Although it may have been occupied by the other eight regions, it's our place after all. How can we not take it back?"

Lintian said calmly, "in addition, I also want to build a city to protect the road, so that the strong in the ancient wasteland can have a place to settle down."

If you dance, you will be shocked.

What's the difference between such boldness and having thousands of mansions and sheltering all the poor people in the world?

"I'm with you!"

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If the dancing star's eyes are bright and firm.

Lintian said with a smile, "welcome."


Deep in the forest.

Lintian and ruowu returned smoothly without any obstacles.

Under the leadership of the demon butterfly, they enter the secret place of the underground palace, and Ruo dance begins to gather the ancient wasteland strongmen who are placed here.

Lintian came to the green tree.

Hua La ~

Just close to the past, the branches and leaves of the tree suddenly trembled, as if they were shocked.

Lintian moved in his heart and said, "I'll give you a choice. Either follow me or I'll cut you down myself."

The tree was silent and motionless.


Lintian took out the white bone knife.

This time, the God Lian ancestral tree finally had a movement, and a pair of eyes formed by dense tree patterns appeared on the trunk, full of anger.

At the same time, an angry yell resounded in Lintian's ear: "last time, didn't you say that there would be a reward in the future, this is your reward?"

Lintian put away the white bone sword and said thoughtfully, "sure enough, you already have intelligence and wisdom. How about you, do you want to consider going with me?"

"I've just become a saint at the top of the mountain. I dare to speak so much. I'm going to take me away, boy. Do you think you deserve it?"

God made the tree laugh.

Lintian's palm turned, and the white bone sword appeared again.

At that time, the God refined the ancestor tree to be impatient, and cried: "boy, you are so threatening the old man, are you not afraid of being struck by thunder? The emperor is not as cruel as you


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