In the rear, there stands a group of ancient wasteland strongmen, hundreds of them, all of them are the top figures who come back alive from juejiao.

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Like old clam, ALU, Yue Jianming, Xiao Qinghe All of them are standing there.

Hearing SHAOHAO's words, many people were in mourning.

"It's my fault that we are incompetent. We didn't become saints in the secret place of Jue prison. On the contrary, brother SHAOHAO was dragged down!"

Yue Jianming gritted his teeth and sighed.

The rest of the world is in mourning.

They are completely out of inferiority, almost completely suppressed by other peerless figures in the eight domains.

People like them were lucky enough to get their lives back and leave alive.

More of the top figures in the ancient wasteland have been buried in the secret place of jueyu, and they can't go back

At the thought of this, Rao Shi was a hero in the ancient wasteland, a proud girl, and his heart could not help but be desolate.

The cruelty, blood and danger of this place will be discovered only when you enter the battlefield of jiuyu.

They used to be proud of the inside information and strength, under the pressure of the other eight domains, it is simply vulnerable!

"Brother SHAOHAO, we are incompetent and can't fight side by side with you. On the contrary, you are in a desperate situation. If you really need to work hard later, let us do it by ourselves!"

Taking a deep breath, Xiao Qinghe opened his mouth in a deep voice, with a determined manner.

This time, when they left Jueyuan, they thought it was impossible for them to live, because at that time, there were many Jueyuan saints who were eyeing and besieging the exit of Jueyuan.

But in such a dangerous situation, Emperor SHAOHAO stepped forward to save them from the fire and water with his own efforts.

Which one of them is not grateful?

But as a result, SHAOHAO suffered all the way of pursuit and suppression, and now he is in a desperate situation, besieged by all the enemies!

"Yes, with your strength, brother SHAOHAO, we can break through the siege. As for us, we have already lived enough. Instead of being a burden, we'd better fight with them and die without regret!"

A lot of people cried out in excitement.

As a top figure, which one is not proud and upright, he is not willing to become a burden. Let SHAOHAO and other top figures accompany them to die.

SHAOHAO shook his head helplessly and said, "you guys, what those old animals want to kill most is me. It's a dead end and can't be solved."

Speaking of this, he took a deep breath, and his manner was resolute: "so, you don't need to persuade me any more. Later, if I can give you my life to live, even if I die, I will have no regrets!"

His words were calm, but he was generous enough to die. Many people were moved and sad, and their eyes were red.

"Why? Is it worth it? "

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A woman choked and yelled.

SHAOHAO was stunned and silent for a moment. He grew up from the ground, wearing a purple robe. A look of arrogance appeared on his pale and transparent face.

He said with a smile: "when I decided to save you, I never thought it was worth it. As for now It's just death. What's the point? "

He laughed, his eyes were clear, and his manner became more calm.

This legendary man, who had been silent for ages, was once famous all over the world. Now, he decided to fight to death and break the life and death situation for all!

Is it worth it?

He never thought about it!

They were silent and agitated for a long time.

The purple light curtain covering the sky and the earth is wailing and shaking violently. A group of saints on the top of the world outside are attacking fiercely and madly.

Just like a group of hungry wolves, they want to choose and eat!

"Brother SHAOHAO."

Suddenly, the old clam opened his mouth, looking very solemn and solemn, with sincere respect, "before, I didn't like you very much, but this time, if I had a chance to live, I would help you revenge!"

"Me too."

Alu said in a deep voice.

Shao Hao was stunned and laughed again, but immediately he snorted, a wisp of blood came out of his lips, and his face became more and more white.

"Time is really running out..."

SHAOHAO sighed. Over his head, the breath of the emperor's sutra was beginning to fade.

"If I have a chance, I'll tell you elder brother Lintian that my greatest regret in this life is that I didn't really fight him once. He is the one I admire most and the one I don't accept most!"

Speaking of this, SHAOHAO sun ran a smile.

His eyes are calm, no waves, life and death as nothing.


At the same time, in its whole body, there is an invisible and terrifying atmosphere of the holy way, which rises to the sky, and the purple divine light curls, burns and boils on its body!

"Brother SHAOHAO!"

They were all in mourning, their eyes red, their teeth clenched and their fists clenched.

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The purple light and rain all over the sky, the light curtain covering all around the people, after all, can't bear the heavy load, suddenly burst at the moment."Ha ha ha ha!"

A burst of wild laughter resounded between heaven and earth.

The more than ten top saints from the eight regions were overjoyed. Each of them made no secret of his greed and murder.

This time, we can not only kill a number of the top figures in the ancient wasteland, but also win a legendary emperor's Taoist Scripture!

SHAOHAO looks calm, holding the emperor's Sutra, has decided to work hard to open a way of life and death for everyone.


But at this time, on the sky, suddenly a bright rainbow appeared.

The sages of the eight regions who were about to fight all squinted and summoned Lingyu. Is there an enemy coming?

But immediately, they didn't think so. They looked at SHAOHAO not far away.

What's the difference between having an enemy kill them and sending them to death?

SHAOHAO also saw this scene and squinted slightly.

All of a sudden, there was a loud drink:

"bring it!"

A middle-aged man with red hair and powerful body broke through the air and snatched the emperor's Sutra from SHAOHAO's hand.

The other sages at the top of the mountain responded almost immediately. Their eyes were twinkling. How could they be preempted by others?

Immediately without hesitation to attack!

"It's obviously too bad to destroy an emperor's Sutra and kill them."

SHAOHAO's eyes are calm and his heart murmurs.

At his fingertips, the emperor's Sutra, polished like purple jade, was humming and trembling. Just a thought from SHAOHAO would explode.

At that time, even if they are subject to the power of heaven and earth rules, the power generated by the destruction of the emperor's Scripture is doomed to be irresistible to these supreme sages.

This is the only thing SHAOHAO could do before he died!

All the actions are carried out at the same time, which is incredibly fast.

No matter who is trying to capture the Sutra, or who is trying to kill SHAOHAO, there is no plan to have any reservation!

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But there's a finger that's faster than them!

It's like emerging out of thin air, sweeping out of the void in front of SHAOHAO. The blazing light of the Tao is diffused, and a huge finger is crushed out.

Far away!

No matter how far you are, you can reach it!


The middle-aged man, who was the first to attack, was hit by a finger and flew out like he was crushed by a mountain.


SHAOHAO's eyes were full of spirit. He made a quick decision and changed his mind without hesitation. With a wave of his sleeve robe, his strength burst out.

The saints at the top of the mountain also had a jump of eyelids. They realized that the situation was wrong, but they were still fearless and continued to fight SHAOHAO.

Roaring ~

how terrible is the attack of more than ten top saints?

Even if he changes his mind in time and tries his best, SHAOHAO is still so shocked that his seven orifices bleed and his body staggers out.

However, just as the top sages were about to continue their practice, they were stopped by a dense stream of sword Qi falling from the sky.

Every sword has the power of shaking the world and the earth. It is fierce and unparalleled. For a moment, it forces those great sages to be in a hurry.


SHAOHAO looks up abruptly.

"Damn it, which bastard is making trouble?"

The saints of the eight regions were furious.

"Who came to help at this time?"

Old clam, ALU and many of the ancient wasteland strongmen who were protected by SHAOHAO also subconsciously raised their heads.

Then in the boundless sword rain, a figure came through the air. The speed was like a flash of shocking light.


After he arrived, in the void behind him, there was a thunderous spatial fluctuation. We can see how fast he moved.

Shao Hao, it's this guy?

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People in the ancient wasteland are also wide eyed. Is that him?

Old clam and Alu couldn't help shouting: "big brother!"

The man came down from the sky, dressed in white clothes, with black hair and dark eyes. He was like a relegated immortal.

It was Lintian who came to help at full speed!

At this dangerous moment, the emperor wanted to open a way of life and death, and all living beings were grieved and angry.

Who can imagine that a man who is almost impossible to appear will come down from the sky at this moment to block all enemies for emperor SHAOHAO!

It's just like a dream. Many people think it's a dream.

"How precious is a sutra, how can it be wasted on such a group of old dogs?"

Lintian glanced at SHAOHAO and said, "thank you for saving them this time. Let me do the next thing."

SHAOHAO's eyes were surging. He didn't refuse. He already saw that Lintian had already become a saint! It was a shock in his heart.

It's really Lintian!

All the strong men in the ancient wasteland were excited. One by one, they finally believed that this was true, not illusory.For those who were strong in ancient wasteland, who didn't know that Lintian was a legendary figure?

Now, he's here, changing the situation!

At this time, a group of juetong saints from the eight regions, whose faces were very gloomy, managed to break through the barrier, and saw an emperor's Sutra at their fingertips.

But just at this time, someone made trouble and hindered their action, which made them all angry and burst out.

"How dare one run to death?"

There was an old monster laughing angrily.


Voice just fell, there is a fiery red figure in the sky, very quickly swept, it is if dance!

All of a sudden, on the other side of the ancient wilderness camp, there was a burst of boiling.

If dance, almost and SHAOHAO first and then set foot on the top of the holy land, talent, amazing, now, she also came!

"Two great saints? Ha ha, it still can't change the ending of your death. "

Some people sneer.

But Ruo Wu shook his head, pointed to Lintian beside him and said, "it's enough for him to kill you old beasts. I'm just helping to sweep the array and clean up the battlefield by the way."

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