Chapter 136. Married couple entered the city

The team's settlement evaluation was an annual event.

They had to go to a public meeting in the city.

A good evaluation was naturally something to take pride in.

According to Lin Qing He's past few years, the team's harvest was indeed very good. Especially in the past two years, they basically had what counts as a bumper harvest every year.

Lin Qing He, who didn't have a sense of collective honor, didn't care about this. She simply asked: "Can we kill more pigs this year?"

"No." Zhou Qing Bai shook his head.

Lin Qing He left it alone.

Truthfully, there was no benefit, so what else was there to say?

Zhou Qing Bai felt helpless to see her like this and planned to tell her about this sense of honor.

"I know. A sense of honor. Our team receives an excellent rating, the young men and girls on the team have it easier when finding a marriage partner and when going out, one can feel like they're gliding (high esteem). I understand that." Lin Qing He began to make the dough as she planned to eat dumplings tonight. Her mouth moved in response.

Zhou Qing Bai did not speak.

Lin Qing He looked up at him after a while and said, "If you got nothing to do, just cut the pickled veg for me."

Zhou Qing Bai could only go over and cut pickled veg.

He found that his wife was really different. You can say she understands, however sometimes she acts so slow-witted.

In a place like the capital, she dared to go out by herself and not be afraid at all, like a silly big sister.

But if you say she doesn't understand it, it's very...difficult to.

She understands everything. She just doesn't follow the rules, but she also doesn't violate the rules. Everything is within the rules, and then she does it her own way. Especially independent.

Zhou Qing Bai peered at his wife as he chopped pickled veg.

Lin Qing He said: "You guys, eat more later, I don't like pickled veg."

She didn't like to eat tonight's pork and pickled veg dumplings. In fact, she preferred to eat pork and mushroom dumplings, but the mushrooms were gone, so she can only eat pork and pickled veg dumplings.

Of course, the pork and pickled veg dumplings were especially delicious in Zhou Qing Bai and the kids' food collection.

"Make some other fillings." Zhou Qing Bai responded.

"I'll go to the city to buy some more in a few days. There is nothing good at home," Lin Qing He said.

During the days when she and Zhou Qing Bai were away, Mother Zhou hadn't spent any money. The food and drink were sourced within the home. Now the boys can eat more and more every day, it was normal to consume things quickly.

Yesterday, she was really tired and panicked because she had been in a car all the way. At this time, the smell of oily smoke from the car could almost kill people. That's why Lin Qing He didn't have the intention to buy some supplies home when in the city.

"Let's go together." Zhou Qing Bai stated.

"Ok." Lin Qing He nodded.

Dinner was pork and pickled veg dumplings.

Father Zhou and Mother Zhou had a mouth full of oil.

Mother Zhou asked her: "Is there still meat at home?"

She went out in the morning, so Lin Qing He casually answered: "Cut a piece of leftover."

Mother Zhou didn't say anything.

Now, this weather was getting colder every day, Lin Qing He loved to stick to Zhou Qing Bai when sleeping at night. This man's body temperature was very warm, like a big stove.

"Last night, you had so many times, you got to rest." Not long later, Lin Qing He felt the man's affection for her.

He wasn't young anymore, but his interest in this matter hadn't fallen at all. He still treated her like usual.

If she didn't refuse to budge once in a while, he would basically do it at least once a day. His demand would be considered high.

"Just once." Zhou Qing Bai said in a husky tone.

Although it was only once, it was almost an hour from start to finish.

Lin Qing He couldn't believe this man, it was like he had never eaten meat.

He was satisfied, while Lin Qing He was exhausted.

In the next few days, Lin Qing He went to Sister Mei's place every day to get meat. After she accumulated ten jin of meat, Lin Qing He brought Zhou Qing Bai to the city.

The three boys wanted to tag along but were dissuaded by Lin Qing He.

Initially, they, who received candies and malted milk and got tamed, didn't care about these as they had a lot of it already.

So they would rather not want these things and follow along instead.

"Follow this time and you won't get pictures taken and watch movies during the Chinese New Year. You can choose for yourself." Lin Qing He stated.

These words are very effective, so the three brothers began to make various requests.

Children's book, glass marble, white rabbit candy, and malted milk powder. They want it all!

Lin Qing He had the urge to beat someone. She had spoiled these stinky boys.

"Don't know when there will be a milk station here." Lin Qing He said when she sat behind Zhou Qing Bai on the way to the city.

Zhou Qing Bai rode the bike very steadily, so it was fine for her to hold his waist.

Of course, this had to be while no one was around. If there were people, she had to sit properly.

"Want to drink?" Zhou Qing Bai asked.

As for his wife's arms around his waist, he was very satisfied. He liked the wife's little gestures very much.

Like occasionally kissing him and act like a baby with him.

"The boys have to drink it. Milk is the best at this age," Lin Qing He replied.

Even if she had tried her best to make every meal more nutritious, it was still the case.

"I'm going to ask my comrade-in-arm." Zhou Qing Bai said.

Lin Qing He nodded: "Then you can ask when you get to the county city. I'll do some shopping. Once done, I'll wait for you at the door of the supply and demand cooperative. If you see that I'm not there, then I must be shopping in the mall. Just wait there for me."

"Alright." Zhou Qing Bai nodded.

This was the county city, so he naturally didn't have to worry. Compared with the big world outside, he can still handle things in this county city, if something ever happens to her.

When they arrived at the county city, Zhou Qing Bai went to handle his matters, while Lin Qing He went to sell the pork immediately before coming to the supply and demand cooperative.

"There's milk powder?" Lin Qing He's eyes lit up when she saw that there was milk powder.

"Only these left." The salesperson nodded.

"Give me these two bags." Lin Qing He said unpretentiously.

This was a new type of milk powder. A bag of powdered milk was 500 grams and three yuan for a bag.

Of course this was unsweetened. If sugar was added, the bag will cost more than three yuans.

But it was milk powder. What kind of sugar was needed? Pure milk tasted the best.

She bought two bags of milk powder for six yuan without blinking her eyes.

She ordered two bags of milk powder, and then bought some other supplies, including milk candy, mushrooms, shrimp skin, seaweed, and red dates.

"There's still cloth at a reduced price, do you want?" the salesperson asked her.

"No." Lin Qing He shook her head. There were still a lot of cloth at home.

When these items were bought, Lin Qing He wrapped up the bundle and placed it directly at the supply and demand cooperative. Then she went to buy a children's book for Er Wa and glass marble for San Wa.

She didn't notice that someone wanted to see what she bought in her bundle as soon as she left.

However, that person got stopped by the salesman's yelling: "Hey, this lady, what are you doing? It's not yours!"

"Don't misunderstand. That's my sister-in-law." The woman quickly gave an apologetic smile at once.

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