Chapter 1107: Returning the Words

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“It’s fine, there’s no need for luxuries!” The older Pi practitioner said, the one they were calling Master Pi, “Just make the training room downstairs better!”

“Don’t worry, Master Pi- I’ve already made the preparations. Anything you need, just tell us- we’ll be able to provide for you!” Xiao Ji said.

It was then that the villa’s doorbell rang.

“Brother, can you get the door? I’ll accompany the two masters,” Xiao Ben said to Xiao Ji.

Xiao Ji knew what type of person he was, and was worried that he might mess something up with his rough personality. Naturally, he’d prefer letting his brother deal with this!

There had been a lot of noble houses calling them to ask for a business partnership already, so it wasn’t weird to have a visitor.

Xiao Ji walked down the stairs and looked out- pausing. He wasn’t expecting Zhaolong and Guifeng to be outside their iron door!

He was a rough and brash man, but even he knew what the Kangs were thinking, to be visiting now! His rage from the time they humiliated him rose up instantly!

Great- these guys came on their own to get messed up! He really needed to return the favor they paid to him last time, otherwise it wouldn’t be right!

“Oh? Isn’t this the son and father of House Kang? Did you need something?” Xiao Ji used the same style of talking as what the Kangs used last time.

Guifeng and Zhaolong felt a chill- it seemed that this wouldn’t be easy at all, as expected!

“Xiao Bro, what are you saying? Aren’t our families engaged in a marriage alliance? Visiting is simply normal, wouldn’t you say?” Guifeng smiled.

“Engaged? Who are you talking about, when did our houses become engaged? Kang Guifeng, is there something wrong with your memory? You remembered wrong, right?” Xiao Ji said, smiling coldly in his heart. So now they were in a marriage alliance again? Didn’t this guy say he had a bad memory? Well that was just fine!

“Big Bro Xiao, don’t be mad… Yes, my memory is a little flaky, that time you came to my house, I couldn’t remember, I forgot! Only when we went back did I remember after Zhaolong told me- our houses are really engaged in a marriage!” Guifeng said awkwardly, but fortunately for him he said he had a bad memory last time, so he could try and use that.

“Kang Guifeng, I really don’t know what you’re saying right now!” Xiaoji smiled coldly, “After all, we have too many relationships with other houses right now- who knows whether or not you’re telling the truth? Who are you engaged to, anyway? I still don’t understand- we’re all men in House Xiao, and you keep talking about marriage engagements- my name may be Xiao Ji, but I’m not gay!”

“Wha??” Guifeng didn’t know what he should say to that- the guy was clearly saying that he didn’t know who they were, and that they should scram!

“Alright, stop dilly dallying- if you have evidence, take it out, if not, then scram- I have no time to deal with you, we have guests already, a Mystic late phase peak being one of them. If you come cause trouble again don’t blame me for what I’ll do!” Xiaoji threatened impatiently.

With that, he turned and walked back into the house, slamming the door.

“Um…” Guifeng looked at the solid door, sighing and shaking his head, “It seems like this isn’t possible- they don’t want to talk to us at all!”

“Father, maybe we should try again? After all, we’ve decided to suffer losses and give them the benefits- maybe they’ll have a change of heart?” Zhaolong didn’t want to give up.

“Didn’t you hear? He said that he has two masters in the house, one of them a Mystic late phase peak- among the noble houses, only House Yu has that kind of power! Why would they want to work with us when they’re this strong now? Many are trying to work with them, we can’t even get in the queue!” Guifeng smiled bitterly, “They’re not the old House Xiao anymore, they have no use for us anymore!”

“But just giving up like this…” Zhaolong held a fist.

“But what can we do? If they were interested, they wouldn’t have behaved like that! Nothing we say will change this! Come, let’s go home,” Guifeng was quite accepting- fact was, he didn’t want to suffer humiliation again!

Zhaolong nodded and got on the car with his father, leaving quietly.

Zhaolong was very unwilling, but he had no choice- those guys weren’t giving him a chance at all!

Xiao Ji ran back to the villa and told everything to his younger brother, who felt that it was a bit of a waste, “We could’ve had them pay up big time and give us a lot of compensation… After all we’re lacking in funds right now…”

“Heh, brother, we now have two masters on our side- money isn’t a problem at all! There’ll be plenty of partnerships forming soon, so why spend time on traitorous and honorless Kangs?” Xiao Ji didn’t mind, “I said before, it’s their fault for what they did! They could lick my toes, and I’d still kick them away!”

“Alright, it’s true that we’ve had our revenge! You’re right- with the strength we have now, money wouldn’t be a problem at all!” Xiao Ben nodded, putting the issue to the back of his hea.d

The news of House Xiao had also passed onto Lin Yi, and while he wasn’t aware of the situation regarding noble houses, Uncle Fu was- the fact that the hidden house Pi was supporting House Xiao meant only bad news for the Chu’s!

Uncel Fu notified Lin Yi right away upon receiving the news.

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