Shrill scream, turbulence between heaven and earth, choking nose of blood mixed in the wind, is still too strong to open.

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On the curtain of heaven, a dazzling blood light filled the air, and there was also the sound of the holy meteorite.

When the battle came to an end, only four of the top sages escaped and got their lives back, but they were scared out of their wits.

It's not that Lintian doesn't have the ability to hunt, but it takes time and energy.

For him, the most urgent task is to ensure the safety of SHAOHAO, Laoge and ALU, rather than pursuing and killing the enemy all the way.

Even so, when he saw his figure return, all the people, including Ruo Wu, raised their heads and looked at him.

Dressed in white clothes, black hair flying, tall figure, walking in the void, spotless, temperament ethereal, such as relegated immortal.

This is Lintian!

They are familiar with the forest demon God.

But who dares to imagine that such a seemingly tranquil young man, when fighting, is as sharp as a demon?

In less than a quarter of an hour, fourteen of them were killed, and only four of them escaped!

In particular, the amazing sword cut the heads of the five saints in an instant, which was just like the legendary sword immortal.

From the beginning to the end, he had never been injured, and he was able to suppress the enemy alone!

At this time, watching Lintian coming, no matter ruowu, SHAOHAO, Laoke, ALU, or other top figures in the ancient wasteland, they all felt like seeing God.

After half a sound, SHAOHAO woke up and said with emotion, "in this situation, I have no regrets."

If the dance understood, he said with a smile: "the road is in contention. I'm not in a hurry for a while. As long as I live, there will be opportunities in the future."

Before, SHAOHAO once said that his biggest regret was that he didn't compete with Lintian, but it was obvious that now he had changed his mind.

"Big brother!"

"I knew that if elder brother didn't come, it would be enough to settle the world and suppress all enemies."

Excited, ARU and the old clam rushed forward to meet Lintian.

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At the same time, Lintian was completely at ease. He said with a smile: "it's OK. You can live this time, thanks to brother SHAOHAO's help."

With that, he clasped his fists in both hands and saluted earnestly: "brother SHAOHAO, thank you so much this time!"

Shao Hao said with a smile, "thank you for coming in time to save us from trouble."

"What about me? Is there no one to thank me? It's going to hurt your self-esteem. "

If the dancer's eyes are wide open, feign anger.

SHAOHAO and Lintian looked at each other and couldn't help laughing. Seeing this, Ruo Wu couldn't help laughing. They had their own unspeakable beauty.

Some words don't need to be understood at all. It's enough to understand each other.

In the distance, a group of people from the ancient wasteland came to thank SHAOHAO, Lintian and ruowu.

Lintian also met Yue Jianming, Xiao Qinghe and other familiar friends. He was more and more glad that he came in time.

Otherwise, he did not dare to imagine the consequences of the war.

After a little conversation, Lintian and ruowu started to clean up the battlefield and collect the corpses, flesh and treasure one by one. Then they left the desert with them.

It's not a good place to reminisce.

On the way, when he learned the purpose of Lintian and ruowu's coming to the ancient wasteland, SHAOHAO could not help but smile and said with a smile, "you are planning to rebuild the city of protecting the road. It can't be better. This matter is also my one."

"We're in."

Other top figures in ancient wasteland also spoke one after another.

There are many people and great power. Lintian naturally understood this truth.

Most importantly, the reason why he planned to rebuild the moat city was to provide a shelter for the strong in the ancient wasteland.

It would be better if SHAOHAO and them joined together.

Immediately, Lintian offered sacrifices to Haoyu ark and carried the people to the direction where the ruins of the city of protecting the road were located.

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There are dangers everywhere in the ancient wilderness, and enemies from the eight regions can be seen everywhere.

But Lintian was too lazy to pay attention to it. He had to be quick and slow. When the people were settled properly, there would be plenty of opportunities to kill the enemy.

It's just funny that there are still some twists and turns on the road. Some foreign enemies in the eight regions don't know the situation clearly, so they have to fight against Haoyu ark.

It can be imagined that there was no need for Lintian to do anything at all. If he danced alone, he would easily solve everything.

"You haven't contacted Jing Xuan and big blackbird until now?"


In the cabin, Lin Xun could not help frowning when he heard the answers from the old clam and ALU.

The cruelty and danger of the battlefield in the nine regions were deeply recognized by Lintian, which made him worry about Zhao Jingxuan's safety.

As for the big blackbird, it made Lintian less worried. The treacherous thief bird might not have obvious fighting power, but when it comes to his ability to escape, even Lintian thought that he was very good."Miss Zhao is very lucky. I'm sure it will be OK. Don't worry, elder brother."

The old clam comforted.

He and Alu are very clear about the delicate relationship between Lin Xun and Zhao Jingxuan. They are worried that he can't think of it and is depressed.

"It can only be so."

Lintian sighed that the battlefield of the nine regions was too big. Each region was comparable to an interface, with eight regions of enemy forces distributed. If he blindly searched for them, the danger was next. The key was that it was no different from looking for a needle in a haystack.

Lintian could only hope that when the news of his appearance in the ancient wilderness spread, he would be heard by Zhao Jingxuan and come to join him.

"Why didn't you become a saint when you entered the secret place of juejiao?"

Lintian asked casually.

At the mention of this, the old clam and Aru clenched their teeth and looked angry.

Then, Lin Xun learned about some of the things that happened in Jue prison.

Some time ago, the secret place of Jue prison came, and many peerless figures from the nine regions chose to enter it to seek the chance to become a saint.

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Restricted by the rule power of juetong's secret place, juetong's sages can't get close to it. Therefore, many juetong's characters in the ancient wasteland were not obstructed and entered it smoothly.

Originally, this was a relatively fair fight. They were all the accomplishments of the nine calamities of eternal life. What the ancient wasteland strongmen didn't expect was that.

As soon as they entered the secret place of Jue prison, they were oppressed by the powerful men from other eight regions. They wanted to kill them all!

There are not many strong people in ancient wasteland who are qualified to enter Jue prison, but they are targeted and bullied in this way, so the end can be imagined.

According to old clam and ALU, it's hard for the strong in ancient wasteland to survive, let alone seek the chance to become a saint!

Until the end of Jue prison, most of the strong people who entered the ancient wasteland were killed, and only a hundred of them escaped.

"There are not many top-notch figures in our ancient wasteland, but this time, hundreds of people died miserably in the secret place of juechuan!"

Speaking of this, ARU's eyes are red and his forehead is blue with hatred.

"Elder brother, ask Mo Tianhe from xuanjianzhai and Wang Xuanyu from taiyidaomen..."

The old clam said some familiar names one after another, and the more he said, the lower his voice became, "all have suffered..."

Lintian's black eyes suddenly shrank, and he was stunned.

Back then, in shangjiujing, a place on the top of the mountain, they even got together to drink and drink. How happy they were.

But who ever thought that these acquaintances had already suffered, and they would never be in the world again

For a moment, Lintian's mood fluctuated and could not be calm.

Perhaps, he and these acquaintances do not have a real life friendship, but after all, they have met and talked.

Now hearing their bad news, how could Lintian be indifferent?

"Big brother, only after entering the nine territory battlefield, can I find that our previous battles can only be regarded as small fights."

Ah Lu's face came to an end. "The foreign enemies of the eight regions are so hateful. They regard us as grass mustard and wantonly bully and kill us. It's a taste It's hard for him. "

The old clam gritted his teeth: "I've never been so subdued. You know, in the secret place of Jue prison, I watched a woman with extraordinary talent and looks like an immortal. After being captured by those animals, she was tortured and ravaged like a pig or a dog. She could not even ask for death!"

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He clenched his fists, took a deep breath, and suppressed his anger. "Later, I helped her out myself. I killed her myself, but her face was full of gratitude from the heart..."

Lintian took out a wine gourd and handed it to old clam.

The old clam looked up and drank a lot. Then he vomited a mouthful of turbid gas. His eyes were firm and he said: "at that time, I swore that as long as I live, I will kill all those animals in the future!"

"So be it!"

Aru nodded fiercely.

Lintian looked at the hatred between the two men's eyebrows, thought of the miserable scene he had seen all the way in the blood demon world, and became more and more silent.

In the heart, more and more hard as iron!

Half an hour later.

Haoyu ark stopped and a group of people floated to the ground.

What is reflected in the field of vision is a dust filled, barren and exhausted land with ravines and holes.

Whimpering wind blowing, set off all over the sky crazy sand, those dust I do not know how many years, Wu from the residue of dry blood.

On the earth, there are rotten bones and broken armor.

"Here is the ruins of the city of protecting the road in our ancient wasteland. When we first fought with it, there was a huge city with a scale of thousands of miles standing here to protect the strong in our ancient wasteland from the wind and rain and resist foreign enemies."

SHAOHAO, holding his hand on his back, exclaimed with emotion, "however, the boundless years have passed, and everything has become a thing of the past in the tragic defeat, leaving only endless blood and hatred, shame and disgrace!"

After looking around for a moment, Lintian looked at the people around him and said, "in the next period of time, I will rebuild a city with the blood and bones of the enemy, protect my generation in the ancient wasteland and defend the enemy. I hope you can help me."All the people were agitated and agreed.

From that day on, they stayed here and planned to rebuild the city of moat.


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