Chapter 134. Tempt them to death

Lin Qinghe, who had left, naturally didn't witness happy the little old lady’s son, daughter-in-law, and her grandson was when they came home to see so many food coupons, pork, and flour.

It was the national food coupons given. The meat was good meat, and the flour were also wheat flour. The transaction was really unusual.

The little old lady even regretted it a little bit. She should have collected more.

However, she knew the girl would definitely not come again.

After all, this kind of matter was unique.

Lin Qing He was in a very good mood along the way.

This time she gained a total of eight large gold bars, as well as six pieces of jade, two jade hairpins, a gold bracelet, and an antique bottle.

These were all good stuff.

Of course, Lin Qing He was very clear that these things weren't that little old lady's possessions. They were all picked up from the outside.

So she didn't think it wrong to exchange with the things in her possession.

Because of the current kind of situation with the next seven or eight years included, these yellow and white things can't be circulated.

Being able to change so many things into her possession wasn't bad value.

Because of winter, the things she gave were obviously more useful.

Lin Qing He merrily returned to the guest house. Once she was back, she saw Zhou Qing Bai sitting on the bed waiting for her.

Seeing her coming back, Zhou Qing Bai stood up at once.

Lin Qing He immediately warned: "I will remind first. The thing I hate most is domestic violence. If you dare to touch me, our marriage definitely won't work out!"

Zhou Qing Bai forcefully pulled this heartless woman, who was away for one morning and left him alone here, into his embrace.

Lin Qing He was relieved when she saw that he was just hugging her, not trying to hit her. Because she collected so much gold and precious jade, her life in the future had some guarantee, so Lin Qing He was also in a good mood.

She returned the hug and said, "Didn't I leave a note for you? Why are you still so worried about me? I was just going out to relax."

"I'm worried." Zhou Qing Bai stated.

He knew very clearly how the situation outside was. He didn't have any connections here, so if anything happened, he couldn't protect her.

"Let's go back?" Zhou Qing Bai looked at her.

He really wanted to go back. There was nothing good about having a trip. Initially, he had wanted to check his body, but now he knew that the reason was not with him, then there was really no reason to stay.

"OK." Lin Qing He readily agreed.

Although things collected weren't much, the result was still pleasing.

Most importantly, that kind of gold bar, afraid it was about one jin (500g). If not, then seven or eight liang (350-400g). In the future, one can't get this without one hundred thousand yuan.

She collected so many pieces, it was almost a million.

And there was other stuff.

So Lin Qing He was elated.

Zhou Qing Bai immediately booked a ticket for tomorrow. Lin Qing He was taken aback: "So fast?"

"Better to return early." Zhou Qing Bai looked at her.

Outside, he always felt like she was going to run, so he didn't want to be outside. Not one bit at all. His mind was set on going back to the village.

"Alright, you are the family head. What you say is what goes." Lin Qing He said.

Zhou Qing Bai's expression looked a lot better. But after booking the ticket, he was still pulled into shopping by Lin Qing He.

They bought the capital's eight known goods as souvenirs for the children to eat.

As for other things, there was nothing else to buy.

The next day Lin Qing He and Zhou Qing Bai went to catch their ride.

After the last experience, Lin Qing He was scared before she even sat this time round. Despite being scared, what can she do? She still needed to return.

During the journey, Lin Qing He was a little irritable and her mood was very bad. It can't be helped, it was really suffocating to ride.

But still, this was what she wanted.

Who told her to take advantage of this time to come and collect things that would later make a fortune? This was the price.

Lin Qing He had to admit that this was really exhausting.

"We'll be home soon." Zhou Qing Bai comforted her.

Lin Qing He peered at him and said, "Did you let that matter go?"

"I did." Zhou Qing Bai replied.

If he didn’t, what then? His wife had already done the ligation, so he had to let it go.

Otherwise, he would have lost his wife.

And compared to other things, he obviously wanted his wife to accompany him. Forever be with him.

Lin Qing He nodded and comforted him: "Actually, having the three boys is enough. You were at the force, so you didn't know how hard it was for me to take care of them all alone. All-day, it was non-stop busyness, like a spinning top. When I look back, the household was still messy, so I did such irrational things. I really regret it afterward."

Only when everyone was calm, can they communicate properly.

How could Zhou Qing Bai possibly know that none of the words out of his wife was hearable? It was said that if the words from a woman's mouth can be believed, then the female pig can climb up the tree.

Needless to say, the above was made up by Lin Qing He.

It all came from the experience of her colleagues in her last life.

But it didn't prevent her from using it. White lies can still be forgiven.

After all, this matter can't be changed. At least she can't change it herself.

Zhou Qing Bai accepted her explanation.

He was clear that his mother had a bad relationship with her in the past, so she basically didn't give much lend of a hand. She took care of three children by herself, so it was understandable that she couldn't handle it.

What's more, unable to have another child was already a thing of the past, so there was no need to talk about it.

Since they frankly communicated with each other, Lin Qing He was naturally feeling happier. But even so, the transportation back caused her to be dizzy.

When they arrived in the city, Lin Qing He proposed to rest for one night and then go ride the bus back home tomorrow.

Zhou Qing Bai had no objection. The two of them rested in the city for one night. The next morning, they took the bus back to the county town.

Their luck was great. It just happened that a tractor was returning to the production team. The two hopped on the tractor back to the village.

It goes without saying, the fact that Zhou Qing Bai and Lin Qing He went on a trip couldn't be concealed. The couple was not at home. At night, Father Zhou went over to take care of the boys.

As for Mother Zhou, she had no time to go as she still had to care for Little Su Cheng since he needed to be brought over to Third Sister-in-law for breastfeeding.

Even if they know, they still didn't where the couple went and why.

Seeing their parents return, the three mischievous boys were overjoyed.

While Zhou Qing Bai and Lin Qing He was away for a short while, the village talked a lot of gossips. And they said all kinds of things. Naturally, the boys heard of it.

Especially when they heard that Lin Qing He was not in good health and was seriously ill, it made the three of them anxious with worry.

Now seeing their parents coming back safely, it was natural to be happy.

They didn't even have the mind to care about the capital's eight known goods that were brought back and gathered around their parents to feel their presence.

Lin Qing He spoke to them, assured the boys, and sent them off.

Then they took out the exquisitely delicious capital's eight known goods and ate them outside. This was the snacks their parents brought back.

So scrumptious, they almost swallowed their tongue.

Tempt them to death. See who would dare to gossip about their parents!

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