Chapter 132. Quarrel

The cost of two buns and mantou counts as non-refundable expenses. Lin Qing He didn't mind.

She told the little old lady that she'll come over to hold the transaction tomorrow. She ate on her own outside and returned to the guest house.

Zhou Qing Bai was already in the room when she came back. He was obviously relieved to see her coming back.

But still remained silent with a solemn face.

"I know this is my fault, but you also know that at that time I didn't have any feelings for you at all. I thought to give you three children was enough, so I went out of my mind." Lin Qing He explained.

Zhou Qing Bai's face became even darker.

"But then when you came back, I didn’t know when I started to feel that it was wonderful to marry you after interacting with each other day in, day out. Although you don't know to speak pleasing words and don’t come up with romantic things to make me happy, you have been quietly devoting yourself for the family and quietly shouldered the responsibilities of the family." Lin Qing He continued.

Zhou Qing Bai glanced at her.

"At that time, I didn't find myself falling in love with you. When you came back, I sent you to sleep next door. Feelings aren't things that won't be produced when I don't want them to be produced. Inevitably, I fell in love with you when I got along with you. When you said you wanted a daughter, I actually regretted it. I didn't know how to say it to you." Lin Qing He stared at him.

Zhou Qing Bai said: "Why didn't you tell me earlier?" (T/N: Anyone watch 90 days fiance? Doesn't this problem seem familiar?)

"I want to tell you earlier, but I can't say it out. I know how much you want a daughter, but I already did it. What else can I do? I'm silently looking forward to seeing if you have the ability to make the ligated me pregnant." Lin Qing He said.

Zhou Qing Bai's face was dark again.

Lin Qing He really thought like this. If he had the ability to impregnate her, who got ligation,, she would definitely give birth.

However, Zhou Qing Bai obviously didn't accept it.

So Lin Qing He began to apologize with her body.

Initially, Zhou Qing Bai wanted to ignore her as his anger hadn't disappeared, not even one bit.

But this woman really knew how to use techniques, so he couldn't hold it back and punished her fiercely in this way.

When he was done, he still appeared to be mad.

"There should be a limit, ok?" Lin Qinghe felt she made a huge sacrifice. And seeing that he wanted to continue to give attitude at her when he was finished, she won't agree.

She was the victim herself from beginning to end. It was because she liked him and loved him, she comforted him instead.

If he didn’t understand when to stop, then she'll be angry too. See who's more fierce then!

Zhou Qing Bai was pushed to the edge by her, and she actually used this tone!

He simply turned around.

Lin Qing He smiled: "Zhou Qing Bai, you gaining ability ah! I've been coaxing you for so long, and you still aren't toning it down. Then you should act more straightforward. What do you want? If you want to get a divorce or something, fine then. But let me tell you one thing first, I don’t want any of the three children. You can raise them yourself."

This was impossible. It was just scaring the man.

Zhou Qing Bai turned around and glared at her: "You want to divorce?"

"Isn't it what you want? I said I was wrong. And you still keep at it? I already regret it. After I fell in love with you, I regret it. So regretful that it can't be treated, do you know it?" Lin Qing He said .

"I don't think you have the mind of being in the wrong!" Zhou Qing Bai responded.

Lin Qing He was conscious that she was never patient and her patience was almost used now. She declared: "Go back and go through the formalities then. I can't have a baby with you anymore. You can go find a young and beautiful one to have a baby with you. As for the boys, let them choose who they want to be with. If they want to be with you, then I have nothing to say."

A good-tempered man like Zhou Qing Bai was nearly angered to death by her.

This woman wouldn't stop if she didn't enrage him to death!

Without speaking, he stared at Lin Qing He with a black face.

Lin Qing He threw an eye-roll at him and flipped over to sleep. The wolf tossed her so hard just now that she was so tired. And she had to coax him, no way.

If want to be angry, then be angry since she won't be angry anyway.

Zhou Qing Bai watched she drowsy off so heartlessly. It really made him so angry that he couldn't help but laugh.

Did he really such a conscience-less woman?

She decided on such a big matter on her own and won't allow him to be angry. After coaxing him for a bit, she ran out of patience.

What's more, she thought about getting a divorce and didn't even want the children!

Zhou Qing Bai felt he had a headache.

Seeing that the time wasn't early and it was past noon, Zhou Qing Bai said: "Get up and we're eating out."

"Go eat by yourself. I'm annoyed just by seeing you." Lin Qing He drowsily mumbled a reply and it was particularly clear.

Zhou Qing Bai really felt his inside hurt. This cruel woman really didn't stop without stabbing him a few times.

Even so. Zhou Qing Bai still finished his meal and brought a share back for her.

It was just that Lin Qing He had eaten by herself, so she refused to eat what he brought back: "Eat it yourself, I can't afford to have your food."

Listen to this. Simply throwing a temper tantrum with him. It became his fault now.

"Get up and eat." Zhou Qing Bai said. No matter what, she mustn't starve herself. A quarrel was a quarrel, the stomach still had to be full.

"No appetite." Lin Qing He's voice had already begun to carry impatience.

Zhou Qing Bai never knew how to appease a woman, so he pursed his lips and stood by the bed watching her.

Lin Qing He continued to sleep on her own, letting this man think about it, whether she wanted her or her belly (a.k.a a child). So she ignored Zhou Qing Bai.

Zhou Qing Bai could only eat two servings on his own. It was only when he saw her let it cool and didn't eat it, did he eat it.

Lin Qing He slept until five o'clock in the evening before getting up and getting ready to eat out.

Zhou Qing Bai followed. Lin Qing He glanced at him: "Don't follow me!"

To not follow her, that can't do. Today he came back to see that she wasn’t there in the guest house. He didn't want to experience that panic again.

"You couple quarreled ah?" A ma'am of the guest house laughed when she saw them.

"Ma'am misunderstood. Why would we argue?" Lin Qing He smiled.

Zhou Qing Bai didn't speak.

The couple went out for dinner.

Although Zhou Qing Bai wasn't hungry, he still had a meal with her. Shepherd's purse dumplings tasted pretty good.

At this time, there was really no place to visit in the capital. After finishing, Lin Qing He wanted to go back to the guest house.

"Walk with me." Zhou Qing Bai sighed lightly.

Lin Qing He glanced at him. In the end, her heart softened, so she followed him. But seeing him remained silent after walking for a long time, Lin Qing He said, "Go by yourself!"

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