"In the second battle of nine realms, the situation of the ancient wilderness camp was worse than we are now. At that time There is not even a saint at the top of the mountain. No matter where the strong in the ancient wilderness go, they will be killed and harvested. "

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When he heard Lintian's sigh, he took a deep breath and said with a smile, "and I believe that this time, the ancient wasteland will be better and better!"

Lintian nodded and said, "it's true. After all, in the past years, countless sages had worked hard to prepare an unprecedented world for us, which gave us the opportunity to set foot on the top of the world."

"This battle of nine realms is destined to be different from before!"

While talking, not far from them, a battle broke out.

Small silver and split sky Magic Butterfly together, and a group of strong from the ancient domain of Yin Jue fight, the situation is fierce.

Because of the enemy, there are several saints leading the team.

"The inside information of these two little guys is really frightening. They can compete with Saints before they become saints."

If dance eyes look in the past, "I doubt that if they set foot on the top of the holy land, will they be as abnormal as you?"


Lintian was dumb and said, "one of them is the descendant of the God eating insect, and the other is the descendant of the heaven splitting devil butterfly. Whether it's their talent or their blood strength, they can be called ancient and modern. Is it normal for them to have such fighting power?"

Ruo Wu said with a smile, "this is nature. By the way, when are you going to find a chance for them to become saints?"

After thinking about it, Lintian said, "I'm afraid I'll have to wait for a while. I remember that in a year's time, there will be a small world similar to the" secret place of Jue prison ". At that time, I will take Xiaoyin and them to escort them."

"The secret place of yuanci?"

If I think of it in a moment.

"Yes, this secret place will also come to this ancient wasteland."

Lintian nodded, "at that time, as long as I have the possibility of becoming a saint, I will help them to protect the Dharma."

If the dancing star's eyes are flowing with magnificent Splendor: "but you should also know that once the secret realm of yuanci comes, it is bound to be watched by other eight domains as well."

Lintian gave a smile, but there was a cold light surging in his black eyes: "if they dare to fight, first ask me if Lintian agrees or not."

Ruo Wu was stunned: "how do I feel You're looking forward to them coming? "

Lintian raised his thumb and exclaimed: "your feeling is very accurate. If I want to rebuild the city of protecting roads in the ancient wilderness, I must need a lot of materials to build the city. I think the bones and blood of foreign enemies in the eight regions are very suitable."

It seemed like a joke, but Ruo Wu was shocked. He realized that Lintian was obviously stimulated by the city of the blood demon world. He wanted to return blood with blood!

"At that time, I'll help you collect materials together."

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If dance firm way.

"It couldn't be better."

Lintian said with a smile.

Then, with a wave of his sleeve robe and a roar, the sky swept out, covering the battlefield not far away.

All of a sudden, the enemies of Yin Jue ancient region, who were fighting fiercely with Xiao Yin, were all dead on the ground in an instant!

Both Xiaoyin and Xiaotian have been injured.

After all, it's a fight with several true saints. They have not become saints yet. It's extremely difficult for them to fight until now.

And, surprisingly, there was a real saint who was attacked and killed by both of them in the battle!

Lintian's timing was just right. Otherwise, they were doomed to be unable to support if they continued to fight.

This is the exercise. Before Lintian didn't intervene, he just wanted Xiaoyin to exercise with the help of the enemy.

"Xiaoyin, Xiaotian, it's time for us to go."

Lintian said.

"Master, where are you going?"

Xiaoyin flew over and stood on Lintian's shoulder. And the butterfly is standing on the shoulder of Xiaoyin.

"The ruins of the moat city."

Lin Xun Dao.

In the first battle of the nine realms, there was a moat city in the ancient wasteland, but later it was destroyed by the eight realms.

Until the second battle of the nine realms opened, the city was rebuilt, but it was broken in the middle of the road.

When Lintian came to the ancient wasteland, he planned to rebuild the moat city belonging to the ancient wasteland camp in the ruins!

Of course, the construction of a city is absolutely a huge project, not just the construction of a city wall.

It also needs to have the holy array of protecting the city and the materials needed to build the city.

If we only use ordinary materials, we can't stop any saint's attack!


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There was no delay. Lintian and his party set out.

They had already made it clear that the ruins of the moat city in the ancient wilderness were located in the most central area.However, Lintian's journey was not smooth.

Compared with the blood demon world, today's ancient wasteland world is full of traces of the enemy, all from other eight domains.

They regard the ancient wasteland as a land without owners, wantonly invade, round up and hunt the strong people in the ancient wasteland everywhere, with a posture of killing them all.

First cut the ancient wasteland, then fight for high and low!

This sentence is not just a simple one.

"Look, that pair of dog men and women dare to show up in a swagger. They really don't know what to do!"

"Ha ha ha, I don't know how many times this ancient wasteland has been swept away in the past few years. Unexpectedly, I can still meet the fish who have missed the net!"


In the distance, a group of strong men from Tianhuo ancient region appeared, led by three true saints. They were fierce and fierce.

Everyone is fearless and cruel.

This is the ancient wilderness, the ancient wilderness camp!

But now, on the contrary, the strong people in the ancient wasteland are being swept away, and these foreign enemies in the eight regions are just like masters.

"Can these materials work?"

If the dancing star's eyes are cold.

"It's too bad. It can only be used as leftovers."

Lintian looked indifferent.

Then, both hands, that moment, just like two masters of the world!

Just a breath.

All the enemies are lying on the ground!

"If it were not for their value as city building materials, I would have frustrated them," Ruo Wu said

"There will be many opportunities in the future. Don't rush for a moment."

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With a wave of his sleeve robe, Lintian put the corpses and blood away and put them into a specially prepared "material bag".

In this way, all the way forward, all the way to kill, leaving all the blood.

After a cup of tea.

If dance frown: "why up to now, unexpectedly did not meet a peerless saint?"

After thinking about it, Lintian asked Xiaoyin to take in the memory of the enemy's spirits, and soon learned something.

It turns out that with the end of the "Jue prison secret place", most of the Jue top saints who were originally distributed in the ancient wasteland played the role of guard, escorting the strong people belonging to their own camp to return to their hometown.

The vast majority of the enemies of the eight regions who are still in the ancient wasteland are the eternal kings and ordinary saints.

However, there are also some top saints who did not leave. They personally arrested those top figures in the ancient wasteland!

For the enemies outside the eight regions, the most important thing is to wipe out all the top figures in the ancient wasteland if they want to cut down the ancient wasteland and destroy the ancient wasteland forces.

In this way, it is equivalent to destroying the core of the key power of the ancient wasteland!

After understanding these, Ruo Wu couldn't help laughing angrily: "it's a cruel means. Once the top figures in ancient wasteland die, we can't fight with them any more."


All of a sudden, Lintian's heart moved. He opened his palm and a piece of jade amulet appeared. It was sending out strange waves.


On the first day of entering the battlefield of the nine regions, Lintian took out a spirit talisman and tried to join Zhao Jingxuan, Lao Ge, ALU and big blackbird.

However, at that time, he was moved to the blood demon world, and dinglingfu also lost his sense.

Now, Dingling Fu has finally changed.

Lin Xunding took a look and immediately judged that the breath of old clam and Alu appeared together in the northwest of 13000 Li!

But when Lintian tried to contact each other with dinglingfu, the waves immediately went down and disappeared.

"They're probably in trouble."

Lintian frowned.

"Let's go and have a look."

If Wu saw all this in his eyes, he would know what Lintian was worried about.

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Lintian didn't talk any more. He changed his path and swept toward the northwest.

Besides, Lintian went out at full speed all the way without any delay.

Even if we meet some foreign enemies in the eight domains, they are often shot and killed before they have time to react.

Just very soon, Lintian's black eyes was a condensation. On the way ahead, he realized that he belonged to the supreme saint!


It was a vast desert, covered with golden gravel and glowing with glare.

At this time, on the edge of the desert, a golden man with a pair of black wings on his back and a terrible blood color and thunder around his body suddenly raised his head and noticed Lintian's close breath.

"Two great saints Is it the Taoist friends from other regions who have heard the news that they are going to hunt the juetong sage named SHAOHAO? "

The golden man was surprised.

Today, this desert area has been heavily blocked, and many saints from the eight regions gather in it, and some of them are on the attack.The purpose is to encircle and kill a leader of the ancient wasteland named SHAOHAO!


Immediately, the Jinjia man's face suddenly changed. He noticed that Lintian and ruowu were the characters of the ancient wasteland.

"They are here to help SHAOHAO!"

The Jinjia man was shocked in his heart, and immediately burst out a huge killing opportunity all over his body, which soared to the sky and stirred up the storm.

And in his hands, there was a piece of blood feather, which was covered with strange Taoist patterns.

This is a communication plume, and it is also a kind of warning like beacon tower. Just send it out, and other people in the nearby area can know what's going on here.

Lintian and ruowu came at full speed, and they didn't cover up the breath of the supreme saint, so that the Jinjia man immediately judged that the situation was wrong and planned to summon!


(less than 3 hours later, year-end inventory will be finished. The old fellow iron, and the free tickets in the hand, should be smashed to Tianjiao. Remember, it is "the best works of boys"). Now the competition has begun to intensify. Our second position is also affected by fire fighting.

In addition, there are updates tonight!)

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