Chapter 137. Ordering milk

"What your sister-in-law? Why didn't you greet her when she was here? I seen a lot of people like you. Hurry up and leave, otherwise don't blame me for calling someone to arrest you!" The salesperson didn't act polite at all.

At this time, the sellers were also very popular and haughty.

Thanks to Lin Qing He's unique aura, which one can tell she was very formidable at first glance and her (willing to spend) actions, the salesperson was willing to pull out the cloth on a sale. It wasn't surprising to hear her say she doesn't want it, rather she felt the other might look down on the reduced price items.

But when it came to other things, she was merciless especially to those who appeared to be from the countryside at first glance.

Her attitude was very domineering.

Wasn't this woman Second Sister-in-law Lin from Lin Qing He's maternal family?

Naturally, Second Sister-in-law Lin didn't dare to go head-on with the salesperson. She also came in to buy things. She bought some cloth to make herself a new set of clothes.

She never expected to run into her sister-in-law who really broke off with her maternal family.

What's more, she was also stunned by this transaction.

My goodness, didn't she say she had no money? How can she buy so many things if there was no money? If she was correct, afraid that was over ten yuans.

Especially the two bags of milk powder. One bag cost three yuan. Even gold wasn't that expensive. She even bought it without blinking!

That was why she wanted to check it. If there was something she could use, she would take it away.

But she didn't expect to be scolded by the salesperson.

She hadn't dared to stay longer and immediately came out of the supply and demand cooperative. Even if she kept insisting that she was Lin Qing He's maternal family's sister-in-law, the salesperson wouldn't believe it.

When Lin Qing He finished shopping for the other things, she saw Second Sister-in-law Lin waiting for her at the door of the supply and demand cooperative.

In fact, if Second Sister-in-law Lin didn't wave as soon as she saw her, Lin Qing He would just ignore her.

Even if her beckoning attracted attention, Lin Qing He had no intention t go over at all. She went straight past her into the supply and demand cooperative.

"The woman just now wanted to see what you bought. I believe she wanted to take your things and said she was your sister-in-law from your maternal family." The salesperson recounted to her.

"I must really thank you. I don't know her. Don't know where this woman came from. I guess she wants to gain some benefit." Lin Qing He glanced at Second Sister-in-law Lin and said in a loud voice.

This had Second Sister-in-law Lin steaming. She actually talked to her like this!

"I see this kind of people a lot." The salesperson expressed her understanding.

Before Zhou Qing Bai came back, Lin Qing He went along and chatted with the salesperson. She didn't any intention to go out and talk to Second Sister-in-law Lin.

There was no one at this time, so the salesperson was also happy to chat with her. Listening to Lin Qinghe's extraordinary speech, the salesperson didn't dare to underestimate her even if she can tell she was from the countryside. She guessed this is a teacher.

Otherwise, how can an ordinary peasant woman still have this educated speech?

"You really aren't going to go out and talk to her?" the salesperson asked.

"You haven't seen her when she's in a rampant. Currently, she's just pretending to be pitiful." Lin Qing He responded.

"Judging by her mean appearance, I think she can't be nice at all." The salesperson said.

However, Second Sister-in-law Lin had made up her mind to wait. Lin Qing He estimated that Zhou Qing Bai was coming back soon, so she came out with a frown.

"Sister-in-law." Second Sister-in-law Lin, who had been waiting for half an hour, could still squeeze out a smile.

"What Sister-in-law? I have completely severed the ties with old Lin family. What I said before, are you treating it like I was joking?" Lin Qing He glanced at her mockingly.

Second Sister-in-law Lin chuckled, "Sister-in-law, don't tell jokes. Father and Mother have been talking about you at home, saying why aren't you going back. Don't say words of angry this year. You have to go back."

"I know clearly what that old Lin couple's temper is like. Me, a married-off daughter like a splashed out water, don't have any existence in their eyes otherwise, they would not be so heartless and cruel last time. Also, I still got three sons to support. Even if I have the heart to be filial, I have no strength to. After all, they have so many sons, they can’t ask their married off daughters to go back to provide for the elderly. If it was known, they will be cast aside by people in and outside the village." Lin Qing He stated indifferently.

Second Sister-in-law Lin didn't know that this sister-in-law had become so formidable. And from what she saw, she really planned to completely cut off contact.

"Sister-in-law, Father and Mother don't need you to feed them, otherwise our family will have to be ripped away. Father and Mother just miss you and want you to go home and visit." Second Sister-in-law persisted.

"Come on, they can remember me." Lin Qing He snorted.

Zhou Qing Bai came over at this time, and Lin Qing He directed at him: "I'll go in and get things!"

After speaking, she entered the supply and demand cooperative to get things. The salesperson was surprised: "You man is a soldier, right?"

"Yes. You got to find a soldier in the future. They are reliable." Lin Qing He casually remarked.

"Don't know if you can give any introduction?" Who knew that the girl's face would blush slightly and said.

"When do you go to work? I will go back and ask my man. Next time, I'll come when you're at work and tell you while I'm here." Lin Qing He thought that this girl was a bit arrogant, but in fact she wasn't bad in nature. She knew to protect the customers' things and not let people touch it and just responded.

The salesperson answered at once.

"Then I will ask for you when I go back." Lin Qing He nodded.

As for whether there was anyone who can meet her match, she didn't know.

When she came out, Zhou Qing Bai was expressionless and Second Sister-in-law Lin had a stiff smile.

"Let's go, we're heading back." Lin Qing He said as she carried the things.

Zhou Qing Bai hummed a response and took her back to the village.

Lin Qing He asked, "What did she tell you?"

"Told me to visit on the second day of the new year." Zhou Qing Bai replied.

"Have you promised?" Lin Qing He asked.

"I didn't, I listen to you." Zhou Qing Bai answered.

Lin Qing He was pleased and said, "That's the right answer."

"Don't plan to go back?" Zhou Qing Bai asked.

"Not going back. Except for my little brother, the rest isn't anything good. I used to be blind and connect with them. Now that my eyes are better, I have to keep my distance." Lin Qing He stated.

Zhou Qing Bai didn't say anything. It was fine for his wife to decide on these matters. How his wife wanted it to be was how it'll be.

Lin Qing He asked about the milk. Zhou Qing Bai said, "It will be available next year."

Even if he didn't ask, there will be a milk station in the countryside next year, and at that time, there'll be a milkman.

"What's the price for milk delivery?" Lin Qing He asked.

"One dime per bottle." Zhou Qing Bai answered.

"Counting the heads, we should order a few bottles. But Father and Mother live prudently. If I do so, the old couple will definitely not be able to accept it, so we'll order two bottles a day." Lin Qing He pondered.

But she felt that even if she ordered two bottles, the old couple would probably still be distressed about the money.

One bottle costs one dime, two bottles cost two dimes, meaning more than six yuan a month.

At this time, six yuan wasn't a small amount. Other people only had so much salary.

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