"The emperor of chakong?"

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Lintian raised his eyebrows and glanced at the secret place of the strange underground palace. He said in his heart, is this the hand of a great emperor?

If you think about the skeleton of the void holy beast absorbed by the split heaven devil butterfly, only the emperor figures can kill such a terror monster at the level of quasi emperor.

Shenlian Zushu said, "you guessed it. This is the place left by the Kaikong emperor. When he crossed zhouxu in order to hunt the void beast, he accidentally broke into this place and was trapped here for ten years before he left."

Lintian's black eyes coagulated: "a great emperor is trapped here?"

God Lian Zushu was surprised and said, "don't you know that the laws of heaven and earth in the battlefield of the nine realms are enough to suppress all the existence above the true holy land?"

Lintian suddenly said, "tell me about your origin."

Shenlian Zushu sighed: "it's hard to look back on the past. At that time, I was traveling with the great emperor of chakong, crossing zhouxu and galloping all over the world. Unexpectedly, I was trapped here. When the great emperor of chakong left, he intended to take me with him, but he was trapped by the power of rules. In the end, he was the only one who left first."

After a pause, he continued: "of course, when the emperor left, he promised that he would come to pick me up in the future."

Lintian sneered: "if you talk nonsense again, don't blame me for being rude."

It's just a tree made by God, but if you dare to appear with a great emperor, you are obviously talking nonsense.

God Lian Zushu said angrily, "don't you believe it?"

Lintian was too lazy to talk nonsense. He said directly, "make a decision. Do you want to go with me?"

Shenlian Zushu was silent for a long time before he said, "you want to take me away, just for the sake of Shenlian Zuyuan, so as to nurture the holy soldiers of your own life. I can promise you, but you must promise to help me find a treasure."

"What treasure?"

"Chaos lies in the earth."

Hearing this, Lintian almost stabbed the tree. It was like a lion's mouth!

It was a treasure in the legend. Lintian doubted whether there were such treasures in the world.

"Young man, don't be impulsive. If you don't have chaos, you can have five colors."

God refine ancestral tree even busy way.

Lintian's face was expressionless, but the corners of his lips twitched imperceptibly. The five colors were wonderful. It was a magic treasure that gathered the origin of the five elements. It was said that it could only be found in the Kunlun ruins!

"This is not good? It's all right. I'll take a step back. How about Qingzhuo xinghunsha? Not yet? How about Taichu Yiqi water? If it doesn't work, I can't help it.... "

God refined the ancestral tree to talk.

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Lintian's answer was very simple. He picked up the bone knife and began to count: "one, two..."

Before I could count to three, Shenlian Zushu cried out, "OK, I'll go with you!"

Huala ~

its body shakes for a while. Suddenly, it turns into a green branch, with magnificent light.

However, it was unwilling to cry: "the emperor of heaven is not as cruel as you! I remember you

Lintian said, "don't worry. I promise you to find the treasure you want when you have a chance."

"That's what you said. You can't cheat me like you did last time."

The God practices the ancestral tree to shout a way.

Lintian put it away and threw it directly into the endless tower.

At this time, Ruo dance has put those ancient wasteland strongmen into a treasure and is coming here.

"Well, what about the tree?" She said curiously.

Lintian said with a smile: "the tree has been uprooted. Although it's a little wordy, it's a good treasure for the holy soldiers. You can come to me if you need to."

If dance Zheng ran: "so it is."

Before he left, Lintian went through the mysterious place again.

Shaxinzhai, jidaoge, zhenyuanlou, Qiuzhen Pavilion The buildings are seemingly simple, but in fact they all have great mysteries.

Unfortunately, this mystery can't be forced, it can only be triggered unintentionally, and then there will be a variety of training and tests.

"In the future, I'd like to ask the God lianzushu, who is the great emperor of crack space."

Lintian murmured in his heart.

There was no delay. On the same day, they left the secret place of the underground palace with Xiaoyin and split heaven Magic Butterfly.


On the same day, the news about Lintian's blood killing 30000 Li swept the whole blood demon world like a hurricane.

For a time, the forces stationed in the major border areas of the blood demon world all shook and set off an uproar.

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One man killed 30000 Li all the way, and killed a group of top saints in front of the city of protecting the road!

One man, encircle a city!

Since the last two disputes over the nine domains, when have such bloody and terrible things happened?

The most embarrassing thing for the blood devil is that it was a young man from the ancient wasteland who did all this."A two legged sheep killed dozens of top saints?"

"It's said that he blocked the city of the moat by himself, making no one dare to fight against him. This How is that possible? "

"Shame! What a shame

There was a lot of uproar.

The news was too amazing to hide. Later, the news spread out from the blood demon world at an amazing speed.

The world of Daluo, the world of yinjue, the world of Jiuli, the world of Beiming In the vast areas of the nine domain battlefield, every domain power occupied the place, soon learned the news.

"Lintian? A young man in the ancient wasteland killed the blood demon world? "

"It's impossible, isn't it?"

The first reaction of many strong people is that they can't believe it.

It should be noted that the ancient wasteland has been weak for a long time and has not been regarded by the other eight strong regions. Who can believe that such a ruthless man has appeared in such a declining territory?

"If it was true, it would prove that Lintian was not only as simple as he had become a saint, but also had extraordinary fighting power. Otherwise, how could one person kill dozens of saints?"

"Doesn't it mean that Lintian already has the inside information to fight against the" Eight Wonders of Qingming "

"Find out what kind of person Lintian is!"

Innumerable voices of discussion rang out in the battlefield of the nine regions.

Such bloody achievements are so shocking that no one can ignore them.

At the same time, Lintian's ferocity and coldness also shocked many strong people in the world. One person killed in front of the city of the blood devil's world, forcing no one to dare to fight. How terrible was that?

"Hahaha, it's a shame that the blood devil Gu Yu suffered such a big loss in the hands of a two legged sheep."

"Well, I'd like to know how xueqingyi would feel if she knew about it."

"This time, the ancient land of the blood devil really lost face. However, Lintian also completely offended the ancient land of the blood devil, and was doomed to be destroyed in the future!"

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There are also many people who gloat.

Although the eight regions are allied, they are aimed at the ancient wasteland.

When the ancient wasteland forces are leveled, they will also fight for hegemony among the eight regions.

In short, is a word, first cut the ancient wasteland, and then fight for high and low!

For the ancient wasteland strongmen who are distributed in different areas of the jiuyu battlefield, when they get the news, it is another reaction.

"Lintian! He's gone

Some people were surprised.

"That's great. At last someone came out and stood up for us!"

Some eyes were filled with tears of excitement.

In less than half a year, however, in these days, the ancient wasteland strongmen distributed in different areas of the jiuyu battlefield have been slaughtered.

All the foreign enemies in the eight regions regard them as two legged sheep. They carry out the cleaning and slaughtering when they sweep the net. No matter who is found, they can't escape one death!

In this atmosphere of terror, I do not know how many ancient wilderness strongmen have begun to despair.

Now, Lintian leaped out, and set off a bloody storm in the blood demon world. One person oppressed a city!

How can this not be exciting and exciting?

"Have a good time! I knew that Lintian would not let us down. As long as he was in the battlefield of the nine realms, there would be hope in our ancient wasteland! "

A lot of people yelled.

"Elder martial brother, did you hear that Lintian was holy to the top of the mountain, killing the enemy with fear!"

There were also people crying and tears streaming down their faces.

In these days, bloody battles are breaking out in all areas of the jiuyu battlefield, and many ancient wasteland strongmen have long passed away. It is doomed that it is impossible to hear this exciting news, which is pathetic.

In a word, Lintian's battle shook the whole battlefield of the nine regions and made all the foreign enemies in the eight regions tremble. He firmly remembered the name of Lintian!


Ancient wilderness.

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It is located in the central heart of the jiuyu battlefield.

Originally, it was supposed to belong to the ancient wasteland, but after the previous two battles of the nine kingdoms were defeated, it had already become an area where the other eight kingdoms could be divided at will.

For example, after the opening of the nine regions battlefield, the strong of the ancient wilderness camp will choose to stay away from the ancient wilderness for the first time.

On the one hand, it is very clear that with the strength of the ancient wasteland, there is still a big gap between the ancient wasteland and the other eight areas.

On the other hand, it's too dangerous to stay here, and will be surrounded and killed by the strong eight regions!

For the strong in ancient wasteland, the key is to survive first.

It was more than ten days after Lintian arrived at the ancient wasteland.

Along the way, it's not peaceful. Almost everywhere you go, you will encounter foreign enemies from the eight regions. They come and go in groups and are fierce.

However, when they met Lintian, they were all wiped out.

On the way, Lintian had learned the news, and the secret place of Jue prison had come to an end!At least one tenth of the peerless figures from the other eight regions have set foot in the peerless land.

This number is undoubtedly shocking.

Unfortunately, Lintian didn't know much about it.

The only thing that is clear is that the eight peerless figures, known as the "Eight Wonders of Qingming", have all risen to be the top saints this time!

"In the final analysis, the ancient wasteland is too weak. Even if we fight for opportunities, we will be blocked and suppressed. There is not much power to compete."

Lintian sighed softly.

At this time, he stood on the Bank of a vast black sea.


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