Chapter 133. The big exchange

Zhou Qing Bai didn't know how he turned into the one being at fault in this situation in the end.

When sleeping at night, she would not even let him hug her.

The next morning, he went out to buy breakfast and came back to a piece of paper left by her, saying, ‘I will come back when you thought it through! ’

This made Zhou Qing Bai's face changed at once.

Immediately, he dashed downstairs to find his wife in a panic, but was stopped by that ma'am: "Boy, come over here."

Zhou Qing Bai restrained his anxiousness and said, "What's the matter, ma'am?"

"Off to find your wife?" the ma'am, who was cleaning, said with a smile.

"Ma'am knows where she went?" Zhou Qing Bai asked immediately.

"Your wife asked me to tell you that you don't have to go out to find her. She will come back when she wants to. You can't find her when you go out," replied the ma'am.

Zhou Qing Bai took a deep breath and said, "What did else did my wife say?"

"Your wife also said, let you think about the matter between you two. Ponder in the room, while you wait for her to come back. She just feels suffocated and went out shopping." Ma'am answered.

Zhou Qing Bai really was really at wit's end with his wife.

Observing him acting like this, the ma'am smiled: "Do you want to talk to me? Why are you quarreling? Maybe I can give you a trick or two."

Toward Zhou Qing Bai, who was tall and well-raised and was obviously a man who had served as a soldier, a woman at the age like this ma'am would naturally have fondness. And she saw how pretty Lin Qing He was and how coherently she spoke.

So she still wanted to help persuade reconciliation.

"I don't know how I made her displeased. I can't even reason with her." Zhou Qing Bai felt full of grievance.

He wasn't officially angry yet and she became angry first.

The ma'am chuckled: "You boy. You can't reason with your own wife. When fighting with your wife, you can't talk with reason. You must admit you're in the wrong at once. Even when it's not your fault, it's still your fault. When your wife is wrong, you still have to admit your mistake. There’s no room for reason, understood?"

Zhou Qing Bai was stunned for a moment. He was unable to comprehend what was said at all.

"Boy, your road is still very long. Walk slowly, and you will realize it later." The ma'am could his confusion and didn't continue. She went back to her mopping with a smile.

Naturally, Lin Qing He didn't know that Zhou Qing Bai met with this experience.

She came here to find the little old lady, so she took the opportunity while Zhou Qing Bai was out. If not, what could she do with him following her?

If the little old lady had the heart to trade, with one day time she would definitely have the stuff prepared.

Sure enough, when she came over to ask the little old lady for water, the little old lady led her into the house.

"Girl, what did we say yesterday, does it still count?" asked the little old lady in a hushed voice.

Lin Qing He nodded: "It still counts today, but after today, it doesn't."

The little old lady said: "Come with me."

Lin Qing He followed the little old lady out, came over to a firewood pile. The little lady squatted down to start collecting firewood.

"Ma'am, winter at our side is really cold." Lin Qing He saw it with her sharp eyes and said.

It was impossible to put this kind of thing in the house. It can be justified when outside. If it was found in the house, then they can't escape.

"That can't do. It's really freezing." responded the little old lady.

"I'll give you a hand." Lin Qing He said and crouched down.

Then a gold bar was tucked into her hold. Lin Qing He immediately threw it into her fabric bag. In total, there were seven gold bars and five jade pieces of unknown quality, but it looked very unusual. Lin Qing He threw them all into the fabric bag.

"The vase is too big. I didn't take it. I just got these for you." The little old lady whispered.

"Ma'am, you don't have to busy yourself. You don't have to boil water for me, just pour cold water for me." Lin Qing He said.

"Then come in." The little old lady carried a bundle of firewood into the yard, and then entered the house.

Lin Qing He gave her six national food coupons. Each of them was about five jins, a total of thirty jins of national food coupons here.

Seeing so many food coupons, the little lady's eyes fired out a ray of light.

Thirty jins of national food coupons can be exchanged for forty jins of food coupons on their side!

"Girl, do you still have it? This old lady recalled that I forgot to grab it for you." The little old lady put away her food coupons and said.

Lin Qing He: "..." Sure enough, ginger was spicier when older.

"I also brought three big white buns like yesterday's one. It's really delicious. Ma'am, don't know what you can exchange it for with me?" Lin Qing He looked at her.

The little old lady's eyes lit up. She was willing to do this transaction with Lin Qing He and that it was due to the contribution of yesterday's two big buns. That was extremely delicious.

The little old lady had never eaten such delicious buns in her life.

She immediately went out and sorted it out the firewood in the yard. When she came in again, she gave Lin Qing He two jade hairpins, a gold bracelet, and several other gold bars!

There was also a small antique bottle!

Didn't the little old lady say no more? She really lied to her!

"Three buns aren't enough." The little old lady whispered.

Lin Qing He accepted these things, put them in her fabric bag, took out the three buns, and whispered, "I will take the things out first. Ma'am, wait here for me."

"How will I know you'll come back?" said the little old lady.

"Ma'am, you look down on me if you say that." Lin Qing He laughed.

The little old lady thought of her action from yesterday and nodded: "Then this old woman will believe you once."

Lin Qing He carried the bottle out and said, "This bottle is just right to be used as a chamber pot."

She took it out so openly, it didn't raise any suspicion.

Judging by her behavior, others didn't take it seriously. Gotta say, there really were a few people who use this bottle as a chamber in this era.

After entering an empty alley, Lin Qing He immediately collected these precious treasures into the space.

This bottle must be a genuine article!

Other things were also withdrawn into the space and then two jins of pork, five jins of flour, and a bit of cold medicine were taken out of the space.

Today, only the little old lady was at home. This must be the little old lady preparing for the off-chance and avoid getting her son, daughter-in-law, and grandson involved. The child still had a cold.

This cold medicine was a gift to him from her.

These things were carried over to the little old lady. The little lady's eyes had fireworks, especially on the two jins of pork!

How long had it been since the family had eaten meat!

Lin Qing He didn't care about the rest. After instructing to eat the cold medicine after meals three times, she left. She cleanly took off and walked away without any hesitation.

She didn't know the little old lady. (a.k.a she's a stranger now, never met before kind.)

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