If the voice of the dance understated, like saying a normal thing.

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But in the ears of the people in the ancient wasteland, they can't help but be stunned. When, if dancing fairy, what does that mean?

Did she think that Lintian alone could suppress all the enemies?

Even SHAOHAO was stunned. Lintian was alone Would you?

When this remark fell into the ears of the great sages of the eight regions, it became a great provocation and contempt, which made them all laugh angrily.

This little girl, what a big tone!

"Hey, I just wanted to catch and kill a big fish, but I didn't expect to lure out two more. It's a pot of fish."

Some people sneer.

"I want that kid dead!"

The fierce man with red beard and hair had a gloomy face. Before, he was shocked by Lintian's fingers in the air, which made him feel ashamed, and his face couldn't hang.

"It's not just the boy, they can't escape this time."

Some people were expressionless and corrected. They regarded Lintian as their prey and wanted to catch them all.

This let the ancient wasteland people's heart sink, from the initial excitement to wake up a lot.

At present, SHAOHAO was injured. Although Lin Xun and Ruo Wu came to help him, there was still a big difference compared with the other party's more than ten top saints!

"Brother Lin, you've come just in time. You'll take us ancient wasteland fellows to leave later. I'll take the rest."

SHAOHAO took a deep breath and opened his mouth.

Whether it was Lintian or ruowu, their fighting power was undoubtedly strong, but after all, they were just two. He didn't want Lintian and ruowu to work hard together.

If the whole army is destroyed, the ancient wasteland camp will be completely destroyed!

"If you knew this guy's record in the blood demon world, you wouldn't say that."

If the dance looks strange, sound to remind SHAOHAO, let him pay attention to the good play.

SHAOHAO is suspicious. He can see that Ruo Wu is so confident that he can only believe it for a while. He has made up his mind to pay attention to that if the situation is not good, he will not let the whole army be destroyed.

"You don't know who he is, either?"

At this time, Ruo Wu looks at the saints at the top of the mountain.

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Those old monsters are all in a daze. These days, they have been chasing and hunting SHAOHAO. Naturally, they can't understand what happened in the jiuyu battlefield.

"It's just a young man who has set foot in the holy land. Who else can it be?"

An old monster scoffs.

Other people sneer and want to scare them? These young people in the ancient wasteland are really childish and ridiculous.

Seeing this, Ruo Wu completely concluded that these old guys really didn't know what Lintian had done in the blood demon world, and there was a touch of pity in his eyes.

"Brother, how sure are you?"

The old clam asked.

"It's easy to kill a bunch of old animals."

Lintian said casually.

In a word, such as stone, let SHAOHAO they are all astonished, all this time, Lin demon God actually still did not change the previous domineering temperament, full of courage!

The saints from the eight regions also laughed angrily. It was the first time that they saw such a arrogant young man.

Do you really think that if you are holy, you can be lawless?

"I'll kill the little devil first!"

The middle-aged man with burning hair and whiskers took a step forward. Suddenly, he came to Lintian's body. His palms and fingers were like hammers. They were shining and thundering.

One punch, frighten ghosts!

The inside information and power of a supreme saint are fully explained in this fist.

SHAOHAO could not help but feel tight in his heart.

As for the others, they didn't react at all. The reason is that the speed of this powerful middle-aged shot is too fast!

Only if dance looks calm from beginning to end.

Almost at the same time, Lintian made a fist with his palms and fingers. He combined physical cultivation with Qi cultivation and spirit cultivation. All of them were in one fist.


In the deafening sound of collision, the powerful middle-aged man's fists burst out like paper, and his right arm burst into pieces.

He was shocked. How could he have thought that he was not an opponent at all after the first confrontation?

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Almost subconsciously, he dodged.

However, the strength of Lintian's fist was so terrible that he couldn't avoid it. It poured out like a landslide and a tsunami.


The next moment, the powerful middle-aged man's chest collapsed, his body protection power was shattered, and he was directly knocked out, his viscera were damaged, and he fell to the ground with a puff, filled with smoke and dust.

One blow, destroy the withered and decadent, and hit a great sage!

There was a strange silence in the atmosphere.

Old clam, their eyes are straight and their hearts are trembling. Is it too fierce?

SHAOHAO could not help but take a breath.And those sages from the eight regions turned pale one by one, their sneers solidified, and their hearts vibrated.

How powerful is one punch?

When they looked at Lintian again, their eyes were full of surprise and dignified. Where did the boy come from?

Why have you never heard of such cruel people in the ancient wasteland before?

If Wu glanced at SHAOHAO and looked at each other's eyebrows, she couldn't help but smile. At that time, in front of the city of blood devil's world, when she saw Lintian killing all the top saints, she was so shocked?

"I'll try this out!"

Suddenly, a silver rainbow came out, reflecting the figure of a man bathed in the Silver Rainbow.

His body is slender, and his forehead and heart are born with a single horn. His blue eyes are flowing with a frightening silver light, and his power is all over the world.

Peng Tianlin!

Jiuli ancient region, the supreme sage of the silver horn clan, is an old monster who has lived for many years, and is extremely powerful.


As soon as he set out, a spear of silver thunder and lightning suddenly burst out on his body. The breath of destruction covered ten directions and tore the sky.

Many people feel stinging and suffocating in front of them. Only when Ruo Wu and SHAOHAO fight together can they resist and dissolve the terrible power of the holy way.

Otherwise, with the strength of the old clams, they will not be able to resist the oppression of such power, and they will be shocked to pieces of spirits and bodies!

"Nine strokes of silver thunder!"

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In the loud cheers, thunderbolts and spears were swept out. Just the released breath made the nearby void collapse, producing a deafening roar.

But Lintian didn't dodge. He stepped forward and didn't even resist.


As soon as the first thunder spear arrived at Lintian's body, it exploded and turned into a fine arc.

And Lintian, as if turning a blind eye, continued to move forward, black hair fluttering, like a demon God who could not invade!

Bang bang!

Next, the thunder spears burst open. Without getting close to them, they were attacked by Lintian's invisible power.

Shao Hao was dizzy at the sight. How could this guy have such adverse power after he became a saint?

And Peng Tianlin is completely discolored, almost surprised to cry out.

You know, after witnessing the defeat of the powerful man, he realized that Lintian's fighting power was unusual, so he used all his strength to attack with a killing move.

Who ever thought that he was proud of his killing move, but he couldn't get close to each other's figure!


In the calm voice, Lintian suddenly swept out a taixuan sword Qi, which was bright, introverted and plain.

the great form has no shape. Great sound is hard to hear.


But when Peng Tianlin saw the sword, his body was covered with goose bumps. He did not hesitate to sacrifice a bronze mace and smash it with all his strength.


The next moment, Peng Tianlin with a bronze mace, was split by a sword, the body is still in the air, mouth and nose bleeding, issued a scream of pain.

When his body fell to the ground, his body was convulsing uncontrollably, as if he had gone mad. That's because the power of taixuan's sword Qi was so overbearing that it had invaded his body and was raging in his body, which immediately made him seriously injured.

This scene, so that the audience is a burst of shock, no one is not sideways, no one is not shocked!

Again and again, Lintian's power shocked and overturned their cognition, which was unexpected.

The saints from the eight regions are now facing the enemy. They look dignified to the extreme. No matter how stupid they are, they can realize that this young man is not easy to provoke!

SHAOHAO finally understood where his self-confidence in Lintian came from before the dance. For a moment, he was filled with emotion.

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This guy deserves to be the only one who makes himself most dissatisfied and has to admire!

As for the old clams, they

Have been completely absent-minded, confused mind.

How terrible was the supreme saint, who was enough to make any of them despair. But in Lintian's hands, he looked very unbearable!

How strong is Lintian today?

"Do it together!"

In the field, some people drank violently, and found that it was not good, so they wanted to join hands to attack.

But he saw Lintian sneer: "a group of stupid things, it should have been like this."

The voice has not yet fallen, in his tall and straight body, emerged a brilliant light, vast as boundless, brilliant as the sun.

And its power, also in this moment, disturb the situation in all directions, so that thousands of miles of void are wailing!

"Back up!"

Almost at the first time, Ruo Wu and SHAOHAO took the old clam with them to avoid such a large-scale battle. Once it was involved, the consequences would be unimaginable!

"KillAt the same time, more than a dozen top sages from different forces in the eight regions also acted boldly and with all their strength.

No matter how strong Lintian was, they were confident that if they joined hands, they would kill him.

What they don't know is that at the beginning, outside the moat city of the blood demon world, bijianqiong and other great saints thought the same way


In the middle of the collapse, Lintian fixed his eyes on the powerful middle-aged man with red hair. The blade was like lightning, and he flew away.

At the same time, three thousand taixuan sword Qi evolved into a sword array, enveloping Peng Tianlin, the supreme sage of xiangyinjiao clan.

Both of them have been seriously injured. We should take advantage of their illness to kill them!

And Lintian rushed to the other great saints who had killed him. He was so powerful that he was earth shaking.

Clearly a person travel, but give people all the sky, only I like domineering!


PS: Tianjiao has kept the second place in the year-end inventory. In order to express our gratitude to you, we will add more goldfish tonight!

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