Chapter 131. Shabby old junks

Lin Qing He knew exactly how much Zhou Qing Bai wanted to have another one, Probably because he had never accompanied the growth of the three brothers, so he wanted to accompany one.

Lin Qing He understood and was willing to give him another one.

But the point was, she really can't give birth.

After she told Zhou Qing Bai about the matter of her quietly getting a ligation done, Zhou Qing Bai's expression displayed some shock.

He wanted a child very much, but he had never been able to do so. He had suspected it was always his body that had the problem.

He never thought, his wife get ligated behind his back.

It must be said that Zhou Qing Bai was furious.

Extremely furious.

He needed a little personal space to digest this matter.

So Zhou Qing Bai walked out with a sullen face.

Lin Qing He didn't dare to call him.

"What a sin ah!" Lin Qing He couldn't help utter.

The original owner really knew how to create a mess for her. But what can she do about this kind of thing? She was also very helpless.

Who knew she was so cruel.

Lin Qing He didn't stay in the room much longer. She headed out with a fabric bag for a stroll.

Nowadays, the current old capital's scenery was filled with grass and trees. Lin Qing He can only walk with special care. As she knew all the quotations and was neatly dressed, she seem to be a female secretary.

So she didn't reach much difficulty along the way.

Lin Qing He reached an alley.

"Cough cough." A little old lady was heating the stove and a cough came out of the courtyard behind her. Lin Qing He peered over. It was a 5/6-year-old child. Really skinny one.

"Ma'am, this child has a cold, so you must take him to the hospital." Lin Qing He said to the old lady.

She used an orthodox Beijing accent. And judging by her style, the little old lady didn't think she was a foreigner (T/N: not from abroad kind, from a different part of china kind).

Glancing at her, she sighed: "It costs a lot to go to the hospital."

How can she not feel distressed about her grandson? No matter distressed, she must have money and the stomach can be filled to get better.

"Grandma, can I eat it." The child swept a glance at Lin Qinghe and then said to his grandma.

"You have to wait." answered the little old lady.

Lin Qing He took one cornmeal mantou out of her fabric bag she was carrying when actually it was from her space.

"I brought it from a restaurant. I don't know if I can exchange a glass of water with Ma'am," Lin Qing He said.

Cornmeal mantou had a lot of flour in them and one can smell the aroma of white flour from afar.

The little old lady's eyes lit up, but she didn't move. She looked at her and said: "Girl, you don't need to be so polite, it's just a glass of water."

"Ma'am, take it." Lin Qing He urged. She grabbed a small piece from the mantou and ate it, indicating that there was nothing in it, and then stuffed the cornmeal mantou to the little old lady.

Only then, the little old lady accepted it. Then she brought Lin Qing He inside to drink water and told her grandson to watch the stove.

"Grandma," her grandson uttered with puppy eyes.

"Hurry up eat it and don't let people see it." The little old lady broke a half for him and whispered as she put it into his grasp.

The little boy nodded and quickly devoured the mantou.

Lin Qing He followed the little old lady in and said, "Auntie, who are the people living around here? Those over there are all large courtyards."

"Girl, drink water." The little old lady poured a bowl of water.

Lin Qing He put it aside. How could she possibly drink a stranger's water, even in this era?

"Ma'am, just you and your grandson at home?" Lin Qing He asked with a smile.

"And my son and my daughter-in-law. They both went to work." The little old lady looked at her.

"Ma'am, I have food coupons." Lin Qing He suddenly lowered her voice and whispered.

The little old lady's eyes gained a glimmer of light at once. In this era, food coupons were more important than money.

In the city, if one had money and no coupon, then don't think about buying a bag of rice.

"Ma'am." Lin Qing He pulled out a one-jin national food coupon, and then put it away.

The little lady only had a glance at it, but she still caught a clear view.

"Girl, I still have some money in my house." The little old lady's heart was naturally moved. The national food coupons can be exchanged with capital food coupons. One jin can be exchanged for two.

Such an opportunity was also extremely rare. Why would the little old lady refuse?.

In any era, there will always be people who take risks to make their stomachs full.

Of course, the main thing was that the family's food was almost gone.

The daughter-in-law at work was pregnant again.

This was the second grandson in the family. Because birthing the eldest grandson had damaged her body the last time, it took so long before she became pregnant again.

How could they not possibly eat more?

Even though Lin Qing He was smartly dressed and appeared bright and upright, why would she, a young girl come and deceive a little old lady for?

"I don't want money." Lin Qing He shook her head.

"What does girl want?" the little old lady whispered.

"Ma'am, I just want to know if there are any people in this area with shabby old yellow and white junk. Jades and the likes can do. I want to exchange for some." Lin Qing He said with blinking eyes.

The little old lady was startled and quickly urged: "Girl, speak quietly!"

Then she hurried out to look around. Fortunately, there was no one and then came back. She stared at Lin Qing He, said: "These things are investigated tightly outside, how can we have them here?"

"Ma'am, no worry of me being an undercover. I'm not here to investigate those. I really want it. If you can get it for me, I have food coupons and food in my hand. I can even get some meat for you." Lin Qing He whispered.

The little old lady observed her reaction and couldn't help but moved. Of course she knew where it was and those things were worthless now. No one wanted it even if was dumped on the street.

It was just that she can't figure it out. What girl like Lin Qing He wants to do with it.

"Ma'am, these two mantou are my sincerity. If Auntie is willing to cooperate with me once, then we will cooperate once. And it's only this time." Lin Qing He used the cover of the fabric bag to get two white mantou out from the space


"Even if ma'am doesn't agree, I wouldn't take back. Just treat it as gifting these two mantou to the little kid outside." Lin Qing He stated.

Currently, the little old lady suspected that she had come as a spy. No spy would be willing to use such a thing to tempt people.

"Girl, you only want yellow and white things, as well as jade?" The little old lady eyed on the two scented mantou and looked at Lin Qing He.

"Gold, precious jade, and those old antique vases will do. The more things, the more I will exchange them with you." Lin Qing He whispered.

Seeing the little old lady was still hesitant, Lin Qing He persuaded again: "Ma'am, the brave die with a full stomach, while the timid die starving. Do it once with me. We'll cooperate only this time. The next time you want to find me, I won't be doing it anymore. I was entrusted with this by others. You know that some people like to collect these shabby old junks."

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