Chapter 1106: House Pi’s Practitioner

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“Grandpa, I think that what we should focus on now, is taking the initiative to get on good terms with House Xiao, and repairing our relationship as much as possible. If the marriage is still possible, we’ll carry on with it!” Zhaoming said.

“Hm… Yes, you’re not wrong- Guifeng, you hear that? This is your mess-up here, you will be the one to repair it! Find a way to win back House Xiao’s understanding!” The doctor said with a hmph.

“I… Yes…” Guifeng was a bit speechless- wasn’t this task too difficult? They’d completely pissed the Xiaos off back then- was it even possible to repair this? Plus, those guys already had House Pi’s support- what use was a marriage alliance with the Kangs?

“Everyone knows that. Of course we have to repair the relationship, but with the situation we’re in, is that even possible anymore?” Zhaolong wasn’t pleased that Zhaoming was taking the spotlight. The guy was obviously trying to take over him and Guifeng!

“Whether or not it can be repaired depends on uncle- I have no power there, was it me who pissed them off?” Zhaoming said a little darkly.

“You-!” Zhaolong was instantly pissed, his eyes wide and speechless.

“Alright, Zhaoming, stop blaming!” Miracle Doctor Kang still, after all, liked Zhaolong better than Zhaoming.

“Grandpa, I’m not blaming- that’s just the first point, and I meant that only uncle will be able to fix this, it’s not within my abilities! But the other point is that we can use another method to repair the relationship, for example- they’re looking for business partners, and we’re great candidates ourselves!” Zhaoming said with a wave of his hand, “We can always suffer some loses and give more benefits to them when working together, repairing the relationship is the most important!”

Actually, the things he was saying was nothing special- everyone knew. It was just that everyone was panicking earlier and weren’t thinking about it, while Zhaoming had already stabled his mind, planning how he would look the greatest. His brain was calm because of that.

After all, this wasn’t a loss at all, in his eyes. Whether or not House Kang became a noble house didn’t affect his days of fun- he was just a rich kid, and since grandpa would never let him inherit the family he had a lot less to worry about.

“Looks like it’s still Zhaoming we have to rely on in a crissi!” Miracle Doctor Kang was instantly pleased at the words. “Alright, we’ll offer a partnership, and sacrifice some benefits while putting ourselves down a little!”

Zhaolong’s eyes lit up as well- he had to admit, this Zhaoming did have some brains. It was a normal idea, but it was practical- instead of going to them to talk out a repairing of their relationship, they could use this practical method! After all, why would they befriend the Kangs again, after what they did?

“Of course, this is just one aspect- whether this idea works will depend on Uncle’s moves!” Zhaoming was not a nice person- after all, this might not get the Xiaos to forgive them, but Zhaoming took that responsibility and pushed it to Guifeng, meaning that it would be his fault if the idea failed, not Zhaoming’s fault!

Guifeng’s face changed, and was about to explain something when Zhaoming continued speaking. “The other part is that, in order to ascend to a noble house, it all falls on us… In other words, it’ll fall on me- as long as I’m able to get the recipe of the Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing, then whether or not House Xiao supports us wouldn’t matter anymore. If we have the recipe, and the strength- House Yu would make us a noble hosue for sure!”

“”Zhaoming, you truly are the miracle of House Kang!” Miracle Doctor Kang said excitedly, standing up to pat his shoulder, “Grandson, you’re the most composed and calm person out of all of us in this time of crisis- I really have midjudged you, you’re actually wise and practical!”

“Thank you, grandpa!” Zhaoming said humbly. Everything he had just said was normal- this was all the planning that they decided to stick to before, but saying these now changed the context and texture of it.

“House Kang will fall onto your shoulders now- I wish it will grow stronger and closer to glory!” He said solemnly.

“I understand, grandpa! Don’t worry, I won’t let you down!” Zhaoming was smiling widely- his grandpa seemed to see him as a possible heir now!

Miracle Doctor Kang’s words made Guifeng and Zhaolong’s expression change- it seemed that they had really messed up this time, disappointing the doctor intensely! Yet, saying anything now wouldn’t help- Guifeng had to use all his power to repair this relationship, even if they had to sacrifice benefiits! If he failed this task, then Zhaolong’s position in this house would be compromised!

At the thought, he quickly left for House Xiao after the family meeting ended, bringing Zhaolong with him.

A blue SUV sped on the highway, and behind the wheel, Zhaolong. Guifeng sat next to him.

“Zhaolong, this is really serious- if we fail this, then our position in House Kang could plummet!” Guifeng sighed, his eyes solemn.

“Father, I actually think that we didn’t really mess up at all- with the situation we were in, anyone would think that House Xiao was done for- who would’ve thought that something like this would happen?” Zhaolong said, “Zhaoming was completely thinking of himself back then- only grandpa didn’t know what he was thinking! He just happend to guess the right thing by luck!”

“Leave that talk for later- right now we’re the losers, we need to find some way to redeem ourselves.” Guifeng waved his hand. There was no point talking about whether or not Zhaolong got lucky.

“Yes, but I don’t know if House Xiao would forgive us…” Zhaolong nodded.

The car parked in front of House Xiaos’ villa, but House Xiao was not the old House Xiao anymore- normal people wouldn’t be able to enter! The practitioners had come from House Pi already- since the night that Pi Zhishan and Pi Zhihai left!

“Master Pi, Brother Pi, what do you think of this master bedroom?” Xiao Ji said with full respect as he showed them their master bedroom on the third floor, where no one had lived before.

Their villa was a luxury type, and was even one floor above Mengyao’s.

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